18 Better Responses To “Yo” In Text Or Person

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Someone who says (or texts) ‘Yo’ is friendly or sees you as one. 

Don’t you don’t dare use any boring responses like ‘How are you?’ or ‘What’s up?’. 

Treat this greeting as friendly as possible. 

In this article, we are sharing some of the creative and engaging ways to reply to ‘Yo’ whether it’s in a chat or person.


How To Respond To “Yo” In Text?

Well, it’s certain that you get ‘Yo’ mostly from your friends. 

If not a friend, then someone who feels comfortable and is trying to be friendly often greeting you with ‘Yo’.

Because this is an exciting approach, you should respond lively, too.  

How To Respond To Yo In Text

Based on the level of connection and comfort, you could respond to ‘Yo’ in many ways. 

You can share something unique or funny. Or even can be sarcastic, too. 

If you wonder what could be the possible and better responses to ‘Yo’ – the shortest greeting, here are some options for you:

1 “…Bro.” 

They just said ‘Yo’ and nothing else. 

So to complete their sentence, which makes it ‘Yo, Bro’.

2. “Hey, you!” 

With a ‘Yo’ text your friend or crush wants to get your attention. 

And you respond with the same energies. 

3. “Yo to you, too!” 

What you get, you respond with the same vibe. 

This is a sweet way to reply to ‘Yo’ text. 

4. “What are you up to, Yo?” 

It seems they are up to saying something funny. 

This exciting response shows you are ready to listen to them.

5. “Let’s go!”

You and your friend are set to meet for some planning. 

There’s no time to waste and you can reply rhythmically.

6. “What makes my ‘Yo’ late this time?” 

Your friend stood you up and you’re mad at them. 

But as they greet you with ‘Yo’, you ask this in a friendly manner.

7. “Sup, Bro?” 

Such a casual response to ‘Yo’ that shows you ask your friend how they are doing

8. “What’s cracking, yo?” 

This is another creative reply to give to ‘Yo’ when you want to have some fun conversation. 

9. “Yo-yo, it seems you’re in a good mood today.” 

You can say it confidently as it’s the first time they greet with ‘Yo’.

So there must be something exciting. 

10. “What happened to you, Bro?” 

It’s shocking to you what happened to this friend. 

They have never been so casual or friendly to you, but now.

So may sound sarcastic but it’s a fun reply to share.

Better Response To Yo

11. “Oh, something new this time.” 

And you like it as your friend approaches you with ‘Yo’.

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12. “Yo, I loved it.” 

That you wish to be greeted with the same from now on. 

This response shows you love the energy. 

13. “Let me guess, you have got her number. Right, Yo?” 

This is a playful response to ‘Yo’ to show that something good has happened. 

And you know what it could be. 

14. “I told you, you can do it.” 

Your friend has some good news to share. 

You can guess it with the way they text ‘Yo’ at random times. 

15. “Are you talking to me, yo?” 

It’s surprising when someone says ‘Yo’ and you don’t know them. 

You don’t mind it, but you at least reply to them.

16. “I’m not your ‘Yo’, what are you looking for?” 

While texting with a stranger, you don’t like the way they say ‘Yo’. 

This is a savage response to stop them from being too friendly.

17. “Are you okay, yo? 

Because you didn’t see them in this casual avatar. 

So you have to check if they are okay.

18. “Hola, what’s going on with you today?”

Your crush texts you ‘Yo’ and you are always ready to chat. 

So you can give this reply to show that you are interested in talking.  


What Does “Yo” Mean In Texting

Normally, someone says ‘Yo’ in person or text, as a casual greeting and they are comfortable with it. 

They approach you and want your attention. 

They might have something to talk about or just send it when they miss you

If you meet them in person and they say ‘Yo’ you can pass a smile and respond with ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’. 

This shows you are acknowledging their greeting and are in the same mood. 

What Does Yo Mean In Texting

Whereas in chatting with your friend or someone close, you return the same energies. 

Your responses here need to be creative and engaging as we shared above. 

Importantly, you also need to consider the level of comfort in your connection when deciding how to respond to a ‘Yo’ text from a guy or girl you texting with. 

This might be a short greeting. 

But leads to a lively conversation with your friendly responses. 

So be mindful of it and chat with them. 

There’s nothing serious about ‘yo’, it’s a casual greeting that keeps the positivity going on. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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