8 Good Answers To “What Can I Do For You?”

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A shopkeeper, seller, or service provider approaches you with ‘What can I do for you?’ – a polite question.

It happens when you have no idea what to answer here. 

Well, you can respond to it based on what you need or not. 

If you need some suggestions to help, we have it for you. 

Here are the good example answers to show what you want someone to do for you or not. 

This way you just explain your needs or expectations upfront. 


How To Answer To “What Can I Do For You”?

This is a common question you get from the support staff or customer care  

Because they’re there to provide you with some service, solution, or product of your choice. 

First, they want to check what’s your perfect need. 

How To Answer To What Can I Do For You

Generally, you respond to it based on why you’re there and what you need from them. 

So your answer is totally up to you, and you can say it the way it suits you.

But if you want to refer to some responses based on various scenarios, here are some ways you can answer “What can I do for you?” inquiry. 

1. “I need nothing specific right now. I’m just looking.” 

You’re in a stage where you want to check some options, first. 

There you’re looking for what suits your needs. 

But you don’t need any support for now.

This one is a general answer but works only in a few places. 

2. “I’ll let you know.” 

You might be in no mood to buy anything or have no idea what you need. 

So, tell them that you will get back to them when you need something. 

3. “Someone has recommended your place to buy some…”

While you’re struggling to find the right product, the store owner who noticed that asks you ‘What can I do for you?’.

And, they sound like they are eager to help you. 

You’re there with someone’s reference and so you tell them what you need. 

4. “I think I’m good. Thanks for caring to help.” 

You’re fine with what you have and what you’re doing

When someone politely approaches you and offers help, this is how you thank them and give the nice gesture back. 

5. “Can you please give me some details on this?” 

If you’re confused and there’s someone to help you with something, respond this way.

You have some questions regarding their product or services. 

And you better have them resolved before you make a purchase. 

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6. “I’m about to find the perfect solution for me. And, you can help better.”

You know exactly what you need, but it’s good if you take some help. 

When a service provider is there to help, share your expectations clearly. 

They will be more likely to help you with the perfect product or solution that you need. 

7. “First, let me try this by myself. And if I need your help, I’ll call.” 

You don’t know how something works but are curious about it. 

First, you want to put some usability tests before ordering the bulk. 

You’re buying some sample product, that’s it. 

8. “I’m here to buy something, but not sure where I could find it.” 

You’re at the really big store and lost. 

So, you feel more relaxed as there is someone to help you out.

Maybe the storekeeper or owner, but you can thank them when you get what you need. 

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When Someone Asks “What Can I Do For You?”

Well, the service provider, vendor, or manager is there to help you. 

They make sure that they serve you the best. 

When Someone Asks What Can I Do For You

So when you get the question ‘What can I do for you?’ you better share your expectations and actual needs with them. 

Instead of finding something yourself, when you’re confused, you can have some help. 

This question is itself a polite inquiry like they really want to help with something. 

Let them help you out, it is part of their job.

Still, it’s up to you to answer ‘What can I do for you?’ based on your need and situation there. 


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