12 Funny Replies To “I Have Seen You Somewhere”

  • February 16, 2024

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All those years you have changed a lot, and have this new look.

So it’s hard for your old connection to recognize you when they see you again.

In the neighborhood or at a distant place, you might come across someone who says “I have seen you somewhere” and then they try to recall ‘Where’ exactly.

If you also feel you know them somewhere, give them clues to find out the connection. 

While, when you don’t want them to know you, you just want to leave saying ‘I don’t think so’. 

Some people also make you think about your possible meeting somewhere.

Of course, you have no idea and feel a bit strange about this person.

Bt, they are not going to let you leave unless they find it out. 


How To Reply To “I Have Seen You Somewhere”?

If this happens to you quite often when people come to you and act as if asking you to have some connection from somewhere or something, know how to deal with it.  

Possibly this person knows you but can’t figure out exactly where.

Because it’s been a while since you didn’t see each other. 

Or, maybe this person uses it as the most cheesiest pick-up line.

They just want to start a conversation and this is the classic way. 

It’s all to you, whether you want to know them more or not, choose to answer in funny, flirty, and clever ways to handle this situation. 

How to reply To I have seen you somewhere

1. “You don’t know me, but I recognized you already. Keep guessing.” 

This is your long-long lost friend, whom you haven’t met after school is over. 

Your appearance changed a lot, maybe that’s why it takes them time to recognize you. 

2. “Probably in your dreams. Yeah, I often come to meet you there.” 

This person who asks ‘Do you know me?’  actually looks quite familiar. 

They caught your attention already, but you trying to recognize them. 

Being a flirt here, you can reply this way, when this person approaches you friendly. 

3. “Umm, I’m the one who caught you red-handed doing something.”

Want to scare this person to not bother you again?

Then this is how you can respond as if you tell them that you put them into the bars.  

4. “I suggest you better not remember where.” 

This is the secret that you don’t want to share with anyone. 

This person seems curious and asks where you two met last time. 

5. “Since I was born, I have never left this planet, maybe on this earth, I’m sure.” 

You might have no history with this person. 

But, with funny responses like these, there’s a chance to develop a lifelong friendship. 

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6. “Where in Thailand?? No, I have never been to that country.”

First, you ask, someplace like any city or country.

And if they say ‘Yes, I’ve seen you there’.

Then immediately say, Kidding, ‘I’ve never been there.’ 

Because you just to get rid of this person. 

Funny Reply To I Saw You Somewhere

7. “We just met twenty minutes ago downstairs, I took the elevator.” 

You both were entering the same building together. 

They took the stairs.

Maybe they’re afraid of being in the elevators, who knows? 

When you reach the floor you both meet again, while you interviewing them.

8. “Nice try, but I’m not interested, sorry to say that.”

This is not the first time; you’ve experienced this scenario many times.

And, you inside feel like ‘I don’t care if I know you or not, just let me go.’ 

9. “I’m quite popular on social media, you must see me there.”

And if they’ve not followed you yet, make them follow you. 

So they never have to remember you again if you meet again sometime, somewhere. 

10. “Well, I highly doubt. These days everyone looks the same due to masks.”  

They may also meet one of your seven versions before. 

Or due to your masks, they pretend you’re someone else they know.

In that case, show your face, that’s it. 

11. “No, that must be my look-alike cousins.” 

This person approaches you and says ‘I’ve seen you somewhere’ and you’re not interested even to know them. 

So you can just say this anyway.

12. “I don’t think you did, I arrived back to earth just today.”

Maybe this person is also like you from another planet.

And you both are out of this world. 

Here you’re trying to be normal, but that’s funny. 



Often when you’re away from home, traveling or in a new country, or your new avatar, you might meet someone who comes to you and says ‘I’ve seen you somewhere’. 

You know exactly ‘where’, but you don’t want to reveal your original self.

 In that case, such witty and funny replies can help you get away from that as soon as possible

Even before they realize where such replies will help you to run away. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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