12 Professional Responses To ‘ASAP’ Over Mail

  • February 29, 2024

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A client or boss tells you to do something ‘ASAP’, but never tells you how ‘soon’ they mean by that. 

This could be an ‘urgent’ for them. But, for you, it’s an ‘unclear request’.

Further, it’s hard to decide what to reply to this. 

When you get no specific time but only ‘Asap’ in the mail, better if you discuss with the sender, ‘How soon’ and the possibilities of that. 

Otherwise, you should know how to respond to this mail formally.


How To Respond To “ASAP” (As Soon As Possible) Email?

On receiving an urgent request with the ‘ASAP’ tag, you might reply, “I will try my best”.

It’s fine to let them know that you’ve started something on their demand. 

But, instead of meaning ‘ASAP’ as you think, better if you clarify it at the time when you get it. 

When unsure what to say, here are the possible responses to ‘ASAP’ from your boss or client over mail or in text. 

How To Respond To ASAP

1. “Is it possible for you to specify ‘How Soon’?”

You just want to know what they mean ASAP with their request. 

It’s unclear from their end.

You don’t know what their expectations are either. 

To prevent any conflicts later on, better discuss it right now.

2. “What’s the deadline?”

You got a request from your team manager to get something done As soon as possible.

There’s already a lot of work that you can handle. 

You need to check if it’s urgent. Based on that you prioritize work requests.  

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3. “Got the mail. And, I’m working on it, already.”

You’re acknowledging that the sender that you received also understands the assignment.

To relax them you can tell them not to worry you’re on it. 

4. “If you need it right now, please ask someone on the team.”

 The coworker who often makes you do their work, tells you ‘It’s urgent, please reply ASAP.’

You’re just telling them that what you’re doing is far more important than what they request. 

Inform your team leader or boss that you don’t have time for it, as you have urgent work on hand. 

5. “Sure, I’m doing my best to get it done ASAP.”

Assure your client that you’re working on their urgent request. 

You try your everything to meet the quality they expected. 

6. “Okay, but please reply to mail on time when I need any help.” 

Like your teammate expects you to get something sooner, you also want them to give a prompt response in need. 

This is especially for someone who often replies late to your mail but always comes with urgent requests.

7. “I’ll complete it by 5 PM today. Fine?”

Being experienced in the field, you’re aware of how long this work may take. 

With such a reply you inform them of what’s possible.

8. “Indeed, your work is the priority right now.” 

This client is asking for the work progress of their order or service request. 

Instead of replying ‘I’ll get back to you’, try a clearer response. 

Let them know to relax because work is in process and soon you will update them about it. 

9. “By the end of the day, this will be done, don’t worry.” 

You aren’t informed when they want to get something done. 

So, instead of asking them for a deadline, you by yourself inform them that you will get it done ‘EOD’, before the end of the day.

Because that’s possible for you.

10. “Noted. I’ll let you know as soon as I can.”

Try this supportive reply when a client is facing some issue and requests your help urgently. 

Show that you’re being supportive and know the client’s concern.

And, saying ‘noted’ in the mail also assure them that you work to accomplish their request the faster as you can. 

11. “We can get it done faster if someone is also with me.”

A boss who wants you to get something done right now or As soon as possible, has no idea if that’s impossible. 

You don’t want any conflicts later on, if you fail to get it done on time. 

Better you clarify to your boss that you need some help or another employee. 

Because it’s not enough for you to do it all alone in a short time. 

12. “Yeah, sometimes I need the payment ASAP, too.”

Well, this is what goes through your mind while responding to clients who never pay on time. 

But, most of their requests are urgent.

Indeed, we share this extra response just for fun purposes, you know that, Right? 

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What Does ‘ASAP’ Mean In Professional Mail? 

In professional correspondence, ‘ASAP’ (As Soon As Possible) means, the sender wants you to get something done in a short time. 

It’s mostly related to the ‘urgent request’ or ‘special order’ from someone over the mail. 

Whether they want to get your response, need to address their issue, or to complete some work, the ASAP shows this request needs to be completed faster as possible. 

Some people might use this term for literally every request they share. 

Also, it’s don’t just respond with ‘Yes, I’ll’ while responding to ‘ASAP’ mail or message. 

Discuss with them and check if it’s that urgent or what.


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