23 (Sarcastic &) Funny Replies For “Thank You” To A Friend

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You’re such a good friend. Genuinely, you play your role right in your friendship. 

And, always ready to help your friend. 

But when a friend “Thank you” it somehow hurts you, and you don’t want them to feel like you did a favor to them. 

What you did for them, is just do what you can do. 

And being their real friend, you don’t want them to feel indebted enough to thank you for it.

If you want to tell your friend that you don’t want to hear “Thanks” from them, we’ve prepared some sarcastic and funny replies to share.


Funny Replies To “Thank You” From A Friend

We might have that friend who has a habit of saying ‘Thanks’ for every small thing. 

Sometimes it annoys you. 

First, because they are your friends so they shouldn’t have to say it. 

And, second, they ‘Thank’ out of habit and don’t consider your genuine feelings for them. 

If you want to share such lighthearted responses, here are some funny responses to give a friend who thanks you for something or literally nothing.  

Funny Replies To Thank You From A Friend

1. “I think you forgot that you paid me for this.” 

You just remind them that you don’t want to accept their thankfulness. 

Because they paid a salary for it. 

It’s just a fun response, to tell them that they messed up saying so. 

2. “Oh, come on! You don’t have to do this.” 

You’re fine with doing something for them, and it’s not a big deal for you. 

3. “We are friends, the real ones!”

And true friends never have to say ‘Thanks’ to each other, ever. 

4. “Don’t say that again, Okay?”

This is your responsibility as a friend that you just perform. 

And, you don’t see it as a big thing.

So, you want them to feel not ashamed or uncomfortable for taking your help.

5. “You helped me many times, have I ever thanked you?” 

Because you value your friends’ feelings and your connection. 

So, you want them to do the same to you

6. “No, I should thank you! I enjoyed it a lot.” 

You tell your friend that they don’t have to thank you for anything. 

Because it was a great experience or more like an adventure for you. 

So, you better thank them and not them to you. 

7. “I did nothing, it’s you who helped yourself.”

You want to make this friend feel more confident in himself. 

So, you respond this way that they are on their own.

8. “For you, my friend, I’m always around.”

You’re not going anywhere, you’re there. 

So they can count on you anytime, as you’re friends. 

9. “You call me ‘friend’ and also tell me ‘Thanks’?” 

That doesn’t seem any right to you. 

10. “Thanks for being my friend. Goodbye!”

Your friend is thanking you for some help and you’re helping them for a friendship. 

Then, you act like it’s the end of your friendship as they thank you.

11. “If you say Thanks from now on, I will start charging you.”

You do something for a friend, and that’s not a big deal.

This one is a funny yet cute response to give when friend thanks you for small things.

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Sarcastic Responses To “Thank You” From A Friend

You really don’t like this friend, thank you for doing something for them. 

It actually hurts your feelings. 

Because you don’t usually say ‘Thanks’ to a friend, but they do every time. 

You want to make it clear to them that in friendship there’s no room for exchanging such formalities. 

And, if you want to taunt your friend for being formal with you, here are sarcastic responses to ‘Thank you’ when your friend says it. 

Sarcastic Responses To Thank You From A Friend

1. “If you thank me again, I won’t do anything for you ever.” 

And, this time you’re very serious about that. 

2. “Fine, when I need you for something, please be there!” 

It seems they don’t want to keep a favor from you and say thanks.

So, you tell them that you will ask them for some help later. 

And like they did, you also will thank them later. 

3. “Wait, give me back. I don’t want to help you.” 

That hurtful ‘Thank you’ from a friend is the reason you took your help back.

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4. “Dude, you’re insulting me now.” 

It’s not just an insult to you, but to your feelings and your lifelong friendship. 

5. “Seriously, now you have to thank me for just nothing.” 

A friend who tends to thank me for every small detail, this one is a perfect response. 

6. “Next time do it yourself, I’m not going to help you.”

Because you don’t want to hear any thanks from them. 

You heard enough from them. 

7. “Now say ‘Sorry’ for thanking me for this.”

In your friendship, there’s no meaning to thank and apologize to a friend

But you want to make them do both sarcastically. 

8. “Then I have to more ‘Thanks’ pending to give you.” 

It’s them who do more than you do. 

But you never thank them and you feel ashamed of how mean a friend you are. 

9. “Don’t worry, I will ask you for a bigger favor.” 

So you want them to be prepared for it in advance. 

10. “What I did for you, just ‘Thanks’ isn’t enough.” 

You aren’t accepting their thankfulness. 

Because you’re really mad and serious that they could do anything but thank you. 

11. “If you want to thank me, there’s a lot of things that are pending.”

Your friend will know that you are taunting them as they thank you for some favor.

This is a savage response to make a friend say ‘Thanks’ again.

12. “Remember you’re not going to have a friend like me.” 

It’s fine to show off when your bestie expresses thankfulness. 

Tell them clearly that you’re the one and they should be lucky to have you. 

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What To Reply When A Friend Says “Thanks”?

In most friendships, saying “Thank you” or “Sorry” is not acceptable at all. 

All good friends are there to help each other in any way they can. 

There’s no sense of any favor. 

Because all friends do the same to one another in time. 

So, real friends don’t think much but play their role right.

What To Say When A Friend Says Thanks

If you feel insulted when your friend is thanking you for doing something for them, then you’re the best friend who doesn’t ask for more. 

With such sarcastic and funny replies to “Thank you” from a friend, you tell them that you don’t want to express such kind of formal gestures. 

Because what you do for them is not any huge favor.

You did what you could do for them, being a genuine friend. That’s what you are. 

And, maybe they also do the same if they were in your place.

So there’s no need to ‘Thank’ each other.  


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