11 Best Replies For “Thank You” From Colleagues Or Teammates

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When your colleagues say ‘Thank you’ over mail, there are better ways to respond than a polite ‘Welcome’.

In this post, we will discuss how to respond to a ‘Thank you’ message or mail from your coworkers who appreciate your support or contribution to get something done. 

Sometimes, you wish to acknowledge their gratitude, other times to convey the team’s spirit.  

And, that you can do by replying formally and properly at work.  


How To Reply For “Thank You” To Colleagues?

In most cases, saying ‘You’re welcome’ is all enough, when your teammates or colleagues say ‘Thanks’.

But, to strengthen your professional connection, you want to respond in a more meaningful way.

Your response to it comforts them, making them ask for your help in the future. 

To make it even simpler, here are some best replies to share while receiving a ‘Thank you’ message from your colleague. 

How To Reply For Thank You To Colleagues

1. “Okay, that is fine.”

There’s not much thinking over what to reply to thank you from colleagues, this one is the quickest response. 

Most importantly, this is a better alternative to ‘welcome’. 

2. “You shouldn’t be worried, this is part of my job.” 

This is even a polite response to give to your coworkers who are thanking you for help. 

Whatever you did for this coworker is not a big deal for you. 

You’re happy to help anyone in the team or company, and this is why the company hired you.

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3. “I’m glad that I could help you well.” 

Getting thanks is an appreciation from your coworkers. 

You are also happy that your skill and experience contribute to your team’s performance. 

4. “Feel free to let me know if you need any further assistance.”

You are eager to help them and ready to offer help anytime.

Such a good response will make your new employee feel confident to ask for help the next time.

5. “Alright, I just did what I could do, don’t stress.” 

You do your best to help them and you are happy about it. 

This one is a nice reply to tell your coworkers to not overthink it. 

6. “Do you just forget that we are working in the same team?”

The purpose of the team is to support each other and grow along.

With this clever response, you just tell this coworker they don’t have to thank you for anything.

Because you belong to the same team and company.

7. “Not an issue, I’m always here to help.” 

There is nothing great you did, whatever you did is just part of your regular work. 

So, you believe your colleague should not be thanked for it. 

Oftentimes, you must say ‘This is your job’ professionally, to deny extra work requests from teammates.

8. “This is not a big deal for me. So, relax.” 

When you solve a problem for your coworkers, they can’t stop thanking you over again. 

This might be a challenge for them. 

But you’re well-versed in handling the situation and it’s not much of a problem.

9. “Nope, I thank you more.” 

Here you are taking back, in reply to a ‘Thank you’ message from your coworker. 

Because they helped you more than you did right now. 

Well, there are also more ways to say ‘Thank you for keeping me posted’, you should try that, too.

10. “That’s alright, as far as I get paid for it.” 

Whatever you do is part of your role. 

Maybe, you’re in a support team or technical department, and you help the entire team staff one way or another. 

This funny response to ‘Thanks’ will make your day at work lighter. 

11. “Welcome. Now, you can do it by yourself.” 

This is the first or last time you helped this coworker. 

You guided them on how to do something and hope now on they will do it themselves. 

By saying thanks, they indeed appreciate your support. 

And, with this clever reply, you make them not to rely too much for further help. 

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When Coworker Says “Thanks” To You

While most ‘Thanks’ messages or mail from coworkers go un-replied, Should you worry about responding to it? 

The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

That’s based on the situation and how many times you get it. 

While you’re constantly doing something for each other as part of the team, coworkers may say ‘Thanks’ more than often, and in that case, you also don’t have to respond every time.

But in cases of special help or assistance that you provide, the way you reply for ‘Thanks’ to colleagues, further supports your professional connection. 


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