8 Best Responses To “Because I Said So” From Parents

  • February 26, 2024

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Sometimes, when you want an explanation or ask legit ‘Why’ questions, but parents respond with ‘Because I said so’. 

It makes you feel bad for being curious. 

You just want to learn about something.

And, need a valid reason behind it. 

Instead of that, all you get is a rude excuse ‘Because I said so…’.

You hear it because they don’t want to explain what you just asked them. 

Obviously, you don’t like this answer, but you have to accept it anyway.  


What To Say When Parents Say “Because I Said So”?

Well, there could be many reasons why parents say so to you.

Maybe they don’t have time to explain or think this isn’t the right time for you to know this.  

But you’re curious about it and your parents are the ones who can teach something better than you learn something yourself or from other ways. 

Remember if you reply to this excuse anyway, that could start a fight there. 

But, if you want to convince your parents to explain it clearly, you can use these clever responses. 

When they try to get away with ‘Because I said so’ excuse. 

What To Say When Parents Say Because I Said So

1. “Mom-dad, I’m not a kid anymore. We can talk about it now.”

Sometimes you, being curious, ask your parents about some ‘new’ thing., that you already have some idea of.

Maybe, what you just asked, your parents might have no answer. 

Or they might feel uncomfortable sharing it. 

Because they think you’re a kid, still need to grow up. 

So, this response tells them that you’re mature and need some valid reason. 

2. “I don’t think that’s a logical reason. I want some explanation. Please.” 

You really want to know how something works and what’s the purpose. 

But, someone in your family or your parents tries to avoid the discussion for some reason. 

They use this as an excuse.

So, you try this as a comeback to tell them that you want to discuss it. 

3. “If you give me a clear reason, that would make more sense.” 

Your parents aren’t in the mood to talk about something. 

Or they think that you will be convinced with the excuse. 

If something is important and you have to know about the reason, this is how to respond to ‘Because I said so’ excuse. 

This way, you share the reason for asking such questions to them. 

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4. “Oh, I forgot that I still live in your house. Sorry!”

Well, this is not the right thing to say to your parents about anything.

But you can when you have a friendly connection and they don’t take it personally. 

Sometimes they’re annoyed and you just tease them with some questions to have fun. 

In that case, you can reply this way, else DON’T. 

5. “Relax, I just asked. Fine if you don’t want to answer that.” 

You’re curious and have a habit of asking questions sometimes. 

Well, that nature sometimes annoys your parents or your elders. 

For some reason, instead of explaining they try to end the discussion with ‘Because I said so’ response.

You get it that they are not in a good mood. 

So, to avoid any fight, you tell them to ‘Calm down’.

Fine, if you don’t have good reasons, but you’re not in the mood to pick up a fight. 

6. “That’s not the answer I was hoping for. But I’m okay with it.” 

When you know that you’re not going to get any valid response from them, respond this way. 

You have an unanswered question.

But you’re fine with it. 

Because you no longer want to force them to discuss something when they do not want to. 

7. “So that means you also don’t have any reasons, Right?”  

When someone says ‘Because I said so’, they probably don’t know how to explain. 

Or they don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. 

Especially the elders, who use this excuse to skip the question when they have nothing to say. 

You’re not dumb, you understand that well.

So, this is your clever comeback to make them admit it.  

8. “So sorry. I should not have to ask you this.”

You admit that you asked them for an explanation at the wrong time and in a bad mood. 

Being clever, when you share this response, this shows you don’t want any argument with them. 

So you just accept it without any further questions. 

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But, Why Do They Say That?

We just discussed, what you can say when your parents say ‘Because I said so’. 

But these responses are not perfect.

And this can lead to an argument with parents. 

So, you must understand what it means when your parents use it as an excuse. 

Well, in most cases, they say ‘Because I said’, as they don’t know how to explain it perfectly to you. 

They might want to discuss it or not, but at the time they are not in the right mood. 

Why do parents say because i said so

In other cases, they consider your age. 

That you’re too young for such questions. 

Here, they try to avoid discussing such mature topics.

Because they feel uncomfortable talking about it. 

And last, sometimes parents are so annoyed with your ‘Why’ questions, that they just have to shut you up somehow. 

The more questions you ask, you annoy them. 

They feel like you don’t trust them.

And when parents say ‘Because I said so’, they also mean that ‘Believe everything that we say to you without any more questions’. 

Either they don’t have time, or mood or don’t want you to question their experience, they use this as an excuse. 

Of course, this is not right.

But you’ve to choose your response as per the situation and their mood.

This could prevent any heavy arguments with them. 


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