8 Good Answers To “Are You Busy?” At Work

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At work, when someone asks, ‘Are you busy?’ It is quite tricky to answer. 

Because you don’t want to sound like you’re so busy that you don’t even have time to help your teammate.

Somehow, this feels rude in a professional setting. 

Nor do you want to look like you’ve nothing to do even being at the workplace.


How To Respond To “Are You Busy?”

Whether you’re busy or want to show as if you’re, you better respond carefully. 

So, here are the good responses to ‘Are you busy?’ to give either to your boss or your coworker who seeks your help or attention.

How To Respond To Are You Busy

1. “Yes, I’m. But, I’m available to help you.”

Indeed, you’ve so much to do in your schedule and have time for nothing more. 

But being a good team player you’re ready to help your junior teammate. 

Just you need to be sure that it won’t take much time of yours. 

2. “You can tell me what’s the matter?” 

Yet, your coworker didn’t share why they’re asking if you’ve time or not. 

Before saying yes or no clearly, you want to know what’s this about. 

And according to that, you’ll share your answer.  

Such is a polite response to give.

Because you also have other things to consider. 

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3. “Sorry, I’m too busy working on an important assignment.”

It’s fine if you have no time for any assistance or anything for someone but work. 

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to say no when you don’t want to regret later on doing something that breaks your focus. 

Mostly to the boss or coworker who makes you feel used in the end. 

4. “I think someone else can help you more than me.”

This coworker comes to you with an urgent need or informs you to revert ASAP over mail.

Based on the issue, you can manage help for this employee.

Make an arrangement for them, when you’re busy and it’s not possible for you to help them out. 

5. “I can help you but after an hour or two.” 

You clearly don’t want to sound too arrogant while showing that you’re very busy. 

But if this manager seems worried and seeking your help, you can give them time when you’re available. 

This shows you really want to help them, but have many things to do already. 

6. “Very much. But, if it’s about a break, let’s go!”

This friendly coworker comes to your desk and asks if you’re busy or not. 

You know they’re also feeling bored with work and need a break. So, you are. 

Just tell them you’re available for a break but please not for extra work. 

7. “No, our boss has hired me just to pass the time here.”

You already know that this is a funny response to the formal environment.

But to the coworker you often share jokes, this could be the funny response.

Else, it’s a sarcastic answer to tease them for asking obvious question.

8. “Yeah, I have to be busy here. I’m paid for the work I do here.”

A funny response to answer a teammate who asks if you’re busy.

You might be taunting here or answering casually.

But you better know when it’s a good idea to give such a lighthearted reaction.

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What Does It Mean?

Well, when someone at work asks ‘Are you busy?’ they mean, if you’ve time for them or not.

They don’t come to you just to see if you have some work to do or not.

When someone at work asks Are you busy

But, this coworker or your boss needs your help to get something done or for some talk. 

Instead of saying Yes or no, you could at least listen to them and see what’s the purpose of asking this. 

And depending on how important it is and the available time, decide your priorities. 


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