82 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “I Hate You” Jokingly

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Whether you want to lighten your wife’s mood or make your girlfriend smile again, here are some funny and flirty responses to ‘I hate you’ in any mood she says so.

Especially when she says so jokingly or really mad at you, you need such unique replies. 


Don’t simply let your partner stay angry and keep hating you. 

In a loving relationship, your girl might frequently tell you that she hates you when she’s mad at you or you annoy her. 

It’s not hate… but actually love for you.


She is comfortable saying so, as you love each other and know when not to take things too seriously.

Want to know how to make this small thing a special one? 

Well, there you need to respond with some funny, cute, and flirty replies when she says I hate you during a cute argument or as part of a joke. 


Funny Response To ‘I Hate You’ When She Says Jokingly

Sharing jokes and playing pranks on each other is normal in your relationship.

And, when your partner says I hate you, you can keep the fun going with the funniest responses like these. 

You better try one of these hilarious responses next time to have a good laugh together. 

funny replies to i hate you jokingly

1. “Okay, but I still love you.”

2. “No, you’re not. I know you.” 

3. “How can you do this to me? I’m not playing then.” 

4. “Okay then, we better stay away from each other for next week.”

5. “Please don’t. You’re the only person who loves me.” 

6. “If you hate me, then you love who?”

7. “Dear, let me tell you something- you’ve changed, lately.”

8. “Sorry, you’re not allowed to do this.”

9. “And I don’t accept your request to hate.”

10. “Is it you saying this to me?”

11. “I don’t think you hate me. You love me more than anyone else.” 

12. “What? I thought you loved me.” 

13. “You know you look even more beautiful when you’re mad.”

14. “And, you thought I love you?”

15. “Just because of one joke, you start to hate me.”

16. “If you keep hating me, I’m not going to come here.” 

17. “May god give you the strength to love someone.” 

18. “Same here, I hate you too.” 

19. “Yeah, I love you so much.” 

20. “The way you say I hate you, makes me fall in love with you.”

21. “You’re looking so cute saying it.” 

22. “Thanks for telling me now, I was about to propose to you for a marriage.” 

23. “Then I also don’t love myself.”

24. “That’s exactly what I’m about to say.” 

25. “Let me tell your mom that you’re not loving me anymore.” 

26. “That means you love me more than anyone else.” 

27. “Well, the more you say it, the more our love gets stronger.” 

28. “Only true lovers say so and that’s you, Dear.”

29. “You can hate me, but no one can keep you like me. Remember that.” 

30. “I heard that earlier, what’s new?”

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Flirty Response To ‘I Hate You’ To Make Your BAE Smile

When your partner is angry with you or you annoy them anyway, you might hear ‘I hate you’.

But that doesn’t mean they hate you and don’t want to see you again. 

They say it because they love you.

So, these are some flirty ways to reply to them back.

flirty responses to i hate you

1. “Please tell me you’re just joking.”

2. “Hey baby, I know you’re mad. But, you can’t do this to me. I’m the un-hateable guy.” 

3. “Common! I was just joking, dear!”

4. “Then don’t come back to me, okay?”

5. “I told you we better remain besties than a couple.” 

6. “If this is going to last forever, I’m not in it.” 

7. “Common, now say you love me!”

8. “It’s just a joke, don’t bring feelings here.” 

9. “On that part, we’re even.”

10. “I don’t care if you love me or hate me. I know I love you.”

11. “You can try it, but you won’t hate me for more than five minutes.” 

12. “Do you know how many times you say so?”

13. “Okay then, I will find someone who loves me.”

14. “Next time, find someone who is serious in life.” 

15. “Can you exactly describe how much you hate me?” 

16. “Don’t hate anyone, especially someone like me.” 

17. “Everyone loves me and you’re the one who hates me. Cool.”

18. “Are you serious this time? Please tell me, yes.” 

19. “You know I love it when I hear it.”

20. “I’m your hate and you’re my love.” 

21. “Then don’t come to me tonight.”

22. “Tell me…What I should do to regain love from you, please?” 

23. “You can’t stay without me for two minutes and you say you hate me.” 

24. “Okay, then we’re not going to meet anymore.”

25. “So, what have you been doing in my life for the last four years?” 

26. “Kiss me and show me how hard you hate me.” 

27. “I hate you as I love you.” 

28. “Oh, look… who is saying this?”

29. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

30. “Okay, everyone does so, And now, you’re the new one.”

Sometimes it’s a good idea to send such encouraging messages to your hardworking boyfriend to appreciate him and to give him hope.


Cute Responses To ‘I Hate You’ From Your Partner

If you make your partner angry with your silly jokes or pranks on them, he/she might hate you for being so stupid.

But, you can make this moment special with some cute and witty replies to I hate you, like these. 

Here we’re providing you with some better ways to respond to when your partner or girlfriend says, I hate you when you know they say it jokingly. 

cute replies to i hate you

1. “So, now give me my money back.” 

2. “You can do it as far as you can.” 

3. “I’m going to say this to my parents.”

4. “Say this in front of our kids, can you?”

5. “I know I’m not perfect. But, not you, too.” 

6. “It’s 12 o’clock, let’s sleep now.” 

7. “And, you think I don’t know about it, huh?”

8. “Those whose love is real in return get the real hate.”  

9. “Wow, you hate me and still invite for a coffee date every Saturday.” 

10. “You don’t want to miss out on love from me.” 

11. “Okay, now I have to find someone who loves me, then.”

12. “I hate the same as you do to me.” 

13. “Then what are you doing with me in my bed?” 

14. “Now go outside alone in the dark then tell me.” 

15. “But you said you love animals.” 

16. “That’s why I love you so much.”

17. “Can you say this in front of my house loudly?”

18. “Hey look…even my dog isn’t happy with it.” 

19. “That’s why I love you more.” 

20. “Keep hating me, I will wait for the day when you love me.” 

21. “Okay, then I will try to find someone better than you.” 

22. “I know that. But that won’t stop me from loving you.”

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When Someone Says “I Hate You” Jokingly…

The words ‘I hate you’ can be heartbreaking when you’re in love.

But, sometimes it’s just a joke or temporary frustration from an annoyed partner.  

Whenever a girl says I hate you, she might not mean it.

Maybe, she is joking like you two are very comfortable with each other and don’t take such things too seriously. 

Especially, when you know that your partner isn’t serious and saying I hate you jokingly, you can use the funny and flirty responses that we shared here. 

It is all worth it to have some good times together and have fun!

Maybe she is mad at you and lets you know she hates you for particular reasons. 

But when you know how to reply to I hate you in the cutest way possible, you make your relationship much more loving and exciting overall.


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