53 Funny Comebacks For Friends

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You never know when you will be the next target of your friends. 

So it’s a must to be equipped with funny comebacks for your friends, who could tease you for your nature, personality, or body features.

This article is for your help in dealing with friends’ jokes or insults. 

Here the goal is to leave no chance but to let your friends make fun of you again. 


Funny Comebacks To Give Your Friends

Even feeling lost and hopeless around a friend who is mean and so fast?

Well, you don’t need to end a friendship with them.

They are just “joking”.

You just need some funny comebacks to give that friends who often get you with their fun comments or insults. 

It’s part of the fun, and no need to take anything personally. 

Funny Comebacks to give your Friends

1. “You’re my friend, Right? Then why don’t you act like one.” 

This comeback is for a frenemy who confusing you with their two sides. 

2. “Just one friend like you is enough to make a difficult life.”

And you’re so lucky that you have that one. 

3. “My life was so bad before you came. And, not it’s the worst.”

You are giving them full credit for it. 

4. “I am so worried who would marry you? As nobody takes you seriously.” 

Because you never saw this friend saying anything mature or serious

5. “If someone has friends like you, they don’t need an enemy.” 

Because they do the best at both the roles. 

6. “Shut up else I will share your dark secrets with others.” 

Firstly, to his crush. 

And tell her everything that he wants to do with her. 

7. “That’s why your mom loves me more than you.” 

‘As a son’, just clarify that to your friend. 

8. “Seriously, you have to say it.” 

You just want them to feel ashamed of what they said already

9. “Do you think this makes you look any smarter?” 

Ask them what they think they are doing with this. 

10. “Not sure, if you do this on purpose or if it is just natural.” 

You see the problem and want to get to its roots. 

11. “Having you as a friend is both fun and frustrating.” 

And you are not sure what to do with it. 

This comeback is to show that you call them crazy, which is fun but not always 

12. “If you keep doing this to me, we won’t be friends for long.” 

This is funny or might be an early warning you want to give them. 

13. “Life feels so peaceful when you are not around.”

And you get very little time to enjoy the peace. 

14. “Every drama that I have in my life is all because of you.” 

Because your friend is the one who started it all. 

15. “That’s the worst thing you ever said to me.” 

Make them ashamed of something which they have not to say.

This is the shame and sad to hear from a friend.

16. “I think I have heard enough BS from you. I should leave now.” 

They cross the line and you have to tell them how you feel about it

17. “They called me bad and then I met you. And, I feel better.” 

Because your friend is the worst and just nothing compared to you. 

18. “How could you manage to survive so long in this world?” 

They are so different and alien to this world, how come no one noticed this new species? 

Maybe they are built different

19. “You are the living proof that people can live without heart.” 

So cleverly tell your friends that they are heartless. 

20. “Do you ever feel tired or saying the same thing? I do, listening to it.” 

You heard enough. No, actually you’ve heard it many times. 

21. “You are such a piece of art to put in the museum.” 

And you know where this ‘piece of art’ should be at. 

22. “I’m just surprised to see how you could be so confident being like this?” 

Wish you could have confidence like them. 

A funny comeback to say to a friend who is not good, but still confident. 

23. “Because of your behavior like this, no one wants to be your friend.” 

And you present this as your excuse to break friendship with them. 

24. “You should be thankful that I’m still your friend.” 

The one and only friend, which they never respect. 

25. “Remember no one can tolerate your nonsense as I can.” 

So they should be mindful of what others say around them. 

Because not everyone is as patient and understanding as you. 

26. “Do you even know what others are talking about you?” 

This is a smart comeback to shut a friend down who thinks they are funny

27. “What extraordinary person like you doing in this world?”

Tell them that this world isn’t the right place for them. 

28. “Your girlfriend finds me cute, that isn’t my problem.” 

It’s your friend who can’t be awesome or cute like you. 

Funny Comebacks For Your Friends

29. “The earth isn’t a place like you. So please leave now.”

No one on earth could understand this real talent. 

30. “Why do you always have to welcome problems like these?” 

This friend must be stupid as they don’t learn the lesson. 

31. “I wish I could be honest with you, but that would be so hard.” 

This is enough hint to tell them that there’s a lot to improve and change in their nature. 

32. “With just your face you could cure tension in this world. Because of your stupid face.”

And it will bring a laugh not just a smile on everyone’s face. 

33. “That’s the most intelligent thing you ever said in your life.” 

This friend won’t understand if to take it as a compliment or an insult. 

34. “People often ask me why I’m still your friend.” 

Because they can clearly see that there’s no match in your friendship. 

35. “I didn’t know what was the last time I took you seriously.” 

If they think that you take their joke to heart, tell them that you don’t take it personally.

36. “You’re the biggest joke that your parents ever made.” 

And maybe they were also laughing at it every day. 

37. “I get it you fear of no one. But you have to be afraid of yourself.” 

Tell them that they are the actual danger to their own. 

38. “Most girls can’t resist being with you, because you smell so bad.” 

And it’s their ‘stinkiness’ that is the reason why this friend is still single. 

39. “I had sympathy for you but now I realize why everyone hates you.” 

Whatever is happening or whatever everyone is doing, this friend deserves it all. 

40. “Even my fruit dishes look more stylish and balanced than your life.”

This is a funny comeback to tell your friends that they are boring and unhealthy. 

41. “You gave me more and more reason to unfriend you.” 

And that time is about to come when you finally do it. 

42. “If I had a son like you, I would abandon him.”

You are not kidding, you are so serious about it. 

43. “How could your life be such a mess when you have advice for everyone?” 

It is a funny comeback to a friend who behaves intelligent but their own life is stuck due to their dumb decisions. 

44. “There’s a lot of things I want to say, but you are not ready to listen to it.” 

You could wait for the time, there would be ready for it. 

45. “So many people in the world and you still have only one to talk to. Me, sadly.” 

That’s so sad and that’s why you never leave them, even if they insult you

46. “I could complain about your nature to your parents, but then I realize you got it all from them.” 

You know talking to his parents won’t solve the issue.

47. “Glad to see that you are back, but we were doing great without you.” 

When a friend says ‘I’m back’ this is a funny comeback to hurt him good. 

48. “Nobody misses you when you are away. We have our best time then only.” 

Not sure when you are going to enjoy this time again. 

49. “You are not dumb, just you don’t deserve to be here on earth.” 

Because everyone on earth is so dumb but only this friend is smart. 

50. “I wish your mind works faster than your mouth.” 

And you also wish they mind even start working just for one time. 

51. “Well, that’s the best I could expect from you. Nothing much to say.” 

You admit to whatever they want to say. 

As you are smart enough not to enter into an argument with them. 

52. “You are the reason why I no longer make new friends. You’re enough.”

Now you have a trust issue and can’t make friends anymore. 

53. “I didn’t ask for friendship, but I still have to keep it.” 

And that’s the biggest favor you do on them. 

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Your friends are hilarious. But in the name of a joke, sometimes they cross their limit. 

And you have nothing but to tolerate anything they say to you. 

Of course, you are not going to cry over friends making fun of you. 

Rather, you show that their words have no affect on you, that you take it lightly.

In any case, you just need some quick-witted and funny comebacks like these we shared in this article to make your friends laugh on themselves, too. 

Just be sure that they also take it lightly like they expected you to be. 


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