28 Polite Ways To Say “You Talk Too Much” To Someone

  • February 22, 2024

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You heard enough. This person is too much of a talker. 

Sometimes, somehow, you wish to tell someone that they talk too much.

But how? That’s the question.

This person could be your coworker or closest friend.

You want to tell them, but it feels very uncomfortable. 

Well, this isn’t to break the connection with them. But, to break their habit of talking nonstop.

Also, for them, you should tell them about it somehow. 

So, to make it easy for you, here are the different ways you can tell someone about their annoying talking habits.


Witty Ways To Say “You Talk Too Much”

When you find it hard to tell your over-talker to stop, you can do it with humor. 

This is for your friend, so they won’t mind it.

Because they know you do care for them. 

Hopefully, they will recognize their habit of talking, and interrupting and stop it soon.

Witty Ways To Say You Talk Too Much

1. “Hey, It would be nice if you just don’t talk for an hour.”

2. “I wish I could also get a chance to speak. But, never mind you keep talking.

3. “Let’s set a meeting sometimes when you do all the talking and we just listen.”

4. “Where is your mute button? I need to press it right now.”

5. “Did you ever experience a moment of silence? You should, man.” 

6. “Be careful with your words, bro. See who you’re talking to.”

7. “Sorry to say it but sometimes I don’t understand you.” 

8. “Well, I wish I could listen to your whole story but I don’t have time right now.”

9. “I don’t think that you have anything new to say, we heard everything.” 


Nice Ways To Tell Someone That They Talk Too Much

Sometimes, you don’t have to be hard on someone to change something. 

You know that this friend calls you a best friend. , and one they start they keep by talking on and on.

They don’t mean to annoy you, but excited to see you. 

You value their feelings, so you want to tell them in the nicest way. 

Nice Ways To Tell Someone That They Talk Too Much

1. “I’ve to stop you here because I think you’ve shared this before.”

2. “I know you enjoyed talking about it. But sorry my friend, I can’t relate to this at all.” 

3. “Please let me know when you’re free then we can discuss it peacefully.”

4. “I’m so sorry to interrupt you but I don’t want to talk about it.” 

5. “Now, I have a very important meeting to attend, but we’ll talk about it later. Don’t worry.”

6. “I know you’re not doing this on purpose, but you should listen to us sometimes.” 

7. “Slow it down, my dear friend. I’m all here listening to you all day long.

8. “Thank you for your suggestion, now I also like to know what others are thinking about it.

9. “Wow, you’re very good at talking about anything. But, I just prefer to not talk too much.

10. “I think this is an quite interesting story like yours most. But, now is not the good time for this.


Sarcastic Things To Say A Talkative Friend

Well, you try to tell your friend to shut up being nice. But there is no change, still. 

Then it is time to roast your friend mentioning how their talking habits annoy you. 

What annoys you most is how they just don’t care about anyone’s interests and words. But, talk in between anyway.

You can try sarcasm to tell them that they’re talking too much. And, everyone wants them to shut up.

Sarcastic Things To Say A Talkative Friend

1. “After you leave your home, there’ll be a moment of silence.” 

2. “Man, you’re such a talking machine gun.”

3. “You’re amazing, you can just speak on any topic whether you know about it or not.”

4. “You continue talking, I will join after hitting the gym.”

5. “It would be better if you summarized than shared the whole background story.”

6. “Sorry to say but you talk nonstop that our ears can’t handle that anymore.”

7. “Don’t worry you will get a chance to speak. But for now, just stay still.” 

8. “I’m sure you’ve so many things to say. But, this is not the right time. So, let’s catch up someday, Bye.

9. “Please stop, I was right now trying to understand what you said two minutes ago.” 


How To Tell Someone They Talk Too Much?

Your best friend loves talking. 

They just talk on and on isn’t the only problem, also they never listen to you. 

Like connection, the conversation is also a two-way street. 

When someone keeps talking in person or on the phone, there comes a time when you feel annoyed and ignored. 

Because they left you with no choice but to listen to them, forcefully.

The sad thing is, they seem like don’t care to listen to you just about talking. 


Before you tell them that they talk too much, you need to know why they are doing so.

Maybe this person has no idea about this habit. 

Some just try to dominate the conversation.

Or someone only talks so much to you because no one listens to them.

Decide who you’re dealing with and based on that choose clever, sarcastic, and nice ways to tell someone that they talk too much, to help them. 

On the other hand, you should know that someone who talks too much is could be alone and excited to talk about anything with you. 


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