18 Funny Replies To “Nice To Meet You” (But, Sarcastic)

  • February 26, 2024

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When meeting someone new, people habitually say “Nice to meet you” and normally you respond with “Same here”. 

That’s an overused and not-so-effective sentence.

Even though it looks nice, nothing feels like it.

Especially when developing new friendships, you want to make your responses as funny as possible. 

Nor do you expect a new friend like your coworker (Nicer outsider, but jealous inside).

Seeing someone being so nice is hard for you.

Then, know how to reply to ‘nice to meet with you’ to your new friends or acquaintances while meeting them for the first time. 

But, it won’t be the typical responses, but unique ones.


Funny Replies To “Nice To Meet You”

In your meeting, you sense that this person is playful and can handle jokes. 

So it’s fine to try some different ways to respond to ‘Nice meeting you’ to make your first meet-up a relaxed one.

Funny Replies To Nice To Meet You

1. “Oh, really? I don’t think so.”

You’re known as a crazily honest person to talk to the face.  

They might say they enjoy meeting with you, but their expression during the time says something else. 

You can’t tolerate such a nice gesture, you expect an honest one, too. 

2. “What, but we just barely meet.”

It’s funny how someone feels so great while encountering someone for the first time. 

You don’t even feel this nice with your old friends for years though. 

3. “Btw, when are you visiting our planet again?”

You see this person as an alien, you never heard or seen them around. 

But, right now they’re which makes you quite suspicious. 

Anyway, you just want to see if they’re trying to invade your personal space, if not the Earth. 

4. “I wish I could say the same for you.”

As someone says, ‘Nice to meet with you’, this means they enjoy meeting with you. 

But with this reply, you’re roasting this friend, even though they’re new. 

Because you didn’t feel that they were worthy of your friendship.  

5. “Whatever. Let’s go.”

You don’t have any time for the formalities. 

Especially around friends, you all need to feel relaxed and enjoy without fear of being judged. 

This one is a normal response, but enough to comfort someone who is being nice.

6. “Oh, What is your name? I almost forgot that.”

Maybe you can also respond by saying, ‘Nice to meet you, too’ like most others. 

But adding this to your response, the situation would be even more fun. 

For the last four hours, you’ve been together but don’t care to know their name.

7. “What, we already met this before multiple times.”

 And, never before has this person ever said, ‘It was nice to meet with you’.

Possibly they start to like you now or seek your favors. 

8. “Do you, Really? Then, prove it.”

Apparently, this new friend seems shy and tries to be nice to everyone. 

You can’t tolerate such formality in friendship.

It’s fine to just mess with this person, tell them to calm down. 

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Savage Replies To “Nice To Meet You”

Well, there are some sarcastic and savage responses that you wish you could share. 

But you don’t ever.

Instead, you end up being nice just like them. 

When this is your like-minded friend saying this, you can be a little savage to have fun. 

Savage Replies To Nice To Meet You

1. “Let’s see how far I can be this nice to you.”

Everyone is nice for some reason. 

Right now, someone says nice to meet with you, but later they don’t even want to see your face. 

That’s how things work, you know better.  

2. “In which sense?”

You just want to know what is something that made them say this. 

Whether they are happy that they found someone cute like you or someone to call in need.

Well, if you’ve been a nice guy, you might need these sarcastic responses when there’s no response from someone.

3. “I’m happy that this meeting went well for you.”

You don’t mind giving some good interaction and memory to someone. 

But this person’s first impression is wrong, and you don’t like them. 

With the response, you mean you also hope that they will do something nice to you. 

So, you could also say the same.

4. “Only you’ve all the fun. Sigh!”

This first interaction was friendly and so amazing that this person seemed excited. 

While on the other hand, you just feel tired of this person. 

The problem is that they talk too much and don’t listen to you.

They also cut you in between and didn’t let you say anything. 

So it wasn’t nice to meet them at all. 

5. “Good. But, it’s better if we should NOT meet again.”

You don’t want to see them again; this person is boring or not a reliable friend.

In your gut, you feel you should be away from them for some reason. 

No need to be so nice, when you could be savage and save your time. 

6. “Then you should buy some gifts for me the next time.”

‘Fine, you could tell me a joke, instead.’

Let’s test their feelings if this person really felt nice to meet with you. 

Or they’re just trying to look nice around you.  

7. “I can clearly see that (Also, why).”

 ‘No need to inform me. I already know where you’re taking this new connection.’ (Voice inside)

They were nice and way too much with you. 

Maybe they found you could help them in many ways or have some other plans.

8. “I can’t say the same. Sorry for that!”

And you don’t even want to be forcefully nice to someone. 

It just doesn’t come naturally to you. 

You stay what you’re, also without caring much, that’s it. 

9. “Good for you, Good Bye!”

It was the first time you met this person.

And secretly, the last time. 

From now on, you don’t want to meet them again. 

9. “Hope that’s enough for you.”

You give this sarcastic reply in the hope that they won’t express interest in meeting again.

Because for you this wasn’t any pleasant or enjoyable experience.

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How To Respond To “Nice To Meet You”?

While meeting a new friend for the first time, they say, ‘Nice to meet you’ and all, you want some best responses to give this friendship a fresh start. 

How To Respond To Nice To Meet You

No need to be extra nice and formal in a friendly connection.

Instead of responding with ‘It was nice to meet you, too’ and so on, you have the option to try these funny or savage replies. 

Because no one knows if this will be so nice forever.

That’s doubtful, indeed!


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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