9 Cute Replies To “You Make Me Smile” From Your Crush

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When texting with your crush or match on dating sites, she may say ‘You make me smile’ or ‘You make me happy’.

This is a small gesture of appreciation.


Little cute things like these are indeed special to hear. 

But, it doesn’t have to stop there with a normal response like ‘Thank you’ only.

You can make it even more special when you know exactly how to respond to ‘You make me smile’, especially when you’re texting someone you secretly like. 

This is the way to strengthen your relationship and improve intimacy with this person. 


What To Say When Someone Says “You Make Me Smile”?

Anytime when a girl or guy says that you make them smile, there are many things to say.

Mostly, cute, sweet, and special replies to give. 

Whether you’re chatting on dating sites or talking with your crush, such responses after you make them smile even more.

Following that, this will allow you to come closer to each other. (You can hope!)

how to respond when someone says you make them smile

1. “That’s the purpose of my life.”

If you want to make this guy or girl say something special after you make them smile, this is the cute text to reply with. 

This is enough to show how much you care for this person. 

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2. “I’m happy to do that for you, over and over again.”

It’s like making them smile is your daily routine. 

You want to fill their day with happiness and a smile. 

Such small acknowledgments inspire you to come up with more ways to make someone smile every day.

3. “Seeing you smile makes me feel good, actually.”

This is a sweet reply to give your crush letting him or her know how special they’re. 

Whenever you see them smile, you feel better about yourself, too.

4. “Oh, really !?! That’s really so sweet!”

Your crush is such a sweet person, she gives you a positive response and laughs at your jokes. 

If you want to say some special things, but short and nice things this is the reply to give after ‘you make me smile’. 

  when a girl says you make me smile

5. “You’ve no idea how excited I am to see that smile in person.”

This is the most obvious answer you can give your match on a dating site. 

You two have been chatting lately and your conversation flows naturally. 

You make them smile, but you can’t wait to see them in person on the dating table and smile together. 

6. “I’m able to keep doing this all day, all night.”

Inner self you’re really happy that you make them smile with your silly jokes and fun texts. 

In response to their text, you let them know that you are the one they can count on. 

Because their smile is the most important thing to you and you will do anything to keep it.

7. “You know, this is the only job I have.”

When you want to make your conversation extra flirtatious or funny this is how you respond to ‘You make me smile’ text from your crush. 

This is the girl you’ve been crushing on or want to go on a date with one day.

So here, this is a good response, for sure. 

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8. “No… you’re making me smile ‘more’.”

It’s like an ‘I love you more’ response. 

You are even happier knowing this person is happy because of you. 

When there’s mutual interest and you can’t decide whose feelings are stronger, this is the sweet reply to respond with. 

when a guy says you make me smile

9. “And, you make my entire day.”

Well, by doing something, you just gave this person a reason to smile for a moment.

But seeing them happy because of you, your entire day goes well. 

It makes you feel special and respected when someone you’re into, is very happy because of you. 

Let the guy or girl know that you do appreciate them and want them to keep smiling. 

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If you succeed in making your dating match or crush smile and they let you know that you make them smile, express how happy you are to hear that.

You can share some cute and sweet replies when someone says ‘You make me smile’ texts to keep your interaction more personal.

This person has complimented you for your comic sense and good texting skills.

In return, let them know making them smile is what makes you happy in the end.

You can also express that their smile is what makes your day and also shows how it feels. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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