17 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “You Can’t Handle Me”

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You feel challenged when a girl says “You can’t handle me”. 

It’s a temptation to prove her wrong and assure that you can handle her perfectly. 

Because you want her in your life anyhow.

Who knows she might be right. And, you might embarrass yourself in this challenge.  

So on the safe side, better if you have funny and flirty responses based on how you take this phrase. 


How To Reply To “You Can’t Handle Me”?

Possibly, this is a test of your confidence or a teasing. 

But when someone tells you that you can’t handle them, chances are you take it personally so take this challenge.  

You better not to rush here. 

Wait, you don’t have to show off your confidence in attempting to break their arrogance. 

First see, what’s the context of someone saying that. 

Considering how it feels, and if you really want to impress this person or not, you should decide what to reply when a guy or girl says ‘You can’t handle me’. 

On dating sites or your crush might tell you so. 

So, next time, you hear someone saying ‘You can’t handle me’, here’s what you can reply.

How To Reply To You Can’t Handle Me

1. “You could be right but one try is a must.”

And that one chance is all you have to impress your crush. 

Be careful that you don’t put yourself in embarrassment. 

2. “Oh, is it so? I love the challenge.”

This cute response is to show that you are ready to take on this challenge. 

It’s fine that they aren’t coming easy, but they are worth it. 

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3. “That means you don’t know enough about me.” 

Your crush wants to check if you’re confident. 

And this clever response shows that you feel confident that you can handle them. 

4. “Honestly, I thought the same.” 

Somehow you felt that this person is not easy to handle. 

This response shows you’re clever enough to feel that. 

5. “Let me tell you, I don’t get tired easily. So I hope you’re prepared.” 

They tell you that you can’t handle them because they are too much. 

In response, you tell them to be ready because you are not easy to lose. 

6. “Well, I have been praying for that for a long. And, I’m ready to handle you.” 

When a girl says you can’t handle her, she means it. 

But she has no idea that you’ve trained yourself for that. 

And, now so confident about it. 

When girl says you can't handle me

7. “I know there’s a risk, but I’m ready for it.” 

It’s your crush and she is too hot to handle. 

This is a flirty response that says you’re up for it. 

Because you noticed the rewards. 

8. “You have no idea but I have handled the worst.”

Share this funny response to make them laugh instead.

It says you are feeling confident that you are prepared long ago. 

9. “I don’t even want to handle you. I’m sorry.”

It’s a smart choice that you accept it. 

When you see that this person just playing with you, you share this response. 

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10. “A good thing never comes that easily.”

So, you didn’t even expect that it would be easy for you. 

Because you know what you’re fighting for. 

11. “That’s why I like you the most. You’re not cheap.” 

This flirty response to ‘You can’t handle me’ shows you love this person.

Because of their confident and bold personality. 

Flirting response to you can't handle me

12. “Dear, true love never comes any easily and I know it.” 

This is a romantic response to impress your crush. 

As you are so sure that your love for her is a real one. 

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13. “Okay, so what’s that hard about you? I don’t find any.” 

To hurt their (over)confidence and arrogance, you can share this witty response. 

You want to see how they see them and others. 

14. “What do you mean by that?” 

This guy sounds arrogant while saying ‘You can’t handle me’. 

With this simple question, you ask what he thinks about himself.

When guy says you can't handle me

15. “Yeah, my bad. I deserve someone better I felt that.” 

You don’t want to beg for their love. 

If they think that you will follow them, they are wrong. Very wrong.

You’re not falling for this trap.  

16. “So, Are you challenging me?”

It feels like a girl means the same as the way she tells you can’t handle her.

You are confident about it.

Just you want her to be ready because you’re going to take this challenge.

17. “But I know someone who can handle you well.” 

Admit that you can’t handle them, but you can refer them to someone who can. 

Maybe it could be your best friend or someone. 

But you choose to stay away from any drama. 

Because you know that this person is way too much to handle.

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What Does “You Can’t Handle Me” Mean?

Well, if a guy or girl says ‘You can’t handle me’, they mean to say that they are beyond your reach.  And, you can’t match their level. 

So there’s no compatibility and you might have difficulties there.

It means that dating them won’t be as easy as you think it is. 

So they have to be honest about it and just inform you this upfront. 

What Does You Can’t Handle Me Mean

Based on how someone says so, it could sound like bragging but in other cases, someone person also just teasing you. 

By that means, they just want to see how you react to it. 

If you want to date someone, but you hear “You can’t handle me” excuse there, these witty and flirty responses are your last bet.  

Otherwise, if someone clearly tells you that, better if you don’t take it to heart. 

Move on, and find someone who won’t challenge you for your love. 


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