24 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “You Look Familiar”

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You may feel a little confused when someone says “You look familiar”. 

Not sure, if you met this person before. 

Or, they are using the same old trick to engage you in a chat. 

Whether you get this phrase from someone online or in person, this post will help you decide what to say after that. 

And, it’s all up to you to decide which response feels perfect to your case. 

Here we will provide you the funny and flirty responses you can give to this phrase.


How To Respond To “You Look Familiar”?

Well, if you know that person from somewhere, you can just tell them, when you met last time. 

It’s just as simple as that. 

This doesn’t leave any room for an interesting conversation. 

But if you don’t know them, this conversation can go any way, (means the way you want). 

If this person sounds fine, you can have a friendly chat with him or her.   

And when this person is cute, or you are interested in them, direct it to a flirty chat when you’re on a dating site like Tinder. 

ow, check out these best responses to share when someone says “You look familiar” in person or chat.

How To Respond To You Look Familiar

1. “I make faces always, so I’m not sure which face you are familiar with.”

This is a polite way to admit that you change your face often. 

And you wear the face, based on who you’re dealing with. 

2. “No way! I’m also getting the same vibe from you.”

Possibly, you might also feel the same. 

And you were about to tell them that you had seen them somewhere

It gives you a chance to make a guess when you two met. 

3. “Sorry, but I’m sure that I have never seen a face like yours.”

Give this response to a stranger who says you look familiar to them. 

But you’re sure you never met.  

4. “I think you have met my grandpa; he is just like me.”

A funny response to share with someone older than you.  

5. “I’m famous actually, so you have seen me online.”

Maybe this person has seen you from some online content. 

A confident reply to admit that you’re famous actually. 

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6. “How can you forget about me, huh?”

You are just messing with this person. 

Because they ask cutely that you look familiar, have we met before? 

And, to have a chat, you can share this cute response.  

7. “I don’t think so, we just met here.”

And you are so sure about that. No doubt at all.  

8. “You feel it right, I’m from your future. I’m your future husband.” 

Share this flirty response to a girl who tries to recognize you. 

And, you know how to start a conversation or refresh a connection. 

Flirty response to you look familiar

9. “Maybe you have met one of my seven versions, but I never met you.”

You also met your other versions, but you never asked them ‘You seem familiar’. 

Because you just didn’t care.  

10. “Well, I have a unique face so you might have seen me somewhere.”

A unique face means, they are no one like you. 

That makes your face hard to ignore.  

11. “I’m not interested in getting to know you, sorry.”

If you don’t want this conversation or connection to get any further, this reply will do.  

12. “Fine, here’s my ID, if you want to know who I am.”

When someone in person asks you to look familiar, you can give this fun response.  

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13. “That’s a good try. But I have a boyfriend, sorry.”

You don’t want to talk about anything further. 

So you just have to keep him away somehow and this is the reply.

14. “I feel the same. I feel we met in dreams, what do you say?”

Share this flirty response when a cute girl says that ‘You look familiar’. 

You want to have a nice chat, and this is the way to do it.  

15. “We met just one time a few years ago.”

This person might have no idea where you met before. 

But you do.

So you just tell them when at and where it is. 

16. “I have few twins at my house, but I’m the good-looking in all of them.”

You want to keep a friendly conversation, so using humor is a good choice. 

Funny response To you look familiar

17. “I just came to this place this morning. Do you ever get out of this city or your home?”

A sarcastic response to someone who trying to remember when you met before.   

18. “You have seen me online. But I won’t say where. You can guess it.”

So, you’re a star from some particular videos. 

And you’re known for your various tricks and techniques.  

19. “Yeah, I’m someone you never want to play with.”

You sense that this stranger just wants to get closure to you. 

They want to have a chat with you, but you don’t. 

If you found their text a cringe, this is how to respond. 

20. “It was just a one-time thing, so you don’t remember much.”

But you do remember everything but are not interested in sharing it.  

21. “It’s not me actually, I have used my friend’s picture here.”

Someone on Tinder approaches you casually ‘You look familiar’. 

To prove them wrong, you just share this witty response. 

Witty ways to respond to you look familiar on tinder

22. “People call me two-faced. Does that sound familiar to you now?”

You must be confident to admit that you have two faces.  

23. “I’m the one you borrowed money but never returned.”

Maybe they will admit that they were just kidding. 

And, they asked so just for no reason.  

24. “No idea, but somehow I feel that there has to be some connection.”

This is quite a straightforward reply to give.

But as a guy or girl approaches you with ‘You look familiar’, a response like this expresses that you are also interested to know them.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “You Look Familiar”?

The phrase “You look familiar” simply means someone believes they know you from somewhere. 

Maybe you met them before. Or they met someone similar just like you. 

That’s what they feel it. 

Also, this is a normal way to start a conversation with someone. 

So it could be a casual question. 

When you get it from someone from a dating site, consider it as a pickup line.  

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Look Familiar

This phrase allows you to have some engaging and interesting chat with someone. 

Well, if you are also curious to know them or wish to develop a connection with them, you better decide which response is better for ‘You look familiar’. 

Because you might get this to hear it all the time. Especially when you are cute or funny. 


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