18 Best Replies To “I’m Done With You”

  • February 28, 2024

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Certainly, this is shocking to hear when someone says “I’m done with you”. 

It leaves you confused about how to react and what to say.

Well, you might be so attached to someone, but this relationship is ending (or ended) now. 

As your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that they are done with you, normally you get emotional and can force them to stay. 

Rather, you can give mature replies to show you’re ready to move on respectfully.


How To Reply To “I’m Done With You”?

The deeper the connection is, the more it hurts when someone says they are done with you. 

But what could you do when that person isn’t into you anymore, and want to go away? 

Instead of pushing this ending relationship to work, better to leave it with dignity. 

Being emotional, you create drama. And, that’s embarrassing. 

How To Reply To I'm Done With You

The next option is (hard but good one) to move on. 

It’s fine that you have had a good time together. But now it’s time to end this relationship. 

Of course, there are different situations and reasons why they said so. 

So, based on that here are some good ways you can respond when a guy or girl says “I’m done with you”:

1. “I’m okay with that. Take care of yourself, Goodbye.” 

With this response, you express your maturity in the heartbreaking situation. 

As you’re moving, you want to leave it on a good note. 

2. “I think we were done a long time ago.” 

You have been feeling that this relationship will end long before. 

But as a girl tells you that, you show that you also feel the same. 

3. “If that’s your choice, then I’m fine with that, too.” 

You respectfully accept their decision to move on. 

This response expresses your calm and collected nature in this hard situation. 

4. “As you wish. I’m not going to force you to stay.” 

You can feel how hard it is for your partner to say it. 

But to make the moving on easier, you give this relaxing reply. 

5. “What a surprise, I’m about to tell you the same.”

This is hard to handle when someone says they are done with you. 

But with this funny response, you can lighten up the situation. 

6. “Yeah, I know it’s coming. And, I have been ready for this.” 

So far, you know this person closely and know what’s going on in their mind

This response shows your readiness to accept the situation. 

7. “Alright, sorry for anything wrong I said or did to you.”

There’s some reason why your lover tells you they are done with you. 

But this one is a mature response as you apologize for anything that made them take this decision. 

Whether you know it or not, you apologize as you’re moving on. 

8. “I wish I could fix it. But it’s too late so I think it’s a better decision.”  

You have regret for the mistakes, you made in this relationship. 

That causes someone to tell you that they are done with you.

But as you have nothing to do, or have no interest in doing anything, you can give this respectful reply. 

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9. “So you mean to say we are done as friends or partners?” 

You’re just teasing your friend, or crush for saying ‘I’m done with you’. 

This response is good for the complicated relationships. 

As you don’t know what they mean by that. 

Best Response To I'm Done With You

10. “That’s sad to hear, but I’m glad you are honest with me.” 

This response expresses your sadness as you hear that they are done with you. 

But as you see there’s no other way out, it’s better to admit it. 

11. “I like to thank you for the beautiful memories we lived together.” 

Such a heartfelt response you can give to a relationship that has no future. 

You express your thankfulness for the time you shared. 

12. “Respect that. I hope you for a better future.” 

As you are not going to be together, wishing them good luck for the future is the right thing to say. 

13. “I can feel it. We both tried and it didn’t work out, so better to move on.”

This relationship hasn’t been working for a long time and you both admit to it. 

Finally, when she tells you that she’s done with you, you keep a practical approach. 

That moving on is a good option. 

14. “I’m going to miss you, not going to lie. But this is the right decision for us.” 

Of course, for some time you both are going to miss each other.

But now this is the future and you have nothing but to accept it.

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15. “I hope you find the perfect match for you. You can wish the same for me, If you want.” 

This one is a humorous response to the hard situation. 

You don’t want them to feel the pain of leaving. 

But you want to leave it with a happy ending. 

16. “This will definitely hurt. But we will be fine, don’t worry.” 

The way you both lived together, this isn’t going to be easy. 

But for each other’s good, this is an important decision. 

You respect them as they are honest with you and tell them not to worry

17. “Do you think I’m going to hate you for this? Nah, I’m happy that you’re being honest with me.” 

You don’t want your crush or lover to leave with hard feelings. 

To make moving on easier for them, this is a respectful response to share.

18. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to beg you for this. Look I’m fine.”

You want to show respect to their decision to move on and this is the better response to it. 

This is to express that you will manage or will be fine, as they are not with you. 

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What To Say When Someone Says “I’m Done With You”?

Well, there’s a lot of say from discussing what makes them say it to attempt to keep them. 

But when a guy or girl says that they are done with you, you need to understand that there’s some solid reason behind it. 

You might not know, but it’s also hard for them to say this. 

By saying “I’m done with you” this person means that they no longer want this relationship to go any further. 

This isn’t just limited to romantic relationships. 

When Someone Says I'm Done With You

You also hear it from a friend, teammates, or even family members 

With this statement, they tell you that they have no interest or good reason to keep this connection going. 

Hard but you have to accept it with respect.

Hopefully, the above-shared responses work well for you to leave this person saying ‘I’m done with you’ with dignity. 

Your respectful approach helps you both to move on without any hard feelings. 


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