9 Best Comebacks For Being Called A “Simp”

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You’re just being polite and someone calls you a ‘simp’ for that.

How sad it is. But, this is a reality. 

This is what happening today, when you say (or do) something nice to others. 

Most people won’t see it as kindness. But, simpness. 

Well, to deal with being called a simp, and feeling confident to stay what you are, you need some good comebacks like you’ll find in this post. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You “Simp”?

Before you respond to someone calling you a simp, notice how they say it.

Yeah, the context and the situation could make the difference. 

Possible that someone just saying it as a joke. In that case, you don’t need to take it personally. 

You can just respond like ‘Can’t help it’ or ‘Totally, dude.’

Whereas, when someone criticizes you for being kind to others, comment like ‘Simp’ is insulting here.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Simp

Normally, you could ignore such name-calling

But if you want to react to it, make sure you have something better to say. 

If being called a simp hurts your confidence, you should try these best comebacks:

1. “Well, if you were hot, I would simp you, too. But, sorry, you’re not.”

You admit openly that you’re simping someone you find hot.

But to a person who calls you a simp, you have to tell them clearly that they don’t deserve your attention. 

Eventually, you call them ugly or unattractive here.

2. “I’m a S.I.M.P, which is a ‘Super Intelligent Man on Planet’.”

A witty comeback to show that you don’t care about being called a simp. 

This is your confidence and pride. 

You are not going to feel embarrassed about acting nice to others.

3. “This is the real word when it’s not kindness, but a simpness.”

You didn’t have any intention to get anything from someone. 

What you feel, you share your opinion or gift to someone. 

This is a savage comeback that says this is why most people avoid being nice to others.

4. “Why are you so insecure, Dude? She’s not going to give you attention either.”

Some random guy calls you a simp because they feel insecure. 

That you will have attention from an online streamer. 

Maybe they are right, but this funny response shows that you don’t expect much either.

Funny comebacks for being called a simp

5. “You’re free to think whatever you do. I don’t mind.”

What you do, it’s just how you feel good or right thing to do here. 

It doesn’t matter to you, how someone treats your kindness. 

You’re going to do the good as you can.

6. “Yeah, this is the real life. Like it or not but we have to do it.” 

This is a practical comeback to tell a person that ‘simping’ matters. 

And, it’s not a problem that they are not good at it. 

You think it works for you, in most cases. 

And so, you will keep doing it.

7. “Simping is a unique skill. Not everyone can have it.” 

So, you believe that you’re good at winning someone’s heart. 

Even if you’re being too nice to others, you just make their day somehow. 

You don’t spread hate or don’t say anything rude about anyone online. 

8. “It is a simping when it’s one-sided. But in my case, I’m flirting with her.” 

You said something nice to some girl online, and others started calling you a simp. 

And it’s not one-sided, as this girl enjoys what you do for her and appreciates it.  

Well, they have no idea that you are flirting with her. 

It’s funny because you’ve passed through the stage of simping.  

9. “Well, I am just being nice, the way I am.” 

A comment like ‘You’re a simp’ and ‘Pure simping’ not going to affect you. 

You will be the natural as you are without caring about other’s opinions. 

This is a direct response to make them stop calling you a simp. 

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What Does “Simp” Mean?

A ‘simp’ is a slang word, that is mostly used in comments and opinions on social media.

Well, the term ‘Simp’ means someone who is overly kind and nice to others. 

Because they want to get their attention or to get closure to that person. 

So, when you appreciate someone online for their personality or looks, you’re simping them. 

This is what most ‘insecure’ people will believe. 

What Does Simp Mean

Even if you’ve just shared your opinion with no intention to get close to them, people will call you a ‘simp’ for being too nice. 

Absolutely, this is rude to be called a simp. 

But the shared comebacks are better responses to staying who you are. 

Also, you need to look at your behavior that if you’re being overly nice to someone. 

If your goal is to get someone’s attention or more, stop it. 

Because this is what a ‘simp’ generally means.


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