19 Savage Replies To ‘You’re So Skinny’ Comment

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Of course, it’s rude to call someone fat. But, making fun of someone’s skinniness is also inappropriate.

But, there’s always someone who body-shaming a lot.

Are you tired of replying to comments like ‘Oh, you’re so skinny’ on social media?

Maybe you have that friend or relative who often advises you to gain weight.

Or, your annoying sibling mentions it intentionally to tease you.


All this simply means you never gave them a solid comeback so far. 

Remember… if your hormones don’t allow you to gain weight, you can still use your mind power to respond strongly when someone calls you skinny. 

Don’t let skinny-shaming comments put you down, have your fierce response already. 


Savage Replies To ‘You’re So Skinny

Your skinniness isn’t something you can fix within a day or two. 

The good thing is, you don’t let it interfere with your personality and qualities.

While, someone online or in person, highlights it as your weakness. Some may comment on your height or weight.

By doing so, they intend to tear you down.

Then, of course, they joke about how skinny you are. 

If that happens on repeat, you better give some sarcastic and savage comebacks — like these:

Savage replies to skinny shaming comment

1. “But, the best part is- I can eat whatever I want and still not gain weight.”

2. “Please don’t get jealous. I can see why you hate me for being skinny.”

3. “I’m on a hunger strike to protest overeating and obesity.”

4. “Thanks, I’ve been trying to look thin. Finally, I made it.”

5. “The reason I don’t eat too much is so that people like you can eat more.”

6. “I might be thin. But you know you’re so short that I can have you in my ribs.” 

7. “Well, I think people like you eat so much. There’s not enough food for the rest of us.”

8. “That’s not a problem for me. But, It will when I look fat… just like you.”

9. “I’m totally opposite from you, even though you don’t eat you look overweight.”

10. “Oh really? I thought once you’re successful, such things don’t matter.”

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Funny Replies To ‘You’re Skinny’

Especially for the friends or relatives who often advise that ‘just gain some weight and you look good‘, let them know that you are comfortable being thin as you are. 

Whenever someone says you’re skinny, you come up with witty responses that make the situation enjoyable.

This clearly shows that you aren’t taking such comments seriously. 

When you don’t want to reply sarcastically, these are the better responses to skinny comments. 

Funny Replies to You're Skinny

1. “Yeah, Because I regularly go to the gym and take my hygiene seriously unlike you.” 

2. “I think being skinny is much better than being overweight. What do you say?”

3. “Of course! I don’t have to take up two spaces for two people, just me.” 

4. “I agree with you. So, can I borrow some fat from you?”

5. “Glad that the earth no longer needs to bear the heavy weight.” 

6. “At least traveling with me isn’t a problem for anyone, Right?” 

7. “I eat things that are only good for our bodies and not everything as you.”

8. “It’s because I work out too much but can’t eat too much.” 

9. “Do you have any idea how to gain weight? I don’t want as much, just a few pounds but not as much as you gain every week.”

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How To Respond When Someone Calls You Skinny?

You might be furious to respond to such body-shaming comments if that comes too often. 

But, before saying anything back better to check who is saying this and what’s their intentions.

If that’s from your close friends or family, maybe they express their worries about your skinniness. 

Now, you could relax them with funny replies to ‘you’re skinny’ comments, to let them know you’ve already stopped thinking about it at all. 

How To Respond When Someone Calls You Skinny

While some people are just haters on social media, they want to put you down, and make you feel insecure.

Also, they’re jealous of your personality, success, or skinniness.

Because what you’ve they can’t easily get, even trying. 

When such people call you skinny, they only want to make you feel bad about yourself. 

You should not take online comments on your appearance and look too seriously.

It’s sometimes good to ignore them because they don’t deserve your attention. 

Sometimes, it’s essential to respond in a way that they will stop skinny shaming you

You can’t gain weight easily, but giving savage comebacks to ‘You’re so skinny’ will give you confidence. 

It keeps your self-worth clear to you and to others. 


Embrace your skinniness. Really.

Be ready to respond with the most confident and assertive replies the next time someone calls you skinny. 


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