14 Funny Answers To “What Do You Say?”

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When someone asks ‘What do you say?’, after sharing their plan or suggestion, they want to hear your opinion.

They seek approval or your thoughts on this.

And if this question is asked to the entire group, that means, the person is collecting votes.

Especially when this is regarding the weekend ideas or business plans from friends, use this chance to tease them a bit.

Well, your friend is interested in knowing what you are saying about their plan, and they have a serious question.

But, they will get these ‘Unexpected’ funny answers instead.


How To Answer To “What Do You Say”?

Generally, in response to ‘What do you say?’ you would say your opinion. 

Like, what’s your view about their suggestion, or do you believe their plan works or not? 

Sometimes you want to share your view, sometimes you don’t. 

And with friends, you prefer not to give any clear or direct response.

So, based on your mood and your friend’s connection, here are some good and funny ways to answer ‘What do you say?’.

How To Answer To What Do You Say

1. “That’s a great plan. I’m with you on this.” 

You agree with their plan. 

This shows you believe in it.

2. “I have nothing to say, whatever you do, that’s the best in this.” 

By calling them ‘the best’, you appreciate them.

It shows you have no doubt about whatever they are suggesting. 

There’s no chance that this plan is ever going wrong. 

3. “What do you think?” 

As they ask for your opinion, you ask them to share what they are thinking.

It’s regarding your opinion or what’s their further plan.  

4. “Why are you asking me now? I’ve told you before not to do it.” 

Share this sarcastic response when they have ignored your advice first. 

But as of now, they’re in some trouble and they ask you about fixes. 

5. “You better guess that.”

Here you tell them to guess what you’re going to say. 

You also want to check how well they know you. 

6. “Do you ever listen to me?” 

This friend always takes advice from everyone. 

But later, do what they want. 

So you tell them what you are saying to them doesn’t matter.

7. “I said nothing, nor I’m interested in talking with you.” 

When someone asks ‘What did you say to me?’ they want a clarification of something that you told them or someone about them.

And, this is your way to prevent further arguments. 

How To Answer To What Did You Say To Me

8. “I think that would be the craziest idea you ever brought up.” 

You’re so thrilled with this idea from your friend. 

That you don’t want to wait any longer but follow along. 

9. “I think you know very well what I am about to say.”

This is an obvious question that requires no answer and they might know it. 

Or, maybe they should be aware of your choice. 

10. “Umm, I don’t see anything wrong with it as of now.” 

You sense something wrong with this plan. 

But you can’t see any negatives or have no proof to share. 

So, this one is a smart answer to express your doubtful opinion. 

11. “I don’t think I have anything to say.” 

You can tell them that ‘You’re so smart that you don’t need anyone’s opinion’. 

12. “Why do you always have to ask me? Take some decisions yourself.”

Say it clearly, because you don’t want to be part of such a thing. 

This could be an excuse when you have nothing to say

The good thing is you just want them to be independent.

13. “In your case I prefer to say nothing at all.” 

You just want to play safe here and take no risks. 

It’s your experience to deal with this person. 

14. “I have nothing to say. If you feel right, you should do it. That’s what I say.” 

You don’t want to risk saying anything to them. 

If something goes wrong later on, this person might blame you for such a decision. 

So this is a clever answer to share when you have to say something.

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What’s The Meaning Of “What Do You Say”?

You’ve to be clear with what they told you, in these two: ‘What do you say?’ or ‘What do you say to me?’

These two phrases look the same but have different purposes. 

First, ‘What do you say?’ you get when someone wants your opinion on something.

Like regarding a plan, or your thoughts on that topic. 

What Does What Do You Say Mean

They expect some suggestions or approval on what they share. 

Well, If they say ‘What do you say ‘to me?’ is like, what you said bothers them. 

They are not asking to repeat it, but clarify things like ‘Do you have any idea what you just said?’

Both situations are different and you should respond based on the context of a conversation. 

For the first ‘What do you say?’, here you can try some witty and funny answers like we shared just to have some fun, it’s safe.  


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