7 Positive Answers To “How Do You Feel Working In This Company?”

  • February 23, 2024

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After a few days (or weeks) at a new job, your employer or boss asks ‘How do you feel working in this company?’. 

They know you are new to this environment.

And so, they ask this to comfort you.  

So, this way they check if everything is okay at work now.

Not only your superior but your teammates or colleagues may ask you to share your experience working with the new team or a department.

If you want some ideas regarding what to reply to, we’ve prepared some example answers to help you.  


What To Answer To “How Do You Feel Working In This Company?”

Being in a new environment, everyone has time to adjust. 

Even if you’re experienced, you’re still new here. 

It might feel a little embarrassing or uncomfortable if you don’t know something. 

That’s fine. Everyone knows that well. 

Whether someone at work randomly asks you about how you feel being in this company or a team, it’s important that you sound positive and excited.   

What To Answer To How Do You Feel Working In This Company

Well, you might face some challenges to adjust. 

But, it’s a good idea to look at the bright side. 

Consider this as an adjustment period to adjust to this new workplace. 

Don’t complain about something new, traditional. Or something different.

And, comparing this company with your previous workplace, is a big no. 

The change is of course, challenging. 

But, show with your answers that you are patient and willing to adjust to a new environment. 

When you’re not sure what to say about your experience at this company, these ideas are the best help. 

1. “Being here is such a dream to me. I always wanted to work for this company.”

The answer is to show your excitement that you’re very happy to be here. 

You feel like you achieved a goal that you’ve given to yourself. 

It further leaves a good impression of you on your boss or employer who asks so. 

You are grateful to be part of this company. 

2. “The office environment is so relaxing and welcoming. That makes it easier for me to get used to new work.” 

You never expected that you would ever get such a warm welcome to the team

The team culture is something that makes you feel relaxed the most. 

Your coworkers, teammates, and manager are very helpful and guide you when you feel confused about something. 

All such good things make you forget that you’re new here in a very short time. 

You easily become one among them. 

3. “It’s my first job actually, so I’m kind of nervous. But, overall, I’m excited to start my career with this company.”

They know it’s your first job.

So they try to do something to make you feel at ease. 

Of course, the first job and first time being at work, this whole experience is scary. 

But you accept it, as this is the beginning of your career. 

You could also express your thankfulness that this company gave you a breakthrough. 

How To Answer To How Do You Feel Working In This Team

4. “It might take me some time to adjust here. But, I’m very confident that I made the right decision in my career.” 

Sometimes, it’s better to explore new opportunities than be in the same place for years. 

You believe that so you change your job and now work at a new place. 

This also gives you a chance to explore more in your field or industry. 

On asking about your experience with this company, you tell them that you feel very confident being here.  

5. “I was so nervous on the first day here. But, over time, I feel more relaxed and so excited to work with the professionals.”  

A company HR may often inquire how your work is going after a month or so.

They ask about how you feel now about working in a team or new department. 

They want to make sure that you’re comfortable now.

Also, they check to provide any help or make an arrangement, if you need any. 

But, with your positive answer, you tell them that you’re feeling confident and getting used to the new work. 

6. “I’m feeling so lucky to be part of such a big organization. What makes it perfect is, that everyone in my new team is so helpful.” 

In a team meeting or casual meetup at work, your manager or coworker asks you to share your experience of being in this company and team. 

In that case, this answer sounds perfect and positive. 

You express that you feel lucky to be around such skilled and supportive people. 

It gives you more chances to learn and grow professionally.

7. “Glad to be one among you. I’m feeling so confident now.” 

Starting your career with a big company is such a confident feeling.

You can share this response with a manager or coworker who asks you how you feel being there.

This expresses your positivity and confidence in the new environment.

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Well, certainly this won’t be a comfortable experience for you when it’s not just your new job, but the first one also.  

You might make some mistakes and fail to understand something. 

But relax, nobody cares too much now. 

And, when someone in your team sees you’re uneasy here, they come forward and ask you how you feel or something. 

If there’s something that bothers you, ask for help. 

Don’t forget that, you’re new here in this company and a team.  

So be honest and mindful, while giving the right answers to ‘How do you feel working in this company?’.

Also, it’s important to check who is asking this question to you. 

Generally, in response, you better share your positivity and excitement. 

This shows you’re not complaining but taking time to adjust to the new system. 


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