16 Funny Responses To “Are You Okay?”

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How nonsense it is when first they do hurtful things to you and then ask, “Are you okay?”. 

Yes, those friends do it more often. 

Instead of valueing your feelings, they carelessly play stupid jokes or pranks on you. 

And, if something goes wrong, they check if you’re okay with that. 

When they do so, they do it just as a formality and expect to hear ‘I’m okay, don’t worry’ from you. 

If this happens on repeat, giving them sarcastic answers is the right choice.


How To Respond To “Are You Okay”?

When someone asks ‘Are you okay?’ maybe they already know what happened to you and how you feel. 

Anyone who asks so, expects you to put a smile on your face and act as if nothing happened. 

Your choice of reply depends on if that person truly cares about you or not. 

Someone who relates with you needs an honest response that you’re not okay, actually. 

But when friends or someone who mindlessly asks if you’re okay, here are the sarcastic and funny responses to “Are you okay?”. 

How To Respond To Are You Okay

1. “Didn’t you see, what just happened?”

The time when you are physically injured or look hurt emotionally, someone asks ‘Are you okay?’. 

This is certainly a stupid question to ask, but people usually do it. 

So, you respond sarcastically it’s like asking them if they haven’t witnessed the event.  

2. “Look at my condition and decide it yourself.” 

Share this direct response with them to analyze your situation and tell it what they feel about it. 

Maybe because even you’re not sure what you’re doing there.

3. “I’m all good, are you okay?”

When someone asks if you’re alright, you can ask the same in return. 

You don’t want to talk about anything. 

So, you just pass this question back at them. 

4. “I do not want to complain about anything or anyone.”

When you feel depressed, your friend who knows you’re not fine may ask if you’re okay. 

This is the regular stuff, so you have nothing new to share. 

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5. “Why do you even care about me, huh?”

Your friend who thinks only for themselves, casually asks if you’re okay or not. 

Being straightforward you ask them about the reason behind their nice behavior right now. 

6. “No, I’m all good. I cannot feel pain anymore.”

There’s nothing happened to you or you just have to act that way. 

When a friend jokes on you or hurts you lottery they ask if you’re okay. 

In such a ridiculous situation, telling ‘I’m fine‘ (even if you’re not), shows you didn’t expect any good from them. 

7. “Let me do the same for you and then I will ask.” 

A person who asks ‘Are you okay?’ has no idea how it feels. 

You better do the same with them. So, they can experience it better. 

And will know whether to do it with someone again or not.

8. “Of course, I am a superhero. Nothing can hurt me ever.” 

This one, too a sarcastic reply to show that you’re alright. 

Because you have a superpower that allows you to observe every pain or pressure. 

So they put more if they want to. 

sarcastic response to are you ok

9. “I’m good, now. I just fell for someone, for you.” 

Well, you can use this flirty response as your pickup line to approach your crush. 

If your crush asks ‘Are you ok?’, share it when the time is perfect. 

10. “Not sure, what I am even doing here.” 

The question is about if you’re doing ok, but you don’t even know if where are you. 

At a boring party, around friends who are no fun, you can try this funny response. 

11. “In which manner?” 

You just want a confirmation regarding if they ask about your physical, mental, or emotional condition. 

Because all are different and you can respond based on what they’re talking about. 

12. “No more negative thing affects me, as it used to.” 

They can insult you, ignore you, and do just anything.

But, lately, it all does not influence you. 

Such so-called nice people first hurt you and then check how you feel about that. 

For them, such a savage response suits them well. 

13. “You will not understand it. If you do, you will not ask that.” 

A sarcastic response like this makes sense to a friend or someone who never relates to how someone feels in some cases. 

14. “If I will tell you what will you do about it.”

While everyone is asking you if you’re okay, you want someone who means it. 

You don’t just want advice or fake sympathy, but someone interested in helping you. 

15. “Instead of asking this, you could say sorry to me.”

They did something wrong and when you’re in pain, they ask you this stupid question. 

They should apologize for what they did.

But, even worse, they want you to act cool still. 

16. “Oh, I’m all perfectly fine. Am I even human? Not at all.”

While joking around friends sometimes say something out of the limit. 

They make fun of your mother or dad. Also, they do mindless pranks. 

When that hurts you emotionally or physically, they must understand it well. 

But they’re not. So, give them a tighter comeback response like this. 

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When Someone Asks If You’re Okay…

When something happens good-bad whatever, when someone asks ‘Are you okay?’, that means they very well know how it affects you.  

And, that’s the normal question to check if you’re doing alright or how you feel about something. 

When Someone Asks If You’re Okay

But it is still a crazy question when someone knows how worst the situation is and still dares to ask the same. 

Especially crazy friends who play pranks on you and check if you’re okay need to respond directly. 

It could be sarcastic or funny responses to ‘Are you okay?’, but you tell them that you consider them crazy to ask so. 

Because whatever they do or say, you’re not okay with that.

Saying this way, you want them not to do it again. 


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