17 Professional Way To Say “I Told You So” At Work

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If you think that saying “I told you so” sounds rude at work, you’re absolutely right. 

This looks like you’re too proud of your statement or assumption.

Also, it makes someone feel ashamed for not listening to you. 

So, you want to avoid saying ‘told you’ at work.

But what would be the alternatives to show you already said (or advised) it formally? 

Well, in this article we are going to share the professional ways to say “I told you so” to your boss, client, or coworker without sounding arrogant. 


How To Say “I Told You So” Professionally? 

You were so right about something, but nobody in the team listened to you. 

Even your boss has some doubts about what you were proposing. 

But now everything is clear, that situation is as perfect as you described earlier. 

You were about to say ‘I told you so’ but you stopped and thought you needed polite and professional ways to say it here. 

How To Say I Told You So Professionally

This shows you are mindful of the formal setting. 

That’s a good thing. 

They didn’t listen to you or didn’t follow your advice. 

And, now you don’t want them to feel ashamed about it. 

Instead, you want to solve situations together, and that’s more important than your ego. 

Here are the professional ways to say that ‘I told so’ as you want a mutual agreement, not an argument.  

1. “I think we have talked about it while planning.”

Maybe they have no idea about it, but you are so sure that you said it.

2. “Well, that’s what I mentioned in the discussion.” 

If you feel comfortable with your teammate, this is a better alternative. 

This shows you pointed out something important. 

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3. “Like I said earlier. Not to worry, we can still make it work.” 

They might forget that you warned them about this. 

But as they seem interested in your plan, you relax them as you know what to do next. 

4. “Glad to see that we both are on the same page now.” 

They agree with what you said or shared earlier. 

Now they agree with you, this is a polite way to say that you said something already. 

5. “That means my prediction was right.” 

Whatever estimation or prediction you had, this is so accurate. 

You are confident about it but do not mean to tell others that ‘told you already’. 

6. “I had the feeling that this was about to happen.” 

And that’s why you have made the arrangement which works for you. 

7. “Don’t worry, I had a backup plan for this.” 

When you say this instead of ‘told you so’ , it shows your formal approach to working together

Professional Way To say I Told You So At Work

8. “So, can we follow the plan that I suggested in the first place?”

Sometimes you have to say ‘I told so’ because it’s you gave your part earlier. 

But they didn’t pay much attention to it. 

Still, this is a good way to say it to show you’re responsible and they can trust you. 

9. “I didn’t think that this would be so accurate. Even I’m surprised at it now.” 

You admit that whatever you said was your thoughts. 

But as it turned out to be the exact thing, you’re so surprised. 

This is a polite approach as you don’t want to sound arrogant. 

10. “Well, that comes from an experience, if you ask me.”

This is a confident way to tell an office friend who bets or challenges you on something. 

There’s no need to show off. 

But this is the achievement you have to be proud of.

11. “Boss, sometimes employees could be right, too.” 

You have a good connection with your boss and this could be the fine way to say ‘told you so’. 

This is to make them trust you and not do it all themselves. 

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12. “As per my knowledge, we have already discussed this part.” 

Some coworker keeps asking the same question. 

You don’t want to offend them, but you politely tell them that you said something. 

And now they have to work on it on their own. 

13. “I’m too good at this. After all, this is my field, my work area.” 

Of course, this way you express your confidence in the work you do

A good way to tell your teammate that you are an expert in your work.

14. “Not a big deal, I knew that this could happen. I have a ready plan for it.” 

Now your client turned to you for the suggestion which they ignored. 

You don’t want them to feel hopeless. 

But you relax them with a supportive nature. 

15. “I made an accurate estimation for this. Let me show what made me say so.”

Whatever you suggested or advised, show your proof that made you say it confidently before.  

16. “You might be familiar with the options that I suggested before. That would work here, trust me.” 

At the planning time, they didn’t pay attention to your proposal or suggestion. 

But now they need something that could fix the situation. 

And you remind them that they have the suggestion already with them. 

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17. “If you allow me, can I reshare the plan I proposed earlier?”

Your boss thought your idea was stupid and unworkable. 

But now they seem to have no option left. 

You politely ask them if they are ready to follow what you already told them. 


Why To Avoid Saying “Told You So” At Work?

It’s fine to use the ‘told you already’ phrase in informal connection. 

But in a formal situation, you have to be careful with how you say it. 

Because when you say “I told you so” this clearly sounds rude. 

You might be so perfect with your suggestions and advice. Which they declined or ignored in the first place. 

But now they have no choice but to follow your suggestion. 

Why To Avoid Saying Told You So At Work

In that case, ‘told you so’ could create the challenges to work on something together. 

You don’t intend to make them embarrassed. 

You want them to agree with you, now as what you said is the last hope. 

Mainly at work, you should avoid saying “I told you so” because you want their agreement on something and not an argument with them. 

It’s more about win-win. 

And the above-shared are the better alternative to saying “I told you”  to your professional connection, as to avoid being mean and rude.


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