14 Cute Ways To Say YES To A Marriage Proposal

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You know it’s coming.

Not sure when exactly but it will soon. 

What you’re sure about is… whenever your boyfriend proposes to you for marriage, you’ll say “YES” to it. 

You wish to cherish this moment with a special reaction. 

Of course, there are some creative and cute ways to accept proposals. 

This ‘moment’ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and your unique approach makes it a ‘cute’ memory forever.


Creative Ways To Say YES To A Marriage Proposal

Make it interesting, and save it as a lifelong memory for your relationship. 

And here are some creative responses to marriage proposals when it’s a yes from you already.

Creative Ways To Say Yes To A Marriage Proposal

1. “How can you think anyone can handle you better than me?”

You’ve been a bestie for a long time, and know every inside of each other.

Certainly, it’s a yes from you.

But you also let him know that you both are meant for each other. 

2. “Of course, yes, when you’re planning to get us married?”

Well, most men ask you if you want to marry him or not. 

But they never clearly inform you when you’ll get married

This response also shows your excitement to share your lives forever. 

3. “Actually, if you haven’t proposed to me. Maybe, I did.”

This guy who loves you is too shy to express his feelings.

Also, he took a long time to get hints from you. 

When he finally proposes to you for marriage, tell him how long you’ve waited for him to make a move. 

4. “Yes, I chose to get older only with you.” 

So far, you two have spent a great time together.

Now you happily accept to share the rest of your life with him. 

To make it even special, you could share cute reasons why you want to be with them and no one else.

4. “Am I mad that I deny you? Come here!”

You can’t take the risk of missing this special chance to spend life with such a caring person. 

And, it’s yes from you, obviously. 

6. “Why not? You make me a better person and you complete me.” 

This is not just a response, but you also give a reason why you see him as ‘the one’ for you. 

You’re respecting their person’s presence in your life. 

7. “I can’t think of marrying someone else but you.”

It’s clear that this person is simply unique and close to your heart. 

You accept him as your life partner as there’s no one like him.

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Cute Ways To Say YES To A Marriage Proposal

You want to show that you’re too glad that he proposed to you for marriage(finally), Right? 

So, here are some special and cutesy responses to say Yes to your caring boyfriend or supportive girlfriend, who proposes to you, finally.

Cute Ways To Say Yes To A Marriage Proposal

1. “I can’t believe this is happening, but I’m so happy.” 

Respond in a way that shows how happy you are with it. 

This might be a dream for you, and you like it to last forever. 

2. “Yes, take me before anyone else can.”

Being funny tells him that there’s already a lot of competition.

But he’s your favorite person.

You, too, want to marry him. 

There are also many boys who could propose to you, it scares you. 

3. “You make me wait for so long. And it’s still Yes.”

Overall, you’re happy that you both are together now for life. 

Indeed, you might have waited long, but this patience is all worth it in the end. 

4. “It would be my honor to be your everything.” 

Here you respectfully accept the marriage proposal from a guy you love. 

This guy treats you like a queen and this is the way to say Yes.

Such a romantic gesture certainly made him go ‘Awww‘ this time.

5. “Yes, here I choose to be your everything from this moment.” 

Let him know you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

Now you want to live every moment of it and look up to your upcoming life. 

6. “It was my childhood dream to get married to you.”

And, now your dream has finally come true. 

You get proposed to by a guy you have a long crush on. 

A good thing, your crush loves you the same way you do. 

7. “You played your role perfectly as my friend, my boyfriend. I accept you as my future husband!”

Being in a connection with him for so long, you tested this guy in every role. 

Finally, you get ‘check! check!’ to every level. 

Proved that he’s the one for you.

And, you accept his proposal. 

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How To Say Yes To A Marriage Proposal?

It takes nothing but your smile, deep eye contact, and a confident ‘Yes’. 

Whether you want your response to be quite special or something you both always remember, try such best ways to say Yes to a marriage proposal. 

If you’re sure that your boyfriend is planning to propose to you, you also be prepared with your best responses.

This is the start of your long-lasting relationship and you want to embrace this moment, in every cute way you can. 


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