19 Professional Responses To ‘Late Email Reply’ Apologies

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At work, every important mail needs to be replied to on time. 

But, when your employees have a habit of responding late, work becomes difficult.

And, apologizing over late email replies, isn’t always enough. 

Of course, they’re sorry for that.

But when they do so every time is a problem. 

So, here are the effective ways to reply to frequent late emails… to make your employees do something about their habits.


How To Respond To Late Email Replies Professionally?

Employees do have a lot of things to do at work and they might miss some other important tasks like checking or replying to emails, too.

The replies that we’re going to discuss here are good to express thankfulness for responsible employees and for some who have developed a habit already. 

How to Respond To Late Email Replies

1. “That’s fine. There must be some reason.”

What you asked for or requested in your previous mail, isn’t that important. You’re fine. 

On apologizing for late emails, you simply let them know it’s not anything serious.

But, you understand, there might be some reason for them to reply late. 

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2. “It’s Okay. You’re the one I can rely on.” 

They know how important it is to reply to mail faster.

So, they’re expressing their responsible nature and apologize for the late mail reply. 

You accept the apology and show you still trust them. 

3. “What was happening there?”

You get ‘sorry for the delay email’ from your employee.

But you want to know the reason why it took so long for them to simply reply to your mail.

You want to make sure everything is alright there. 

4. “Not an issue. We’ve handled that already.”

That was an important call. But, as this employee failed to reply to your mail on time, you managed somehow.

These are simply formal responses to share to apologize for late responses over mail. 

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5. “Hope to get a faster response from now on.” 

You really need this person occasionally and if they aren’t email-savvy…. it took them time to respond.

So, you simply inform them to be more active, with this direct response to their apology.

6. “You must be occupied with something important.” 

You’re not a controlling boss, who wants their employee to stand by outside work, too.

When you are flexible with your nature and connect with your employees well, these are good responses to share to their late email replies. 

7. “We’re a service business, better not to forget that.” 

Replying to mail isn’t only important for internal work-related emails, it’s also important for customers’ feedback and queries, too.

When you’re in the service sector and when your employee takes a long time to respond internally, they can do so externally as well.

You’re just showing how it’s important to reply to mail on time. 

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8. “Thanks for acknowledging.”

You don’t want any further explanation over why they’re replying late to mail and all.

You’re more focused on sharing the important things. Simply a professional response. 

Also, to make it a bit sarcastic you can respond as ‘Thanks for the update on time’.

How to reply to sorry for the delay email

9. “I’ve stopped expecting an early response from you.” 

It’s not the first time, it happens on repeat.

Your employee seems like taking email no seriously, so you’re not taking them seriously either.

This one is a bit of a sarcastic response, but required for some employees who always respond late to emails.

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10. “I truly can relate to that.” 

You’re not worried about the late email replies.

You’re more focused on how busy that person’s schedule is.

You can share this as a boss, or as a coworker working on the same project and have enough things to focus on.

11. “Things are well in the end, that’s the matter.” 

You’re not complaining, it’s not in your nature.

Of course, your employee is quite late responding to your important email.

But you’re happy that things are fine for everyone and got what you require.

This makes a good and formal response to late mail replies. 

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12. “Can I hope this won’t happen over again?”

When you want your employee to take it seriously, this is how you respond to ‘sorry for the late mail reply’.

You understand that it can happen sometimes, but you also want to know whether they’re really feeling sorry or just saying it.   

13. “Forget about that. How’s the progress?” 

You might not be happy with those late replies and apologize after that.

But you keep your focus on the important things.

You talk straight and direct about what you want to discuss. Because it’s already late.  

14. “This is late. You know how critical it is.” 

Your employees or office staff may have some good reasons or excuses for late replies.

But, there’s no point in sending a ‘sorry for the delay email’ when you know how important things are.

You draw their attention to be more active and attentive, at the right time. 

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15. “You should better inform me in advance. So, we can make an arrangement.” 

Everyone has priorities and different options to focus on.

You understand that the person is occupied with something.

But if they’re unavailable for some time, they better update you on that.

So you won’t have to wait for a mail reply. That’s what your response says formally. 

16. “This isn’t enough. We’ve been waiting for your response for a long.”

Saying sorry after making a mistake is fine, but not every time.

You inform your employees that this is happening on repeat.

Late email responses make it hard to implement the decisions, which isn’t good, at all.

Even some clients also do the same. That’s why you need these positive replies to “I’ll get back to you” to get proper feedback.

17. “So, Do you know how late you’re?”

When you respond this way, it means they’re late for the mail. Maybe more than two days or weeks.

In a professional setting, this doesn’t leave a good impression at all. 

You show them that this isn’t acceptable and you’re not happy at all. 

When someone says sorry for late email reply

18. “No problem. We’ve already sought out our problem by ourselves.” 

You were asking for something essential.

But they missed this chance. It’s not your loss, but theirs.

This is simply a formal way to respond to late email responses from employees. 

19. “You just be sure that you don’t make it a habit, Okay?” 

When this employee has just joined the organization and in the first mail they replied late, this is a supportive response.

You let them know that the email should be responded to in a short time.

Just a formal reply to late email responses from new employees. 

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Employees do have many things to handle at the office and outside. 

It’s fine when they sometimes miss replying to your emails on time.

But, be sure to tell them not to repeat it. 

With your responses to late email responses, you make them aware of the losses for you and them. 

Depending on your situation it’s better to know how to respond to late emails, with the hope that employees with change their habits.

Because not every employee shares it as an excuse and not every employee gets the lesson the first time. 


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