12 Formal Replies To “See You Soon” At Work

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In the formal setting when your boss, coworker, or client says “See you soon” you can’t just respond with ‘Yeah, sure’. 

Generally, this phrase isn’t common in professional connections.

That’s why it’s important to know how to respond to it confidently and appropriately. 

In this post, we are sharing formal replies you can give to your professional connections saying “See you soon” in person or over mail.


How To Respond “See You Soon” Formally?

When it comes to responding to a greeting from a formal connection, your approach needs to be polite and respectful along with formal. 

Also, you need to consider the level of connection, to make it an appropriate response. 

Whether it’s your boss, coworker, or someone from your professional contact who greets you with “See you soon”, here are the possible and best replies to give. 

How To Respond See You Soon Formally

1. “Sure, I’m looking forward to our next meeting.” 

Tell them that you also enjoy working with them or meeting with them. 

Here you express the positivity towards your future meeting.

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2. “Thank you so much for your support throughout the whole project.” 

To your boss or manager who says “See you soon” this one is a good response. 

It shows you appreciate what they have done for you.

3. “Certainly. I hope you have a great day today.”

This response is for your coworker who greets ‘See you soon’.

Maybe you won’t be available at work for a few days or aren’t at work right now, but you wish they have a great work day.

4. “Indeed, I’m also hoping to have a meeting someday.” 

Although this temporary project ended, you want to keep the connection. 

With this response, you express that you’re also looking forward to working with this client or company. 

So if you receive mail that says ‘See you soon’, this is a good reply to share. 

5. “Thank you for understanding me. I will try to get back as early as I can.” 

You’re on leave for some reason and your boss allows you for that. 

In response to their ‘see you soon’ you express your appreciation for their kind and understandable nature. 

Here you assure them that you will get back to work sooner.

6. “It has been great working with you. Hope to see you soon, as well.”

Maybe the project is over or you’re not going to work together again. 

In that case, someone says “See you soon” and, surely, this isn’t possible. 

But to keep the professionalism, this is a formal response to share.  

Formal Response To See You Soon

7. “I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.” 

Give your client or customer trust, when you’re handling some work for them. 

They hope that you will get back to them sooner

And, this response will assure them that they will see or hear from you soon.

8. “We will stay in touch via mail or call. You can contact me anytime.” 

Show your excitement to stay in the connection. 

This might be the closure or end of the contract, but you will keep in touch. 

Such a personal approach is better to strengthen your professional connection. 

9. “And, don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case of any need.”

You want to stay in touch with your client and customer.

This polite reply is to show that you will be there regarding any needs or support they need.

Assure them that they can reach out to you freely. 

10. “I won’t let you wait for me much.”

A confident reply to share with your manager or boss who is expecting some level of results. 

This is to ensure that you will do that in the best way you can.

Also, you aim to meet the level of their expectation from this project.

11. “Yes. I will keep you updated on anything new.” 

When a boss says “See you soon” after handing over some project, this response works great. 

This way you assure your boss that you will work accordingly.

And if there’s something urgent or important you will let them know. 

12. “I will always remember this experience of working with you. Goodbye!”

So, you’re leaving a job, and your co-worker or manager tells you ‘See you soon’. 

In that situation, this one is a polite response to share. 

This mentions you have a good experience of working together in a team. 

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When Someone Says “See You Soon” At Work

Because this is from your formal connection, you need to look for the right ways to respond to “See you soon”. 

Like normal cases, you could keep it short and simple like ‘Yeah, see you soon’ or ‘Sure!’. 

But when it’s a farewell or the end of the professional connection, the way you respond to this personal greeting matters. 

When Someone Says See You Soon At Work

Whether you are leaving a job or a client or coworker says “See you soon” while leaving the meeting, they express their interest in meeting again. 

In response, you could also express your excitement for the meeting, as well. 

You could make your reply normal. 

Keep the positive approach while replying to “See you soon”, even if you are going to meet each other or not. 

Especially to your formal connection, your positive approach works well. 


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