(11 Polite Replies) When Someone Calls You “Unprofessional” At Work

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You’re clueless, how can someone call you ‘unprofessional’.

As you see, you’re doing your job right, following the company policies, and have a sense of professionalism. 

But still, you might be accused of being unprofessional. 

Even if you did nothing wrong or rude to them. 

Well, to deal with the situation, here we are discussing how to respond when a client or coworker says ‘You’re unprofessional’. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You “Unprofessional”?

Depending on the situation, someone mentions your unprofessional behavior.

Sometimes you’re upset with it. In other, you feel confused about it.

But in every situation, you better remain calm and professional.

It’s indeed not easy.

But if you react too quickly or say anything wrong, then you will come out as unprofessional like someone trying to present you. 

To handle the situation normally, here are the professional and polite replies to give when someone says ‘You’re unprofessional’ at work: 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Unprofessional

1. “I apologize if you feel that way, but I’m just doing my job.” 

This is part of your job and you do what comes under your responsibility.

You could slip away with ‘that’s not my job’ but instead of that, you can share this polite response. 

Because you want the client or customer to be supportive. 

2. “I know how challenging it is for you, but you need to cooperate when the process takes long.” 

A client is upset with delays in services and calls you unprofessional. 

You have to try to keep them calm and be patient if the process is about to take longer. 

This isn’t unprofessional behavior from you, but you remain polite following your professionalism. 

Showing that you can feel what they are feeling right now. 

3. “Thank you for drawing my attention to this matter. I take it as feedback and will make the important changes to it.”

Show that you are ready to change your behavior that the client finds unprofessional. 

You don’t want a client to remain unsatisfied and feel unsupported. 

So following the mindful approach you apologize and assure them of making the right changes.

4. “So sorry as you had to say it. I have forwarded your case to my senior and I will update you on the process.” 

A client or customer who calls you unprofessional isn’t happy with your services. 

But you show your professional approach here and assure them to provide support. 

This is a polite response to handle a customer who calls you unprofessional in frustration. 

And, it’s them who can’t be patient. 

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5. “Thanks for sharing your opinion, but I didn’t ask for that.” 

This isn’t a professional but a good response to give a coworker who often calls you unprofessional. 

Here you remain calm and collected. 

They wish you would react hard, but your polite approach will make them ashamed of themselves. 

6. “That’s sad to hear. Please share more details so I can resolve your issue.” 

You have a frustrated client due to the previous customer care executive. 

They haven’t talked to you before, but still call you unprofessional. 

Being a customer care executive, you have to do the needful to help out the angry client. 

And this is a formal response to calm them down. 

When Client Says You're So Unprofessional

7. “You could be right, but I don’t have time to waste on you.” 

Everyone in the company is aware of this employee’s nature. 

This one never gets along with anyone, and often picks a fight anytime.

This is a good response that shows you’re a confident and controlled person as you don’t waste your time on necessary things at work. 

8. “I’m sorry that you have to experience that. I will make sure that you won’t have to face it again.” 

When you do something wrong or a customer has to face it, you better apologize

They call you unprofessional and they have a point here. 

As you follow the polite approach, this shows you are responsible and act professionally now.

9. “And provoking someone at work on minor things is not only unprofessional but also rude. Just so you know.” 

You know what this colleague is up to when he is calling you unprofessional. 

But you are not going to give them anything. 

This is to stop them from creating any major issues. 

You can share this response to make them feel ashamed of their behavior. 

10. “At least I’m not trying to spoil the office environment.” 

It’s surprising to you when your teammate calls you unprofessional for no reason. 

You did nothing wrong to them, but their approach makes you feel down. 

This ultimate response is to back off a coworker who is rude to everyone on the team. 

11. “I’m sure you have a valid reason to call me unprofessional. Can you please explain what made you say it?” 

It’s the first time you hear this client calling your company unprofessional. 

Being a customer department, you want to solve any questions or queries a client has. 

And this response shows you are ready to listen to them. 

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When Someone Accuse You For Being Unprofessional At Work 

Indeed, you feel frustrated about being called unprofessional at work. 

But before reacting anyway, take your time and you should check on yourself. 

Notice what makes them call you unprofessional. 

If your client or manager says you are unprofessional, there must be some reason. 

Take it as their feedback and show you will improve your work

When Someone Accuses You For Being Unprofessional At Work

If what you did is wrong or unprofessional then apologize. There’s room for improvement. 

Don’t take it personally. You need to improve your behavior from here. 

Also, some accuse you of calling ‘unprofessional’ without any basis.

You could ignore them or share a positive reaction if you have to say something. 

There’s no need to create an issue and overreact. 

Because there’s a chance that later on everyone start calling you ‘unprofessional’. 


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