18 Professional Replies To “Thank You” From A Boss

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There’s no way you will say ‘It’s fine’, ‘No problem’, or ‘Welcome’ when your client, customer, or boss says ‘Thank you’ for your support or services. 

While responding to ‘Thanks’ in a formal setting, you need professional replies. 

Indeed, there are more effective and much better ways to respond to it.

If you’re unsure how to acknowledge someone’s ‘Thank you’ even in a professional email, in this post we are sharing some best ideas for you. 

This way you keep professionalism, as well as show that you make your connection stronger by being polite and positive. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can respond to ‘Thank you’ from your boss, client, or customer. 


Polite Replies To “Thank You” From A Boss

When your boss sends ‘Thank you’ mail or says it to a person, he appreciates you for your work. 

Your contribution and work quality are acknowledged this way.  

To respond right, in a professional manner, here are polite ways to respond to ‘Thank you’ from your boss. 

How To Reply When Your Boss Says Thank You

1. “This means a lot to me. I feel appreciated, thanks.”

Show how a simple ‘thanks’ makes you feel about your role in the company. 

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2. “Without your help, I don’t think I could do it so perfectly. So thanks to you.” 

You can’t ignore the support that your manager or boss provided you. 

So, when they say thanks for your support, you give them credit for their help at first. 

3. “I’m happy that you took notice of my contribution.” 

Your boss thanks you for your work. That’s an appreciation. 

And in response, you show that you feel valued. 

4. “I just gave my best as I promised.” 

You have promised your boss to ‘I’ll try my best’ and then you deliver it. 

So, this is a confident reply. 

This shows you keep your work commitment.  

5. “And, thank you for giving me a chance to prove myself.” 

Your boss is impressed and can’t stop thanking you enough. 

But you thank your boss back for the opportunity. 

Because without their trust you won’t get a chance to do it. 

6. “Well, it’s not only me, but the entire team helped me a lot.” 

Never forget to give credit to the team or someone who helped you to do something. 

This leaves a good impression on you.

7. “I just gave my contribution, that’s it.” 

This one is a formal response to show that you’re happy to give your part right. 

8. “Your encouragement helped me a lot to make it perfect.” 

It was your boss who first noticed your talent and gave you a chance. 

You weren’t sure about how you would make it. 

But you make it, just because of the encouragement your manager has provided. 

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Formal Replies To “Thank You” From A Client

When your client takes time out and sends you a ‘Thank you’ mail, make sure you acknowledge it right. 

This is your chance to make them feel more connected and guided.

If you’re working with a client and when they express their thankfulness for your best efforts, here’s how you can respond.

How To Reply When Your Client Says Thank You

1. “I’m happy to help you out.”

And, that’s your goal to give your best to help your client out anytime. 

2. “It’s a pleasure doing business with you.” 

When you’re dealing with a one-time client and they thank you for your work, this is what you can say. 

Saying ‘It’s a pleasure to work with you‘ indeed leaves a better impression.

3. “It’s part of my job, so that’s okay.” 

This certainly shows your professionalism and the client would feel more relaxed. 

4. “I’m glad that my services meet your satisfaction.”

Your client thanked you for delivering the project on time and at good quality. 

So this response is polite to update them that that’s your goal.

5. “That’s not a big deal for me.” 

You have helped clients with some issues and they express their gratitude. 

This is a reply to show your confidence in the service you provide. 

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Professional Replies To “Thank You” From Your Customers

If you’re in a service business and your customer says ‘thanks’, don’t leave it un-responded. 

Indeed, saying something polite in response leaves a positive feeling about your brand on the customer. 

So, if you’re in the customer care department or hospitality sector when your customer expresses their thankfulness if you share such responses that make all the difference. 

How To Reply When Your Customer Says Thank You

1. “Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

You assure them that you’re going to provide the same quality service anytime. 

2. “At your service always, anytime.”

A positive and formal response to ‘Thank you for your service’ from your customer. 

This is to show that you’re happy to help them.

3. “Please don’t mention it, that’s what I do here.”

You could certainly tell them that ‘You’re paid for it’, but this one sounds more professional. 

4. “Hey, thanks for your feedback, Can you please rate us online?” 

Your customer is happy and if you request them, they happily write a review online. 

5. “It’s my pleasure to provide the best services I could.” 

That’s what you aim to do for every one of your customers. 

When customers thank you for your services, you tell them that you’re best at doing it. 

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Of course, you get paid for your work or services, but getting ‘Thank you’ is kind of an appreciation, as well. 

So, when your customer, client, or boss says ‘Thank you’ over the mail or personally, you should handle it professionally and politely. 

As they have taken time to just send you “Thanks’ over the mail, make sure that you acknowledge their thankfulness on time. 

This way you show them that you’re happy to do something for them. 

Also, you’re happy that they appreciate your work and support. 

In the long term, such small gestures count.

This helps to make your formal connection feel more positive.


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