29 (Funny &) Savage Responses To “Do You Have A Boyfriend?”

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When you’re having fun at family functions or parties, and someone asks “Do you have a boyfriend?”. 

How embarrassing it is. Obviously, you are never ready for it.

For a moment, this leaves you in shock regarding how to respond, Right? 

Whether you care if you have a boyfriend or not. But, others do.

Sometimes, they ask just casually, often it feels like those mean comments on social media.

Whatever the case may be, have your perfect comebacks!

So, in this article, we’re going to share the best responses to ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ question that gets you quite often. 


Perfect Responses To “Do You Have A Boyfriend?”

Of course, they know this isn’t the right question they ask.

Inside, you also feel frustrated and challenged over what to answer. 

But, don’t get furious at them.

You can throw some of these perfect, funny, and savage replies at them. 

how to respond to do you have a boyfriend

1. “No, I don’t. Are you offering one?”

To make a mood light, you can give such fun responses, especially to your friend, who has too many boyfriends, apparently. 

2. “It’s like you got one. That’s why you’re asking this, I know.”

This is such a witty answer you can give to someone.

Mostly, to your friends and acquaintances. 

Be careful that person might feel hurt by such a sarcastic reply.

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3.”I’m ashamed to say this. So, I won’t answer you.” 

When you’re at a family function and one of your family members or cousins asks you can respond this way.

And, you can use it as an excuse to leave the party.  

4. “I’m just enjoying my life, my way. I never desired to have a boyfriend.” 

You’re a one-woman army, and you don’t need a boyfriend to live your life. 

5. “Oh yes, I have, actually. Let me check if I got it.” 

funny answer to do you have a boyfriend

You can respond this way when someone asks about your boyfriend and it makes you confused.

Confuse them, and pretend to search for something in your purse. 

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6. “Nope, I’m all single. Do you have a girlfriend?” 

This makes flirty responses when a guy asks if you have a boyfriend.

Possible that this guy has a crush on you.

And if you also like him, reply this way. 

7. “What? Why do you want to know?”

Nothing to hide or cover…. Just a straight answer.

They want to embarrass you, now they’re.

This is a solid comeback to ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ question. 

8. “I have, But I’m not going to tell you.” 

This makes the perfect reply to someone who loves gossiping and is known to talk back to anyone.

Probably, you wait for your boyfriend’s parents to accept you as their family.

9. “No. But, I know someone who deserves to be my boyfriend.”

Tell your bestie about your crush, hopefully, she will set up with your crush and help you have a boyfriend. Finally!

10. “I’m just too busy in life, that I’ve no time for that.” 

how to answer do you have a boyfriend

With this response, you simply mean to say that those who work hard, have no boyfriend, at all. 

11.”I don’t. I’m sure you must have a boyfriend.” 

This one is a sarcastic reply to when someone asks if you have a boyfriend.

This is enough to shut that person down, when you know they don’t have a BF, either. 

12. “Yeah, I have. But he’s always quite busy.” 

When you attend a party and your friend asks where your boyfriend is, this is how you respond.

Just tell them that you have a hard working boyfriend, who has a career. 

13. “And, why do I have to answer that?”

You’re just tired and anxious.

As, wherever you go, this question follows you.

You can reply with these fun responses to confirm if they deserve an answer. 

14. “Do you want to make sure that I am single or not?”

Such a cute and flirty reply when someone asks if you have a boyfriend.

When a guy asks you so, maybe he’s up to something.

See if your question makes him blush. 

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15. “Trust me. You don’t need to know this answer.” 

You want to avoid answering, even though you have a boyfriend.

And that’s how you answer. 

16. “Stop taking so much interest in my love life?” 

This person has a habit of sneak peek into others’ lives.

When you’re annoyed, this is the sarcastic reply to someone who asks about your boyfriend and love life. 

17. “Right now, the answer is NO. Next week, it’ll be YES.”

You wanted to inform your friends about your new boyfriend.

But they asked a bit earlier.

So, to reveal that you share this funny response. 

18. “I’ve but don’t tell anyone. Because everyone knows except you.”

Everyone who follows you on Instagram knows, but this person.

So this makes a funny response to whether you have a boyfriend question from a stranger or the nearest one.

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19. “Yeah, for me just one is enough.”

savage replies to do you have a boyfriend

You just want to turn that person down.

And, this is the savage comeback you can give when they ask if you have a boyfriend. 

20. “No, I didn’t find the boyfriend material.”  

You’re not playing games.

But, you’re waiting for the right person to date some days, simply a good answer when someone from your family asks you about your boyfriend. 

21. “Why? Did you find the one for me?”

The way a person asks so, it seems they have multiple options.

Show your little wit here, informing them that you’re ready to buy as if they’re selling some. 

22. “I only love pizza and no one else.”

Such a funny response, that clearly says that you rather be a foodie, than a moody girlfriend.

And, you don’t want to share your food with anyone, either. 

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23. “I didn’t even try to have one.”

One of the best responses is, you can share it with people who are curious to know about your relationship.

But, tell them you’ve no story for them. 

24. “I don’t. Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

If you have a secret crush on this person this is a flirty response.

Else, if you just want to tease this guy playfully, this one could be a funny response. 

25. “No, my life is already interesting without a boyfriend.”

You’re truly an independent woman and happy being alone.

This clever response says that you aren’t looking for a boyfriend right now. 

26. “I have. But he has no idea about it.” 

when someone asks if you have a boyfriend

Well, this is a bit of a secretive answer you can give to a guy who is your crush.

You’ve felt for him, but he never gets it.

27. “I didn’t find the guy who could handle me.” 

Maybe you make yourself hard to get or have higher expectations.

Simply a clever answer you can share, at least you’re being honest that you’ve no one who can call you ‘mine’ only.

You’re not giving any excuses when you don’t have a boyfriend. 

28. “I love my job: I follow my passion. What is the boyfriend thing?”

You have no concern if you’re in a relationship or not.

Your plan is to make money and stand up for yourself while doing what you enjoy doing. 

29. “I leave the answer on your assumption.” 

You’re confused, not sure how to answer, and you don’t have time, as well. 

When you share this reply, you let them decide whatever they think about your relationship status.

On and all, you just don’t care. 

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When Someone Asks If You’ve A Boyfriend

Well, this is the collection of the best responses to give when someone asks ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’.

These are better to share with your family or friend circle. 

You can choose the perfect reply to your case.

Also, consider who is asking the same. 

This question may be frustrating when you don’t have a boyfriend.

But without losing your temper, make it a sarcastic, flirty, and funny response.  

Overall, that eventually highlights your sense of humor and self-confidence. 


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