29 (Flirty &) Funny Replies To “Do I Know You?” From Girl/Guy

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On social media, the question ‘Do I know you?’ – isn’t an ice-breaker, but, a ‘mood-breaker’.

When you get this doubtful question, you lose interest in knowing this new girl or guy.

Especially, when someone asks you this on Facebook after accepting your request, you feel confused (sometimes, scared) about how to respond to such a question. 

Indeed, that’s an awkward to deal with.  

All you wanted is just to get to know this person, thinking they are also interested to know you. 

You know it even worse when they ask so, just after they accept your friend request.

So, before it happens again, you want to have better comebacks to deal with this situation. 


How To Respond To ‘Do I Know You?’

Well, if someone asks the same question on social media or in person, it could mean many things.

And, so, give answers that describe your mood and the situation straight.

Hence, we have divided the best responses into different situations, for you to follow. 

How to respond to do i know you

Best Replies To ‘Do I Know You?’

On social media or at parties, when someone asks so, that means this person felt you two have any connection or met somewhere before. 

Here are some good responses to take as a regular introduction.

1. “Do you want my introduction?” 

You also feel familiar that you saw this person somewhere, but also confused.

With this response, you express an interest in introducing yourself and mentioning your college or high school, to see if there are any connections. 

If they so no, leave them saying, ‘Nice to meet you then, Bye!’

2.. “I guess… It’s No!”

This person is a stranger to you.

You have never met them before, for sure.

So simply telling them that you don’t know each other makes sense!

3. “I think we met somewhere before.” 

Maybe at the club or during the night out at a movie theater, you don’t know.

But, there’s a possibility that you might have come across this before.

Simply friendliest response to growing connection. 

When someone is trying to insult you, have some best replies to backhanded compliments, like these.

4. “I don’t know you. You might see me somewhere.”   

This one gives an adequate answer when you don’t want further explanation.

They might not be sure if they know you or not, but you’re sure that you don’t know them. 

Best Replies To Do I Know You

5. “Keep guessing, I’ll come back soon.” 

You’re in a hurry, probably already late for the office and someone approaches you saying this: ‘Do I know you?’

Well, you don’t have enough time to be there till the guy knows where exactly, you let them guess with this quick response. 

6. “I’m Pedro. You don’t know me but I know you.” 

It’s your long-lost friend from school, whom you meet after a decade or more.

So, this is a good reply to keep the conversation going.

7. “No. But, it’s nice to meet with you, though!”

You two didn’t meet this before and you’re certain of that.

This person looks genuine and friendly in the first place.

So this is a good answer to give. 

8. “I visit this place quite often.”

You exactly don’t know where you two met.

But, you’re from the same place, and hopefully, this person has seen you somewhere here. 

9. I’m not sure. But, I feel like I know you.

When you instantly don’t have an idea where you two met before, but you sense you know this guy, say this.

Then you can give them such hints to find out where your last meeting was.

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Funny Replies To “Do I Know You?”

This person looks quite friendly and you also feel you two have met before somewhere.

Instead of making it awkward, let it be the start of a new friendship. 

With funny answers like this, you can make someone’s day whether you know them or not.

10. “How can I say this? I don’t read minds.” 

You find that this person is trying to approach you with one of the icebreaker questions.

This clever answer shows that you’re in a fun mood and like to know them if you have a connection. 

11. “Of course, not. You’re not that familiar enough.” 

A bit of an arrogant response at first.

But you use this fun answer to someone you know a bit, already. 

12. “No, but I know you, Son.”

You’re texting with your bestie with a fake profile on social media or you have a new number. 

So your friend doesn’t recognize you so when asked if they know you, share this hilarious reply when asked ‘ Do we know each other?’ 

13. “But, I don’t want to know you.” 

Simply a direct but witty response to sharing someone you just sent a friend request on Facebook.

While sending friend requests you want to know them, but the questions they ask spoil your mood. 

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14. “I don’t think so. But, I’m not sure about our parents.” 

Because you two are just meeting each other online right now. Or maybe you two are from different states or countries.

So this reply is funny but makes real sense. 

15. “I don’t care if you know me or not.” 

Indeed, you don’t want to know this person, because they’re not quite familiar or friendly to you.

And, this is how you respond to ‘Do I know you?’ sarcastically. 

funny replies to do i know you

16. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a face like this.” 

For you, this person is like an alien, who probably got lost in your area.

You’ve been in the place for a long time.

So, this is the most clever and funniest answer you can give, when everyone knows you.  

17. “I don’t know, there must be my twins.”

You might have identical twins, and you don’t know how they are related to your twin brother or sister.

You don’t want any trouble, so use these funny comebacks to get yourself out of it. 

Also, have these great responses to belated birthday wishes to handle them differently.

18. “I’m you from the future.” 

You two both look quite similar.

When they ask this, they seem quite suspicious.

So to make them more confused, you share this sarcastic response with them. 

19. “You got me! I’m an undercover agent!”

You just moved to this new place and when this awkward question comes to you.

To make the situation light, you can respond with this one.

20. “Yeah, You had borrowed money from me!”

If you recognized your friend but he’s still confused… make it a fun response.

And this will be a perfect reply to that cheapskate friend who takes money from everyone and forgets to pay it back.

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Flirty Responses When Someone Asks ‘Do I Know You?’

Well, sometimes this question comes intending to get to know you better.

On Facebook or dating sites, when a guy or girl asks you ‘Do I know you?’, they might be approaching you and have an interest to learn more about you. 

If you also have an interest in knowing them, these are the flirty answers to keep things going. 

21. “Yeah, I felt the same as if we met before.” 

It might be the first time you talk, but you already know him around.

So, when you reply with this one, you make him feel relaxed to talk next. 

22. “No, but I want you to know everything about me.” 

Simply a flirty response to give when some cute girl or guy approaches you and they don’t know about you.

But, you are willing to share everything if they want. 

23. “Sshhh, it’s our dark secret.”

You’re just messing with this person, that you two connect with each other.

But the connection is so private that you two don’t know about it. 

24. “Yeah, we usually meet in our dreams.” 

When your crush asks you ‘Do I know you’, you finally have a chance to say what you want to.

And this is your flirty response to share with someone you secretly like. 

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25. “I’ve not introduced myself yet.” 

Say your name and handshake with this person.

This makes a cute response, it could be the start of the best friendship or more.

flirty response to do i know you

26. “How can you forget me?”

You dream of this person every night and can’t stop thinking about this person during the day.

At least she has to feel the connection. 

27. “Yes, I’m ‘the one you’ve been looking for!”

You’re really in a romantic mood and this person is also someone you like to meet.

So when this question comes, give this flirty answer to make the connection possible.

28. “Umm… No. But, you certainly want to.” 

Show your excitement to meet this person.

Especially when you’re on Facebook or dating sites, this is the witty response you can give to make someone smile.

29. “No, not much. That’s why we are here to get to know each other more.” 

This makes the right answers on social to someone you really want to know. 

When you want to cut the intro part and hope to start your connection, you can reply with these funny and flirty replies, when asked this.

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So, we have provided you with the best responses to ‘Do I know you?’ for the most possible scenarios. 

It’s all up to you to choose the appropriate replies that fit the situation.

And yes, your mood at the moment is also a factor there.

BEWARE, If you reply anyway, you might seem rude or unfriendly. 

So first, you need to know in which sense this person asked you this.

Then you can choose funny, flirty, or sarcastic answers to give them.


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