5 Best Replies To “I’m Not Interested” Email

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Your prospect client told you they will get back to you, regarding your offer on a specific day. 

And, they updated you sooner. Which is a good thing. 

But, their response email says “I’m not interested anymore”.

Shocking. As it was a qualified lead.

Everything went well, but you’re not sure what happened. 

Mostly, you will reply, ‘Okay, thanks for letting me know’. 

But, there are some option like you can convince them or at least ask them for the reason.


How To Reply To “I’m Not Interested” Email Response?

Well, you may assume ‘I’m not interested’ from a prospect, is a clear rejection. 

It’s not. (Till your client didn’t share any reason to say this.)

After all, being a salesperson, you should know to take rejection professionally.

Also, knowing the reason why some deals don’t work out. 

There’s no need to be so persuasive and get back to that client anyhow.

The whole point of responding to ‘I’m not interested’ is to keep the connection alive, even if there’s no deal, right now. 

And, these are the other responses for ‘Not interested’ instead of just ‘Never mind‘ at all.

How To Reply To I'm Not Interested Email Response

1. “Thank you for your timely responses. Your feedback would be more helpful if you also share the reason for it.”

When prospective clients say ‘I’m not interested’, asking the reasons why is a good move. 

At least this will help you to know what they found wrong in your offer or what their expectations are clear.

If you could revise something, you have a chance there.

But you should ask first. 

2. “Do you have any suggestions for this product? Like you want to add something to the offer, we can think about that.”

You’ve been in touch with this lead for so long. Either over the phone or by mail. 

And, you’ve better insights into their business and personal nature. 

When this prospect said ‘We’re not interested’ that seems they have some objection.

Maybe they want the perfect offer and wish they’ll get it elsewhere.

Well, in that hope you ask for recommendations from clients and make them open up. 

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3. “That is a surprising response. We have provided you with the best deal and I also get approval for your customized services.”

It’s better to inform the client that you already treat them special and provide the best. 

Such customized support will make them see you ‘as personal assistance’ and not as a company employee.

Maybe, they’re not interested in whatever reason. 

But, let them know that you provided the offer that no one gets that easily. 

4. “No problem, I truly appreciate your time. In case you need any help from us, feel free to contact me.”

Fine, if this deal doesn’t get to the end you wanted.

But at least you build a connection there. 

Tell your prospect that you are available in the future to help them in any way you can. 

Who knows they’ve not interested in your offer right now, but they’ll be soon.

Overall, whatever their decision is, when a client gives you feedback on time, ‘thanks for the updating‘ is a professional move.

4. “I can relate to it. But, I think that would be good if you listen to what I have for you.”

Sometimes, you have to convince your existing client to at least listen to you.

Knowing their interest, you approach them with something important for them.

You generally don’t offer such services or proposal to anyone.

But they are not even thinking of adding any new services to it, they are fine with what’s going on.

This is a polite approach to have their attention on something which could be beneficial for them.


What Does ‘Not Interested’ Mean Over Mail?

Sometimes, it’s possible that a client who says ‘I’m not interested’ means right now they’ve no interest in this offer but are not sure about the future. 

But, you still have a chance. 

Maybe a client picked for a lower price but got no quality services they expected. 

Or they were so busy at work that they had no time to respond, but instead of keeping you waiting, they just said ‘Not interested’.

What Does Not Interested Mean Over Mail

In such cases, this client will get back to you and just close the deal. Possible!

Mostly, when you feel a client says ‘I’m not interested’ this is also a direct ‘NO’ to your offer. 

Instead of being persuasive and trying to oversell something, you should be respectful of their decision. 

But, yes you could keep the connection, still. 

Possible that this client wants more time to understand your proposal at the moment.

And, staying in touch, further gives them the confidence to take a genuine interest in this time.


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