7 Funny Responses To “I’m Built Different”

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Have that one friend who always brags around and often says “I’m built different”?

Well, maybe you have heard it thousands of times. 

And, you feel so annoyed with it. 

Then surely you wish to shut them down, by saying something witty and powerful to them. 

Well, you just need these good comebacks to someone ‘different’ and you admit with them hysterically.  


How To Reply To “I’m Built Different”?

When a friend or someone says they are different for the first time, let them feel it. 

It’s their self-confidence. Don’t break them. 

If there’s something different and unique about them, you should compliment them. 

How To Reply To I’m Built Different

But when they are too much of themselves and try to put others down with the same phrase, they need to stop it. 

Let them know being different is also being weird

Here are the sarcastic and funny comebacks to give to someone saying “I’m built different”. 

1. “That’s right because some parts are missing in your body.”

You agree with them that they are really different from normal people.

Tell this friend that their brain and heart are missing. 

You spot the difference which makes them different from others. 

2. “Yeah, that went horribly wrong. And for that, you have my sympathy.” 

Not just different, but they are the worst creatures. 

While this friend tries to have an upper hand, you put them down. 

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3. “No need to tell, we all can see that already.” 

Such a sarcastic response to give to make them think again. 

As you respond to this, they will feel confused. 

Scratching their head and thinking why did you say so to them? 

But no need to explain anything to them.

4. “Add one more to it. That, you came at the wrong time.” 

You mean to say this friend shouldn’t have to be on earth this early or late. 

So, suggest they leave this planet. 

Possibly, they came at the wrong time or era, as now they look and feel different. 

Good Comeback To I’m Built Different

5. “So, what are you made of?”

You see nothing different about them, they are just normal like you. 

But as they say, they are built different, you want to ask them ‘Why so?’. 

You want to know the process and ingredients they are made of.  

6. “That’s why you don’t get along with anyone.”

It’s due to their different nature, they have no friends. 

It’s hard for them to keep up with anyone. 

You just give them a hint that they need to change their behavior. 

Otherwise, they will stay different and alone forever.  

7. “That’s because you’re built forcefully.”

This one is a funny response to tell a friend that his parents didn’t want him. 

He might be thinking he’s different. 

But because of this nature, his parents disowned him, tell him. 

That’s a joke you can share to make a friend stop saying so.

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When Someone Says “I’m Different”

It gets so irritating when a friend or someone keeps saying “I’m different”. 

This clearly means that they compare themselves with others and particularly with you. 

Maybe it’s their attempt to look better than the rest around. 

When Someone Says I’m Different

To hurt their ego and overconfidence, just one timely comeback is enough. 

When someone tries to put others down with the same comments like “I’m built different” this means “I’m not like you, and all normal people, I’m just so different.”. 

In that case, you better have sarcastic and funny responses to make them stop saying it often.


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