27 (Savage &) Funny Responses When Someone Calls Your Name

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When someone calls your name, the real or the wrong name.

There are all different situations.

And so, How you respond to it must be different.

If you want to make your responses more effective, ‘the perfect’ one, we have the best suggestions for you. 

Well, this could be your friend who calls you by the wrong name or a hater who tries to name-call to irritate you.  

Based on your mood and how you take it, you can choose what to say back. 

In this article, you will find funny responses to good comebacks to deal with how someone says your name differently. 


Funny Responses When Someone Calls Your Name

It’s your ‘real name’, and they say it correctly. 

When mainly your crush says your name in the text, it feels sweet. 

Same when your friend or someone close says your name during a conversation you feel awkward or surprised. 

To take it lighthearted and have some fun conversation, here are funny things to say when someone calls your name. 

Funny Responses When Someone Calls Your Name

1. “So you remember my real name, Huh!!”

It’s your long-lost connection that you met after a long time. 

And, they haven’t forgotten your name. 

2. “I like it when you say my name. Please say it again.” 

When your crush says your name in text or person, you want them to say it more often. 

It’s nice to hear your name, especially when they say it.

3. “That’s me! What’s your name?” 

This person announced your name to find you in the group. 

And if they come close, you can ask about their names. 

4. “Do I know you? How do you know my name?”

You don’t know this person who calls your name. 

So you want to know how they know your name and what they want.

If you sense, you have seen them somewhere, ask them so.

5. “Yes, sir. How can I help you?”

It is like this person who just calls your name has been searching for you and has some requests for you. 

This response is formal but funny when shared in a different environment. 

6. “I’m here, come here!”

When someone calls your name out loud, maybe they can’t find you.

So you raise your hand and respond with this. 

7. “Yes, you’re talking to Mr. (Your full name).” 

On call, someone says your name, and this is the way to respond. 

8. “Yep. What do you want?”

You suddenly hear your name from your friend. 

And, you want to know why they call you. 

9. “Nice to meet with you, too, (Their name).” 

When you meet someone for the first time and they call you by your name. 

To make them feel connected, you can share their name in such greetings. 

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Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You With Wrong Name

If it’s the first time someone says your name wrong, tell them your real name.  

But if they often call you the same or make mistakes, maybe they forget your name. 

Or, they do so just for the sake of fun. 

In such a case, here are some better comebacks you can give for calling you with the wrong name. 

You don’t know if they do it on purpose or not, but with such comebacks, they will never forget your name again. 

Good Comebacks When Someone Calls You With Wrong Name

1. “I think you’ve contacted the wrong person. That’s not my name.” 

When someone approaches you with the wrong name, you don’t want to deal with them. 

2. “Sorry for having such a difficult name. I’m thinking about changing it already.” 

For some people, it’s hard to pronounce your name. 

So to make them feel at ease and avoid embarrassment, this is a good comeback. 

You also want to get rid of this name. 

3. “That’s not me. Who exactly are you trying to reach?” 

Maybe they have made a mistake in saying your name at first.

So you want to get confirmation from them. 

4. “I’m just wondering, did you do this on purpose or what?”

This person acts like they forget your name and call you with a name you hate. 

So you want to know if they attempt to make fun of you or what. 

5. “That’s quite a creative name, but my name is…”

It’s the first time someone called you with the wrong name. 

This one is a funny name you get.  

But you believe it’s a mistake so you correct them.

6. “I think you’ve some problem with your memory.” 

It’s not the first time, they often call you by the wrong name. 

So possibly they have some memory issues. 

7. “Are you new here, everyone knows me well enough?” 

How could they forget your name, and call you by the wrong name every time?  

You can ask them, ‘You guess what could be my name based on my personality’. 

8. “If you can’t say my name correctly, you better don’t try to say it?” 

It’s fine for you if they just call you with ‘Hey’.

That’s better than being called with the wrong name.

9. “This is the last time I’m telling you my name, never forget it again.” 

You are mad at them for often forgetting your name and calling you the wrong one.

As they’re trying to be funny, so you make it clear to them. 

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Savage Roasts To Someone Calling You A Name

You’re being targeted by a bully with a certain name they want to give you.

Of course, you want to get rid of this title, before everyone starts to call you the same. 

If it happens often or for the first time, with such a savage roast to name-caller you sarcastically shut someone up for good. 

So they never again try to name-call you. 

Savage Roasts To Someone Calling You A Name

1. “Call me with that name again and you will forget what’s yours.”

This time you made it clear, the way you said it they’ll get the message instantly. 

2. “Keep trying Bro. I will listen to you when you say my name right.” 

Whatever they are saying you’re ignoring them. 

3. “How do you know my name? Who sends you here?”  

It’s your only close friends who are aware of such names. 

So someone calls you with such a secret name, you take it personally for calling you that. 

4. “Oh, that’s fine. You’re not the first one to call me that.” 

You just want to show that it doesn’t hurt you anymore. 

No matter how hard they try, you’re not going to feel offended with such name-calling.

5. “Ha-ha, that name suits you, not me.”

When a bully tries to give you a name, tell them you’re not accepting it. 

6. “So, that’s the best thing you can come up with.” 

You’re not impressed with the name they call you. 

So tell them good luck for next time.

7. “Do you have anything to do other than giving everyone names?” 

You admire their ability of name-calling. 

8. “And, do you know what we call you? That’s a bit harsh.” 

Probably they don’t know that they, too, have a name. 

And that one is funnier than what name they give you. 

9. “Call me with anything, I don’t care about it all.” 

You realize there’s no point in spending any time on this person. 

When they get no reaction from you they will stop name-calling you. 

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How To Respond When Someone Calls Your Name? 

We are sure that these better responses and comebacks are more effective when someone calls your name or the wrong one. 

Or even name-calling you. 

Before you respond with any of these, it’s important to know why they call you by that name.

Your family or friends know your real pet name. 

They often call you that, either casually or playfully.  

How To Respond When Someone Calls Your Name

It is part of the fun and you should take it lightly. 

But some intentionally call you by the wrong name or attempt name-calling to humiliate you. 

Well, you do not like the way they call you by such a name. 

But, if you react angrily, they will do so more often. 

And, with the quick comebacks and roasts we shared you tell them not to mess with you and your name again. 

Hopefully, they will never forget your name again. 


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