12 Good Replies To “We Should Catch Up”

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After texting for a while, this someone you met online expressed their interest in meeting you in person. 

Sometimes, they might say, “We should catch up… what do you think?’.

You’ve already made up your mind about what to say.

Either this would be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ about this meet-up. 

But, whatever it is, there’s a better way to respond to such ‘Catch up’ requests.

Whether this is your online friend, a new match, or an old friend you see after a long time, this article will provide you with the best replies that are exciting or upfront. 


Exciting Replies To “Let’s Catch Up” (When You’re Also Interested)

If this person is your long-lost friend, or someone you met online says ‘Let’s catch up’, your eager response shows you’re equally interested in meeting up. 

Also, it would be better if you mutually decide the time and date of your meet-up. 

Exciting Replies to we need to catch up

1. “Why not, I’m all ready for it.”

Make it an engaging response that you love to catch up with someone. 

After all, this is your old friend with whom you’ve many good memories to talk about again.

Or, this is your match that you like to meet in person and get to know more about. 

2. “Certainly, that would be a great idea.”

You’re happy that they approach you to meet you up in person.

There’s no issue saying ‘Yes’ to a coffee date or something.

But when you could make a welcoming gesture, do it. 

3. “Sure, let’s decide the time and place to catch up.”

Well, you also look forward to going out and chatting in person with them. 

You both met on a dating site, and things are going quite well. 

4. “Maybe this weekend, what do you say?”

This person seems excited to meet you after such a long time. 

If you, too, then plan a meetup.

This could turn into a high school reunion when you bring school memories back.  

5. “Yes, tell me when you’re free from your work.”

This is an accidental meeting with your old friend that you lost touch with.

Indeed, you both have no time to talk much, but you’re ready to meet up based on what you do after work or sometimes. 

6. “Oh, I was thinking about the same. Let’s catch up soon!”

You had the idea to bring all your college buddies again and have met up. 

On meeting some friends occasionally, you express that you’ve been planning for it, and are ready to do it if more friends are ready for it.


(Clever Replies) When You Don’t Want To “Catch Up” 

Maybe this person is also not interested in catching up, but saying so just to end the conversation with you.

Or you just don’t think that it would be a good idea to catch up now. 

Well, then saying no would not be easy. So, here are the clever ways to reply.  

Clever Replies to let's catch up sometime

1. “Yeah, I will think about it.”

Of course, you know that this is just a wish to catch up sometime or someday. 

And you’re not going to meet that easily again. 

2. “I need to ask for my parent’s permission.”

When you’re a teenager or someone who still lives with a parent, this response will do. 

As a grown-up man, this funny reply to catch up will make your friend laugh.

That’s enough to inform them that you’re not taking them seriously. 

3. “Well, I don’t think so.”

It’s her idea to catch up sometimes and not yours. 

You better remain friends on social media or not anymore, but tell her that you have a girlfriend already.

And, you’re not interested in catching up anymore.

4. “But, why? And, what do we do when we catch up?”

When someone says ‘We need to catch up’ but has shared nothing new to discuss, say this.

This is a way to handle a guy who is interested in meeting up, but not you.

5. “What, Do you still have something to say?”

For the last three hours, your friend is talking too much while you just there listening to anything. 

And because you’ve to go, or them that you’re busy, they say, ‘let’s catch up someday’. 

Well, you’re tired of this person, so it’s worth sharing this sarcastic reply. 

Because you don’t want to waste your time anymore.

6. “Yeah, someday we will.”

You know this guy won’t easily leave you without getting a yes from you for a date. 

When he expresses his interest in a meet-up, keeps delaying it by saying someday or sometimes, not right now. 

Because you’ve decided that this ‘someday’ will never come. 

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Do They Really Want To ‘Catch Up’ or Just Say?

Well, we have discussed better responses for both cases, when you’re also interested in catching up with someone and when you’re not. 

Still, you also have to know in which sense that person said so.

When someone says ‘We should catch up’ or ‘We need to catch up’ that means they have some plan to do together.

Maybe, they have so many things to talk about in person.

Whereas, the phrase ‘Let’s catch up someday’ is not always an inviting gesture, but a way to escape.

This also means that ‘I’m fed up with you, have no time and interest to meet you.’

They say someday, not a specified time, which means they’re just saying it. 

When someone says We should catch up

To know what they mean by it, listen to their tone when someone shares interest to catch up with you. 

When they’re truly interested, they may sound excited and also ask for the time and place to meet up. 

Else, you could ask indirectly ‘Okay so, what are you doing this weekend?’ to see how they reply. 

And, when they excuse something like ‘I’ll tell you about it’ or something, it means they have no interest to catch up with you.

But, they just want to get rid of you.


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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