23 Best Roasts For Teachers To Lighten Up The Classroom

  • February 14, 2024

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If you think to roast your teacher, make sure it’s good (not rude). 

Else, this could get you in trouble. 

If you have a teacher who makes you feel at ease in class, you can roast them hilariously or sarcastically.

They won’t mind it, but laugh along. 

And, this article will provide you with the unique and the best roasts to say to a teacher.


Good Roasts For Your “Favourite” Teachers

You want to roast your favorite teacher for their unique impression. 

So here are the light and good roasts to give your teachers when you think it’s the time. 

Good Roasts For Teachers

1. “Not sure If I’m slow or you’re so fast. But, I still enjoy being in your class.” 

This is a confusing situation that easy going what to do. 

But this is a witty roast to a teacher who talks too fast while teaching. 

2. “I think you are the best teacher than any other. Just don’t tell them.” 

You want them to keep it secret. 

Because you say the same thing to every teacher in the school.

3. “Actually, every teacher is my favorite, but you’re the first because you give me good grades.” 

This also boosts your teachers’ confidence. 

And later you can say so to every other teacher.

4. “I will vote you for the best teacher of the month, only if you let me pass the  next exam.” 

A funny roast to give a teacher to tell her that you are aware that this is how the world works.

5. “I didn’t want to come to class today. But I’m here as I don’t want to miss any class.” 

This shows your dedication to learning from the ‘great’ teacher of the century. 

6. “It’s fun and interesting to learn from you. Rest are just teaching only.”

For most students like you, this teacher is interesting. 

This is a funny roast of a teacher who not just teaches but also jokes along. 

7. “I was absent yesterday. Because you told me not to come to school without homework.”

You won’t do anything that hurts your favorite teacher. 

This is a playful roast to tell your teacher that you just followed their orders.

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Funny Roasts To Make Your Teachers Laugh

A teacher who knows how to use jokes in class makes learning enjoyable. 

These funny roasts to share with your favorite teacher when you’re on a spare lecture or have time to waste.

Funny Roasts For Teachers

8. “Dear teacher, I like everything about you. Except one, that you love teaching.” 

It’s his passion for teaching that creates problems in your connection. 

Else you and your teacher could have a lot of fun.

9. “Your performance as our teacher is excellent. So we decided to extend your service period.” 

You have enough experience learning from your teacher. 

So you humorously tell them that you decided to keep them in school for a longer period. 

10. “I enjoy being in your class because most of the time we learn things outside the books.”

This is a witty roast to give a teacher who often shares their experience or stories. 

And, that interests you all the most than teaching. 

11. “I like to be in your class and learn everything. But you send me outside your class.” 

To a mean teacher who gives you punishment and throws you out of the class. 

You remind them that it’s a loss of your education.

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12. “I wish you never retired, I want you to teach my future kids, as well.” 

It’s your desire that you want this teacher to keep teaching for years. 

This might sound funny, but you appreciate your teacher here.

13. “Glad to see that you’re also good at other things outside teaching.” 

Here you playfully appreciate your teachers’ skills other than teaching. 

This roast is perfect to share while you are on vacation when your teacher plays with you as a team or sings a song.

14. “You look different today. I mean to say better than every day.” 

A playful roast to tease the teacher who came to school today without their usual ‘heavy’ makeup.


Savage Roasts For Your Mean Teachers

Well, there’s always a mean teacher who targets only you. 

It seems they have some wrong with you as they giving you no chance.

But next time, this teacher jokes on you, you can give these savage roasts to make it even.

Savage Roasts For Teachers

15. “You are just like my aunts. You both ask too many questions, and that’s so annoying!”

The only difference is you could avoid answering your aunt’s questions. 

16. “We don’t have a good teacher like you. Please don’t hang out with other teachers who are mean and only interested in teaching.” 

You advise your teacher to avoid being with fellow teachers who are not good. 

It’s just your attempt to save a kind and knowledgeable teacher like them. 

17. “Do you want any of your students to fail in life? Then why are you not giving us a good grade on the exam.”

It is a witty roast to tell your teacher that they are the ones who can make or break a student’s life.

18. “I wish to become a teacher like you. But, I am worried if I will get good students like us.”

So basically, this is a sarcastic roast to tell your teacher that they should be lucky that they have students like you all.

19. “Teacher, I know that you say ‘This the worst class in this entire school’ in every class”.

With this savage roast, you tease a teacher who uses the same tricks to handle every class.

20. “Your teaching skills could be a cure for a sleeping disorder.”

You said it based on your experience in the class.

You all start to fall asleep as your teacher starts teaching you.

21. “Your personality doesn’t match with your name, and that’s confusing for us.”

You tease your teacher for having an opposite personality than their name

Their names meaning and personalities create a lot of confusion. 

22. “I might not understand everything you teach, but I like to attend your class still.” 

It’s not the education or knowledge but the environment in their class that is the main attraction. 

You tease your teachers for their teaching. 

But you praise them for keeping the good atmosphere.

23. “It’s not like that I hate learning. Just your teaching time and my sleeping time is the same.”

You know it’s your problem and the teacher has nothing to do with it.

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How To Roast Your Teacher Without Getting In Trouble?

Well, roasting your teacher doesn’t mean insulting them. 

It’s about having lighter moments in class, by sharing good jokes and well-timed one-liners as per the situation. 

You don’t want to offend your teacher in the name of a joke. 

How To Roast Your Teacher Without Getting In Trouble

If you ignore the healthy boundaries and leave comments that are offensive or rude, you certainly will be in trouble for that. 

So to avoid any awkwardness and trouble, keep the joke to a certain limit. 

You should never forget that they are your teacher and you’re their students. 

Learning has to be fun, whether you’re in school or college.

And, these good and funny roasts for teachers are to avoid boredom and have lighter moments in class for some time. 


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