14 Best Responses To “What’s Shakin Bacon?”

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When someone approaches you with ‘What’s shakin, Bacon?’, they are in a fine mood. 

You don’t want to ruin their mood with any lame response. 

Instead, you wish you could respond with the same energy or just creatively.  

Well, to keep the ‘happy vibes’ going, all you need is some better responses. 

And, this article will help you with possible ways to respond, which are funny, witty, and interesting, for sure. 


How To Reply To “What’s Shakin, Bacon”?

It was just a normal day, and your friend hit you up with ‘What’s shakin, Bacon?’. 

And, it brings a smile to your face. 

This friendly phrase means that they just casually ask ‘How are you?’ or ‘What’s going on?’. 

Based on your connection with them and your mood, you can respond to it likewise.

How To Reply To What's Shakin Bacon

You can keep it normal, (and that’s not acceptable). 

But as it’s from your buddy, make sure you share funny or witty responses. 

Add humor or creativity in your response so that they will smile, as well. 

Take a look at these best responses to “What’s shakin, Bacon?” to sound positive and exciting.   

1. “It’s milk shakin’, Wanna drinkin?”

To rhyme with their tone and expression, you can reply like this. 

It expresses that you’re also in the same playful mood. 

2. “We were just talkin’ about you and you just walk-in.”

Keep their mood and tone and reply in the same manner. 

This is a fun response to give your friend.   

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3. “Nothin, I’m vegetarian. Just so you know.”

So you don’t want to talk about that. 

Especially the bacon. 

Here you are just bragging about being a vegan.  

4. “I’ve been thinkin’ lately that now we should start datin’.”

Well, your crush just asks you ‘What’s shakin, bacon?’ casually. 

and, if you feel right, this is a flirty response to give.

Basically, you can try it.

She might take it as a joke or you get a date then after.    

Flirty Reply To What's Shakin Bacon

5. “We are making something, but won’t share our bacon with you.”

Indeed, there’s some planning going on. 

And, when someone asks what’s going on, you just clearly tell them that you are not going to tell them anything. 

They might be in a fun mood, but you’re so into your plan. 

6. “There’s nothing for you, buddy.”

This person or friend hopes that you will give them some topic. 

But you’re not giving them a piece of bacon or anything.  

7. “Are you kiddin, when will you be growin’g?” 

Maybe you’re mad at them or just try to embarrass this friend. 

Use it when your friend takes it as a joke.

It’s a sarcastic reply, but humor for a best friend. 

8. “First, my name is not bacon. And, I’m also not shakin’.”

A new friend or random stranger approaches you with ‘what’s shaking, bacon!’.

You don’t want them to get too friendly with you, so you respond this way.   

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9. “I don’t want you interruptin’, when I’m cookin’.”

You were talking to your friends about something important. 

But this friend, came from nowhere and hit you with ‘what’s shakin, bacon?’. 

It hurt your flow and so you share this humours comeback.  

10. “Could you just get out of my frying pan?”

A clever response that says you were just chilling and this person interrupts your space. 

And so, you want them to leave you alone

11. “Nothing shakin’, we were just waitin’, for you.”

While waiting for this friend to show up for an event or party, you say this playful response. 

It is enough to show your excitement for your plan. 

And this is going to blast, as you match the energies here.  

Funny Response To What's Shakin Bacon

12. “Not shakin’ bacon. We are bakin, ‘the cake’.”

You were just talking about something else. 

And, you’re so sure that this person has no any clue about it. 

So to keep them stay shut, this is a clever comeback. 

13. “OMG, you made me scared. Stop it, Alfred.”

To make the conversation interesting, you can try creative replies like this.

14. “Mind your own business, there’s no bacon for you.”

It’s your bacon and your business. 

You don’t want anyone or particularly this person to mind anyway. 

So, you just make it clear to their face. 

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What Does “What’s Shakin, Bacon” Mean?

Well, the question “What’s shakin, Bacon?”, is casual and you get it from your informal connection mostly. 

Someone who says it, they means to ask ‘What are you doing’ or ‘What are you up to?’. 

And, they are in a cool mood, when they use it.   

You don’t have to elaborate on what you’re up to. And, you can ignore it, if you want to. 

What Does What's Shakin Bacon Mean

However, an interesting reaction is what’s the need here. 

Also, based on who is asking it, you can decide what your answer should be. 

You don’t want to sound too boring or arrogant. It could spoil their happy mood. 

To keep the friendliness going on, choose some creative to interesting responses to “What’s shakin, Bacon?” from a friend. 

It’s all about just making the situation playful. That’s all. 


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