11 Good Replies To “I’m So Lucky To Have You In My Life”

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Whether it’s your family member, friend, partner, or anyone when they say they are so lucky to have you, that is such a sweet gesture.

Well, for such a unique expression, you can’t just respond with ‘Thanks’.

Or maybe you’re not comfortable saying it.  

Because you don’t believe in luck or know you didn’t do anything great here. 

But as this person expresses their belief in you and appreciates your presence in life, we have prepared some special responses to share.


How To Respond To “I’m So Lucky To Have You”? 

Of course, you can take it as a compliment. 

But a simple ‘Thanks’ isn’t the right response that you want to share. 

Considering your connection and how you feel, there should be genuine ways to acknowledge their appreciation. 

You don’t need to think anything further, here are the best replies to give when someone says they are so lucky to have you in life. 

How To Respond To I'm So Lucky To Have You

1. “I just love taking good care of you, that’s all.” 

What you do for them, you’re playing your role in their life. 

You don’t think much about it. 

And when they express they feel so lucky because of you, this response shows you do it unconditionally. 

2. “And, I’m glad you’re part of my life.”

They feel lucky to have you and you are happy because of them. 

A response to show that you both appreciate each other equally. 

3. “All I do is just pray for you heartily.”

You didn’t try any magic or trick here. 

Neither it’s like lucky or anything. 

But you pray to god for someone’s success and it works. 

4. “I think you should give credit to yourself the most.”

It seems this person has low self-confidence. 

You don’t want them to believe in luck-factor like you do. 

So to make them feel confident in themselves, you share this genuine reply. 

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5. “Yeah, I have a discussion with the universe to fix your fortune.”

Share this funny response to a friend or partner when they tell you they are lucky to have you. 

You are aware they have been going through a tough time. 

And to make them feel at ease, you respond in such a way.

Funny Response To I'm Lucky To Have You

6. “I think I get lucky to be on your side.” 

You say it confidently because positive things start to happen after meeting this person.

A genuine and special response to appreciate their presence in your life, too.  

7. “Nope, you worked for it harder than you know.”

When your partner says they are lucky to have you, this is how you comfort them. 

Maybe they feel low for some reason. 

But to make them feel confident, you reply this way.   

8. “I feel lucky to have you in my life, as well.”

How they feel about you, you also feel the same. 

Their presence in your life means a lot and you genuinely appreciate it.  

9. “What I feel here is, this could be the start of your positive time.”

To your loving partner who had a bad day at work, this comforts them. 

They express that they are lucky to have you by their side. 

But to give them hope, you reply positively.  

10. “It’s not a luck factor, but our love factor that helps us win.”

You mention the positive side of your relationship. 

From the day you met each other, everything started to get fine in your life. 

A flirty reply to show your partner that you are lucky to have each other. 

Flirty Reply To I'm So Lucky To Have You In My Life

11. “When did I get so lucky, I have no clue about that.”

A bit of a fun response to share when a guy says he feels lucky to have you by his side. 

Whereas you have no idea when you get lucky. 

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When Someone Says They Are Lucky To Have You

Someone who says ‘I’m so lucky to have you’ means to show they appreciate your presence in their life. 

They value your support and everything you do for them. 

Even just having you around is enough to make them feel positive and encouraged to do something in life. 

So they consider you as their lucky charm. 

When Someone Says They Are Lucky To Have You

In another case, they say so because they know that what you do for them, no one else could ever. 

This could be your friend or partner. 

They are so impressed with your nature that they feel lucky to have someone like you in life. 

Based on who is saying it, you can decide how you respond to the ‘I’m so lucky to have you’ compliment. 


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