19 (Cute &) Flirty Responses To “How’s It Going?”

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How could you even think to respond boring, when your partner asks “How’s it going?’?

That’s so unfair. 

You should try some romantic and flirty answers, to make their day. 

If you’re unsure what to say, nothing to worry about.

Because in this article, we are going to share flirty responses to give when your crush or lover asks ‘How is it going?’. 

You need this if you want a romantic conversation, not regular talk. 


How To Reply To “How’s It Going” From Your Partner?

To your most connection, you could just respond with ‘It’s going good’.

That’s enough answer. 

But to your partner, date, or crush, you should respond uniquely and specially.

You want to make your every conversation as playful as possible.

Check out these flirty answers, that we have prepared for you to share when your loved one asks ‘How’s it going?’ in text or on a date:

How To Reply To How's It Going From Partner

1. “Everything is going perfectly, as you’re with me.” 

This response is to show your lover that you’re grateful for their presence in your life.

You make them respected for everything they do for you

2. “When you’re with me, things are great. When you’re not, it’s not.” 

This is as simple as that. 

So it’s your wish that you want them to be with you always. 

Like, forever. 

3. “I think now things are going well, as you are in my life.”

You admit that things start to get good, with their arrival in your life. 

This response says they are your lucky charm. 

4. “Nothing going well. But, a date with you can fix it.”

This one is a witty response to asking for a date from your crush. 

5. “Boring, how can anything go well when you’re not around?” 

When you get how is it going over text, this is the cute response to give. 

This shows you already miss them so badly.

Cute Response To How Is It Going

6. “Right now, thoughts about our future are going on in my mind.” 

Show that you are thinking about your future.

You planning and dreaming of you two together. 

7. “With you, my life is going just as great as it should.”

Or it’s even better than you ever dreamed of. 

8. “You bring fortune to my life, I’m winning at everything in life.” 

Here you give them credit for every good thing happened in your life.

9. “I’m happy that you’re always here to make me laugh.”

When a guy says how’s it going, this response is to show that he makes you smile

10. “I wasn’t feeling well, but now I am.” 

This is a sweet response to show that having them makes your day. 

11. “Having a supportive partner makes everything go well.” 

You know when they are with you, everything is going well. 

Even when things are not right, their support makes you feel positive. 

12. “Nothing is good. But your smile can fix it all.” 

This response is best to give a girl whose smile is all that can make your mood better. 

13. “Thank you so much for always being around to make my day.”

The guy often checks up on you, and cares how you’re feeling

He never lets you feel sad. He does anything to encourage you. 

Share this respectful reply to appreciate a guy for what he does for you. 

14. “I wish you would be here with me, then things would be great.”

Your boyfriend or girlfriend texts you about how is it going over text. 

Here you are missing them, wishing them to be here with you right now. 

Things might be fine, but not as great as they are not with you. 

15. “As I see you now, everything will be good from here on.” 

You didn’t have a good day at work so long. 

But as you meet your lover, you feel refreshed and supported.

This flirty response to share when you’re on facetime or meeting on a date.

Flirty Answer To How's It Going Text

16. “Without you, things are so boring and stuck at some point.” 

This response is to show that you want them so badly

Because when they are away, nothing going on.

17. “My life or our affair? Whatever it is, both are going superbly!”

It’s like you update them on something that is going on great. 

As per your knowledge, your life and your relationship are just as great as they should be.

Such a playful reply that make her smile for sure. 

18. “From our last meeting, your thoughts are going on. I can’t get over you.” 

After a first date when a guy or girl asks how’s it going on, you can share this playful response.

It was a memorable meeting and you can’t stop thinking about him. 

You can respond this way to thank him for a great night.

19. “Talking to you makes me feel better, even if nothing is that good.”

You might have a bad day at work or your work isn’t going well. 

But just a simple text or call with your favorite person makes everything go well. 

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When A Girl Or Guy Texts You “How’s It Going”

Well, you could treat ‘How’s it going?’ as a normal greeting. 

But when you get it from your special person, you should try to make the conversation feel as exciting, playful, or flirty as possible.

Depending on the level of connection and intimacy, you should decide what to say. 

Indeed, your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t expect a special response. 

And, that’s what makes the difference. 

When A Girl Or Guy Texts You How Is It Going

Your playful replies will make their mood and make them ready for every talk. 

Because you respond uniquely even to a normal greeting. 

So whether you want to start a playful conversation and want to express your romantic gesture even with the ‘How’s it going?’ question, such fliry responses are the perfect choice. 

Have a sweet small talk, enjoy!


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