26 Witty (& Flirty) Responses To “Maybe” Over Text

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You were so excited about your plan (proposal), but you got “Maybe” as a response.

Indeed, that’s a confused reaction. 

Because it’s from your crush or someone close, you remain hopeful. 

That somehow, they will change their mind and say ‘Yes’ later on. 

Well, how long could you hope? 

With some witty and flirty responses to give after ‘Maybe’ text, you can get them excited. 

Or at least you will know what’s going on in their mind.


How To Respond To “Maybe” From A Guy Or Girl?

They didn’t say ‘No’, but that doesn’t mean it is a ‘Yes’ either. 

It’s just ‘Maybe’. 

When someone says “Maybe” while you’re proposing some plan or asking for their opinion, you have no clear response.

This leaves you nothing but to wait for some time.

How To Respond To Maybe From Guy Or Girl

In another case, you may already know what this person means with it. 

When you’re chatting with your partner or crush, you expect their clear approval on something. 

But, this ‘Maybe’ is disheartening, for sure.

To have some playful chat going, here are better ways to respond to ‘Maybe’ from a guy or girl you’re into. 

1. “That’s great. I’ll see you in the evening then. Bye!” 

You decoded that when she says ‘maybe’, it means ‘Yes’ from her.

2. “Oh, this ‘Maybe from my babe’ is so depressing.” 

A funny response to taunt your lover for not sharing their clear decision. 

3. “Your ‘Maybe’ could break my heart, Do you want to do it?”

Tell him how his unclear response made you feel.

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4. “Come on, I know how excited you were for this.” 

And, you have planned everything accordingly.

But their ‘Maybe’ reaction leaves you unsure. 

5. “No maybe. Only, ‘Sure babe!’” 

To get ‘Yes’ from your partner, you can try this flirty reply while texting.

Show how excited you are to have them in. 

Flirty Response To Maybe In Chat

6. “I also like to play. But please, not this time.” 

After all, you’ve been waiting to do this together for a long time.

By saying ‘Maybe’ she might be teasing you over text, but you’re not in a joking mood. 

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7. “You can’t do this to me. Are you doing this?” 

Ask him that is he doing this to you. 

It’s so hard for you to accept it.  

8. “Please confirm, I have some surprise plans for you.”

Just give them a hint that something is coming up. 

You’re up to plan something very special and surprising for them.  

9. “Really, that’s how you value my feelings?”

For some ‘Maybe’ is confusing but to you it’s heartbreaking. 

Their unclear reaction shows they aren’t into this connection as you do. 

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10. “I was hoping for your love and what did I get? Just hope.” 

It’s not a hope, all you need is their love.

A witty response to give after your loved one’s ‘Maybe’ text.

Witty Response To Maybe Text

11. “Fine, I think I should have asked someone else.” 

When a guy says ‘Maybe’, this one will make him say ‘Yes’ to anything. 

12. “Can you please confirm it within two hours?” 

You are patient to wait for some time. 

Else, you will be there waiting forever. 

13. “I won’t leave this text until you say ‘Yes’ to it.” 

Such a cute response to ‘Maybe’ from a girl to show, that you want her to say Yes to a plan or proposal.

14. “Just tell me what’s stopping you from saying ‘Yes’.” 

You want to know it. 

And you want to fix it in whatever way you can. 

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15. “So, do you want me to wait for you or convince you for it?”

A witty response that tells directly what you feel after her “Maybe”. 

How to reply when girl says Maybe

16. “Is there anything else you want to do?”

So you feel that your plan doesn’t suit her. 

But you’re fine to consider her suggestion on something. 

17. “My bad, I think I have asked the wrong guy.” 

When a guy plays hard to get, show that you’re not part of the game anymore. 

18. “How could you think that I will go there alone without you, huh?” 

So, you expect her to join on some plan. 

This one shows you expect that she will come with you. 

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19. “I don’t think there’s any option as ‘Maybe’.”

The available options are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

You didn’t provide a third option, so there’s no chance they can say ‘Maybe’. 

Funny Reply To Maybe

20. “Hey, I’m not good at guessing. So please say it clearly.” 

An honest response to end this guessing game and have a clear decision. 

Because ‘Maybe’ is unacceptable here. 

21. “I’m not forcing you, but your presence matters to me.”

Tell her or him how much you want them to be with you

You give them importance. 

22. “This might be the cutest ‘Maybe’ I have ever got.” 

When your crush texts ‘Maybe’, this is a sweet reply give-in message. 

23. “Sorry to say but I’m more into a guy who is upfront and not confused.” 

This guy seems unsure. 

Clearly, he isn’t able to make a decision. 

But you’re being honest and tell him what you feel here.

What to say when Guy Says Maybe

24. “Please don’t play hard to get with me. I won’t ask you twice.” 

Enough playing around, you just want to know if he’s interested or not. 

25. “I didn’t expect that from you.”

A clever response to show that this ‘Maybe’ has impacted your mood and this connection. 

26. “Okay, I get it, what do you really mean with it.”

You feel either this person is playing with you or just not into you.

But you know what you’ll do after that.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “Maybe”?

Well, “Maybe” is surely a confused term between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. 

But if you pay attention to how someone says it, you will know what it is. 

The guy or girl who says ‘Maybe’, either they are unsure regarding the plan or suggestion. 

If they are sure, they reply clearly. But when they have no clue or don’t want to be direct, they say ‘Maybe’ as a third option. 

In other case, they might be very clear about their decision. 

What Does Maybe Mean In Text

With ‘Maybe’ they just want to hide the fact, which means avoiding being honest.  

Of course, this always puts you in confusion on whether to convince them or move on. 

Based on your connection, you want to keep your chat playful.

In that case, you could try responding with flirty responses for “Maybe” from a guy or girl you like.

Else, when someone seems uninterested, you better move on. Without hoping further. 


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