(14 Better Replies) When Someone Texts You Their Name

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It’s the first time you’re interacting with someone or you chat with them online, and they tell you their name. 

To keep the conversation regular, you can say ‘How are you?’ on an informal level.    

And, formally you can ask, ‘How can I help you?’ if the customer shares their name with you.

But, there are some (interesting so) better replies to share to make your conversation more engaging then on. 

Especially while making new connections on social media or dating sites, you want to make your first interaction special.  

And with such a sweet gesture, you give a fresh start to your new connection. 


What To Reply When Someone Texts You Their Name?

You met someone online on social media or a dating site, and they shared their name with you.

This is also a chance to compliment their name or say something nice to them.  

When you’re interested in this conversation and want to grow a connection, you better know what to say when he or she texts you their real name. 

If you have no idea what to say, we have some suggestions for you here. 

Such are the nice and sweet things to say when you hear someone’s name for the first time. 

What To Reply When Someone Texts You Their Name

1. “Hey (their name), it’s nice to meet you.” 

If you want to make your first conversation smooth, this is how you reply. 

And if you meet each other on a specific platform, mention it. 

You could say more like, ‘It’s nice to meet you on Tinder, (their name)’.

2. “I must say that’s a pretty good name.”

You love their name, it gives off some positive vibes. 

When it feels right you can compliment someone for their name. 

3. “You really have a unique name. Who named you?”

This is the first time you have met someone with such a ‘creative’ name. 

Well, now their name has your attention. 

By asking questions about their name, you give them a chance to share their story. 

4. “It seems that you got a perfect name as per your personality.” 

You might not know much about this person. 

But you’re just telling them that you thought like their name their personality might be cute. 

That you feel it just with their name and first interaction.

5. “So, How (their name) is doing today?”

When someone tells you their name and you want to keep the conversation more personal, you better use their name more often.

You make them feel special and successfully get their attention with such a reply. 

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6. “I like your name, there must be some meaning.”

Every name has some meaning within. 

As they share their name, you ask them the secret meaning of it. 

This gives them a chance to say more about them. 

7. “I know that already.” 

Share this funny response when someone tells you their name, but you somehow know it already.

Maybe their name is showing up on their profile, or you figure it out yourself. 

Funny Response When Someone Shares Their Name

8. “So (their name), what’s your story then?”

As you both know each other’s name now, you want to know each other more.

Talk about their background story and some initial discussion to have some conversation started. 

You can ask what brings them to this platform and so on. 

9. “Wow, this name really suits you.” 

To make them feel special, you can give such sweet replies when someone shares their name. 

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10. “Hello, Mr. (Their name), And, my name is…”

Don’t wait for them to ask your name.

This person seems nice but may have a shy nature. 

So you can text your name already. 

11. “I think I know you from somewhere.” 

As they share your name, you have some memory of this name. 

Maybe you saw them somewhere. or something more.

You also feel a connection with this person as you receive their text. 

So you can respond this way. 

12. “Oh that’s good. I’ve been looking for you.” 

You’re trying to find their number and contact this person. 

But suddenly you get a text from the same person. 

With your reply tell them that they contacted you at the right time. 

13. “How can I forget that?” 

It’s a text from your old buddy, who thought that you wouldn’t recognize them. 

But, you tell them that you haven’t forgotten them since. 

14. “The way you say your name, you seem very proud of it.” 

With this response, you appreciate them for their confident tone. 

It’s fine to be proud of yourself and the name you carry. 

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When Someone Tells You Their Name In A Text

Well, exchanging names for the first time doesn’t have to be boring though. 

If you are making a connection online and when someone texts you their name, it’s your chance to be nice with what you reply. 

How to respond when someone says their name

Because you want this connection to start on a fresh note. 

We’ve shared all the better replies that you can use in the situation you’re in. 

Indeed, there is no perfect way to respond. 

Just know who you’re interacting with and the type of connection you expect from someone. 

That will help you to react right while responding to someone’s name. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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