9 Best Responses To “I’m Worried About You”

  • February 21, 2024

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When you get home late or something seems off, your close ones feel concerned about you.  

Normally, when someone says ‘I’m worried about you’, you take it lightly. 

But, you should be grateful that someone is waiting and worrying for you when you arrive late. 

In this post, we share the best responses to share with someone who worries about you. 

This way you tell them to feel at ease. 

And, more than that, you express your respect for their care for you. 


How To Respond When Someone Is Worried About You?

When your family member, parents, or partner express their worries about you, make sure that they feel valued (and not neglected). 

The first thing you can do is to make them feel at ease.  

Because you’re fine and there’s nothing to worry about. 

As a respectful gesture, you can thank them for thinking about you.

This shows you respect their feelings and concern for you.

How To Respond When Someone Is Worried About You

If you want to make your reaction more respectful and special, we have some suggestions. 

So, when someone close tells you ‘I’m worried about you’, you can share these better responses which are more than just thanks. 

Based on the connection and situation, your response changes. 

So choose likewise. 

1. “Please don’t worry anymore. See, I’m alright.”

You weren’t able to contact your loved ones while returning home.

There was some situation and no update from you, which obviously made them worried about you. 

But somehow you reach home safely and you tell them not to worry. 

2. “I’m so sorry that you have to worry because of me.” 

It was a prank on someone. 

But you didn’t know that this person takes it that seriously. 

You apologize for making them worried for you. 

Because that wasn’t your intention. 

3. “And, I was worried about you that you worried about me.” 

Because you couldn’t contact each other, they might be so concerned about you. 

You wanted to share an update of your well-being, but couldn’t.

So when you finally get back to them, with this response you worried for them, too. 

Best response to I am worried about you

4. “I know, but you don’t have to.” 

There’s nothing to worry about you.

Because you are fine, mature, and not a kid anymore. 

You want your parents to feel relaxed and not to worry about you. 

5. “Oh Dear, I don’t mean to keep you concerned.” 

When your close one says they are worried about you, you can reply nicely. 

It shows that you appreciate that they are thinking of you. 

And, now you tell them that there was no problem at all. 

6. “You can relax now, as I’m feeling a lot better now.” 

This person comes to visit you and check how are you feeling now

Maybe they have been worrying about you, as they have any no update from you. 

So you tell them not to worry about you. 

7. “Stop worrying about me, because I don’t worry about myself, too.” 

You can share this funny response with your friend. 

It’s not a serious situation nor do you take any seriously.  

This way you tell your friend that there’s nothing to feel worried about.

Because you’re good at handling such things. 

Funny reply to I was worried about you

8. “Are you worried or just curious?”

With the tone, it indeed feels sarcastic reply. 

And, this you can share with your rude relatives. 

Because, they always ask about your life, career, or marriage plans

You taunt them as if they are genuinely concerned about you. 

9. “I think you should be worried about yourself first.” 

Your partner is so concerned about you on every small thing. 

Sometimes they don’t even take care of themselves. 

But they just keep worrying about you. 

With this response, you tell them to think of themselves first. 

Because you are more worried about them.

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What To Say When Someone Worries About You?

It’s a caring gesture when someone says they worry about you. 

Your nearest person is the one who always thinks of you. 

Whether there’s something or not, it’s just normal. 

In many cases, you want to tell them to don’t worry about you, but it’s not easy. 

Because they care for you. 

What To Say When Someone Worries About You

Simply saying thanks and showing your respect to think of you, is a polite gesture. 

This tells that you appreciate the person for thinking about you. 

Actually, their concern makes you think twice before doing anything stupid or risky. 

So, you can tell them that their worries make you take care of yourself more. 

Next time, when someone says ‘I’m worried about you’, show that you respect them for thinking of you. 

But you don’t want them to take any pressure because of you. 

You can be honest about your situation and just tell them to worry no more. 


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