9 Better Responses To “ROFL” Text

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Well, “ROFL” is indeed a better reaction than just ‘LOL’. 

But the confusion is still there, such as what to say next after someone texts you ‘ROFL’. 

Because you hope to have some chat next, their reaction leaves no room for it.

It’s better if you’ve something interesting to say.

To help you with that, here are the engaging responses you can give when you get ‘ROFL’ or ‘ROTFL’ texts from your friend, crush, or anyone. 


How To Respond To “ROFL” Over Text?

Normally, the conversation ends, when someone sends a laughing reaction like ‘ROFL’ or emoji. 

You shared a joke or said something amusing and they reacted as how they feel. 

That’s it. 

Fine, if you don’t respond to it. 

But, you wish to have a conversation with someone and have no idea what to say next. 

So, here are the best ways you can reply to “ROFL” that you could share based on your connection with someone. 

How To Respond To ROFL Over Text

1. “If you are rolling on the floor, I won’t judge you either.” 

Of course, you know it’s just a reaction and this isn’t happening. 

But to tease a friend who is mad like you and might be rolling is a fun response. 

You just want them to express their genuine emotions. 

Even if they roll on the floor while laughing at your joke, you don’t mind it. 

2. “So glad to see I made you ROFL.”

This is a sweet reply to give your crush’s ‘ROFL’ reaction. 

You don’t find it right to take any risk being flirty here.

So to keep it simple and sober. This is enough for now. 

3. “If you do it one more time, the floor will be clean for sure.” 

You shared a joke with your friend, and he replies ‘ROTFL’. 

With him you’re comfortable, so you can share this funny response like this. 

Who knows maybe they are actually rolling on the floor. 

4. “I wish I could see you rolling on the floor and laughing along.” 

You are even more comfortable with your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

So when he or she texts back with a ‘ROFL’ reaction, you think it’s right to share this flirty reply.

This is your wish to be together and share a good laugh.  

5. “Yeah, I’m becoming an expert in making people go ROFL.”

It’s surprising that whomever you shared this joke, everyone had the same reaction. 

Their reply says they are ‘Rolling On Floor Laughing’. 

So, to keep it as a joke, you can give this witty response. 

Funny Response To ROFL Emoji Or Text

6. “That was the same reaction when I heard this joke for the first time.” 

A clever reply to give when your crush reacts as ‘ROFL’ to your funny message

This is to hint that as you both use the same laughing emoji, there might be a connection. 

It’s just a playful response, that’s it. 

7. “Do you wanna roll further? Let me share another joke.” 

Well, the one joke already made them roll on the floor laughing. 

But they have no idea that the joke is still on. 

Such a funny response to ‘ROFL’ while chatting with your close friend. 

8. “That’s enough rolling for today, I will see you tomorrow.” 

Tell your friend or crush that you will talk to them tomorrow, or maybe share another joke or meme. 

As they replied with ‘ROFL’ it seems you gave them a good laugh for today. 

Or it’s a late evening and you have nothing to say. 

So you leave the message with a promise to continue to the chat the next day. 

9. Respond with other laughing emojis like “😂”  or “😝”.

That’s what most people usually respond to ‘ROFL’ text. 

To make it creative, you could mix it up with other (appropriate) emojis as well. 

Be mindful of your connection if you reply with emojis.


What Does “ROFL” Mean In Chat?

Like ‘Lmao’ and ‘Lol’, ‘ROFL’ is also a popular laughing reaction. 

Some people use ‘ROFL’ while others use ‘ROTFL’ and both simply mean ‘Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing”. 

It’s obvious that this person isn’t actually rolling and laughing on the floor. 

But this phrase or emoji shows the level of how much they find your message laughable. 

What Does ROFL Mean In Chat

This is a reaction and there’s nothing more to say while chatting. 

But to keep a conversation going and keep the laugh further, you can try the above shared better responses for ‘ROFL’ or ‘ROFTL’ with your friend or crush. 

If you have nothing to say, you could leave the message unresponded. 

That should be fine, too. 


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