8 Funny Comebacks To “Don’t Worry About Me”

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As a parent, you always worry about your kids, even if they are mature or teenagers. 

But your kids never value that. They won’t understand your feelings.

And so, they carelessly tell you to stop worrying about them. 

That’s such a rude behavior. 

Of course, you can’t tolerate it and it may upset you.  

So, here we have prepared the quick comebacks to make them realize the mistake they made. 


How To Respond When Someone Says “Don’t Worry About Me”? 

When someone tells you not to worry about them, you should do as they say. 

Yes, just stop worrying about anything or them. 

Because they don’t want you to take any stress or waste their time. 

Maybe they want to avoid interruption. 

How To Respond To Don't Worry About Me

You can just respond with ‘Okay, fine’ and focus on what you were doing. 

But if your kids say “Don’t worry about me” in frustration, it’s a disrespect to your feelings. 

The kids need to grow up. And, they need some lessons here. 

In that case, you can share these funny responses to ‘Don’t worry about me’ rather than taking it to heart. 

1. “So you think you’re old enough for that, Right?”

You ask this straight question to them. 

This is to check if they think or feel that they are grown-up or really know what they are up to.

Who knows maybe you are the one who worries about them unnecessarily? 

2. “I’m not worried about you, I’m worried more about myself.”

Because if anything goes wrong later, you have to deal with it anyway. 

So you need to know what they do and how they do it.  

This shows not now but sooner they come back to you for the solution.

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3. “Are sure you can handle yourself?”

You just want assurance from them if they are ready for the outcome. 

Because from now on you’re not going to worry about them.  

When Someone Says Don't Worry About Me

4. “Let’s see how long you can take it.”

They want you to stop worrying about them. 

And you agree to it and give them a challenge here. 

5. “Fine, so from now on, you’re on your own. Good luck.”

Now you accept that it was your mistake that you worry too much. 

Because your kids are already mature and are ready to face the challenges outside. 

And, as a good parent, you also wish them good luck.

6. “Thanks for releasing me from worrying about you.” 

You share this funny response as if you have been waiting for them to say it. 

So finally, now you can worry more about yourself and not anyone else. 

Funny Response To Don't Worry About Me

7. “Sorry, but I can’t stop worrying about you.”

When someone close tells you to stop worrying about them, share this response. 

It makes it clear that you also wish that you could stop worrying about them. 

But it’s not possible for you.

8. “Fine, then find someone who will (worry about you).”

This is a savage comeback to a harsh ‘don’t worry about me’ statement.

You took good care of them, but they never respected it.

So, this phrase to show only you are the one who worries about them, genuinely.

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What Does “Don’t Worry About Me” Mean?

When someone says “Don’t worry about me” this shows they are confident that they can deal with such a problem on their own. 

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to trust their ability and let them handle it by themselves.

You can assure them that you’re to help if they want. 

Maybe this person doesn’t want you to take any burden and take something normally. 

What Does Don't Worry About Me Mean

Because they know what to do there.

And they don’t want you to take any burden or pressure. 

In other cases, some say stop worrying about them, because they are so frustrated and feeling hopeless. 

Here they might say it, but they need someone to care for them genuinely.

So, when someone says “Don’t worry about me”, understand the context of it and decide how to reply in different situations. 


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