15 Interview Answers To “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

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As a candidate, you should know how to answer “Do you have any questions for me?” properly in the job interview. 

Because this is an only question that you could skip with just a polite ‘No’.

And, that’s what most candidates do.  

Indeed, this is the last question that the interviewer asks you before closing the interview. 

But, it allows you to express your excitement about this job. 

By asking questions about this company or your job role, you can have an edge over the interview discussion. 

You just need good questions ready to share when the interviewer or hiring manager asks if you have any questions for them. 

In this post, we are sharing examples questions you can ask during an interview. 


How To Answer To “Do You Have Any Questions For Me” At Interview?

By asking if you have any questions, the interviewer allows you to ask about something you want to know. 

Here you can talk about your job role, hiring policies, or even ask about their experiences. 

Importantly, you should take this question seriously and answer appropriately. 

In this way the interviewer checks how excited you are about the role.

Instead of politely stating that you have nothing to ask, better if you have some good questions (or responses) to ask the interviewer as well. 

Here are the best ways to answer to “Do you have any questions?” in the job interview. 

How To Answer To Do You Have Any Questions For Me At Interview

1. “If I’m hired, what would be my role in the company for the first two months?” 

A good question to let the interview share more insights about this role. 

It shows you’re interested in working with a company. 

Also, you are ready to work on yourself to justify the expectations they have.

2. “I want to know about the hiring procedure for the same role.” 

If you ask about your interview performance, you might get “I will get back to you” from the interviewer. 

But with this response, you at least know how long the interview process lasts. 

It gives you an idea of how long you should wait to hear back from them. 

3. “Will I get the training for the same position?” 

This is a good question to ask a fresher during the interview. 

Because you have no work experience, this is important. 

You want to start your career with a company that provides the training and time required. 

4. “Can you please share the expectations from the potential employee?” 

The job description has included everything related to skills and qualifications. 

But there’s more to know about this job role. 

As you ask this question, you let them describe the ideal candidate for the role. 

5. “What would be my role in the team If I got selected for this job?” 

When you’re experienced in the field, this is the right question to ask. 

It shows that you’re ready to join the company

But you also want to know the expectations they have for you. 

Good Answer To Do You Have Any Questions At Interview

6. “I want to know more about the team that I’ll work along.”

This question you can ask when it’s confirmed that you’re selected. 

As the interviewer asks if you have something to ask, you can talk about the team you would be part of. 

7. “In which case the remote working is available?” 

You know that this role is for the office position only. 

But in certain cases, a remote working facility is important and you want to talk about it.

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8. “I would like to know more about the routine work culture here.” 

Of course, you want to be part of a company that has a sound working environment. 

This might be your expectation or excitement.

But it’s good that you ask about the routine work culture. 

9. “Do you have any suggestions for me to improve in any area?” 

If you feel that your interview wasn’t up to the mark, you can at least ask for some feedback. 

As a fresh candidate, who is looking for the first job, the suggestions from the interviewer are important. 

This allows you to be prepared for future job interviews. 

10. “What is the best thing about working here?” 

You ask the hiring manager about what is something they like the most about working here.

Example Answer To Do You Have Any Questions At Interview

11. “As an employee of the company, what’s your favorite thing about this company?” 

This question allows the interviewer to talk about their experience with the company. 

Here you learn something new about the company that you won’t find on their website or elsewhere. 

12. “How does the company help employees to maintain work and life balance?” 

As a family person, this is an important topic to discuss. 

This question talks about whether there’s a possibility to work for extra hours or even working on the weekends

13. “How long you have been working here and what’s your experience so far?”  

This question connects you and the interviewer on the same note. 

Check what they have to say about being in this company. 

Also, discuss how this experience helps them in their career. 

14. “What is the skillset that you think I need to more work on?”

This one is a clever question to check how the interviewer sees you as a candidate. 

If you meet their expectation level or there’s improvement required. 

That you will know based on their response. 

15. “Within how many days I can expect to hear back from you?” 

A direct question to ask at the end of the interview, but better if you ask. 

You need a job urgently, and this question allows you to decide whether you should wait to hear from them or not. 

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Why To Ask Some (Good) Questions To An Interviewer?

As a candidate, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions in the interview.

You might feel hesitant to ask questions in the first place.

But it’s a good thing that shows you’re truly interested in this company and want to work there. 

When you ask the right question, you are more likely to learn about your job, role, and company. 

Also, this leaves a good ‘final’ impression on the interviewer, as your conversation goes beyond just typical interview discussions. 

Why To Ask Some Good Questions To An Interviewer

But it’s not just about asking any questions to keep the conversation going. 

When the hiring manager asks “Do you have any questions for me?” at a job interview, you better have the right questions that make sense. 

Normally, you could ask about the job role expectations. 

Along with that, you could discuss the company culture, work policies, and hiring process. 

Even asking about the interviewer’s experience of working there is also a good option. 

The purpose of this question is to ask questions that let you know more about your potential company and position, along with leaving the interview with a meaningful discussion.


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