21 Best Responses To “I Appreciate Everything You Do For Me”

  • February 28, 2024

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When someone says “I appreciate you for everything you do for me” that’s a great thing. 

This shows they have respect for your presence.

If you get appreciation like this, this person genuinely expresses their gratitude to be with them, advise them, and do something for them. 

Indeed, whatever you are doing (or did) for them is your commitment to this relationship.   

If you want to acknowledge their gratitude with better responses than just ‘Thanks’, here’s what you can say when someone appreciates you.


How To Respond To “I Appreciate Everything You Do For Me”?

Your people express their appreciation for having you around in the tough times. 

But, you don’t think you have done anything great for them. 

What you see is, you just play your part as a genuine friend or family member.

Nothing more. 

In response to that, you can simply say ‘Thank you for appreciating’.

But there’s more to say. 

How To Respond To I Appreciate Everything You Do For Me

Here you want them to feel more relaxed about your connection. 

That you don’t mind doing such a thing for them and actually, you’re glad to help them out.  

You’re just playing your part and it’s not a big deal for you. 

To make it clear, here’s how you can respond when someone says ‘I appreciate you for everything you do for me’ personally or in the message. 

1. “Oh come on. I did what I could do for you, that’s nothing more.”

You played your role in their life and it’s nothing great you do.  

So you want them to take it easy. 

2. “I’m happy that I can help you with something.” 

This is a simple response to show that you want to help them out and that you did it right. 

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3. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you anytime.”

Assure them that they can reach out to you without feeling uncomfortable or insecure. 

This reply is to make them feel at ease with your connection.

4. “You would do the same for me, if you were at my place.” 

This is to show that you’re both in the same stage and will be available for each other. 

5. “That’s how the family works. Am I right?” 

Being a family member, you don’t want them to thank you for anything.

It’s part of your responsibility and you are ready to do anything for them.  

6. “Well, to be honest, I don’t think I could do it without you. So thank you.” 

Show that it’s their motivation and inspiration that helps you do what you can do for them.

Polite Reply To I Appreciate You For Everything You Do

7. “Don’t mention it. You make me feel like I’m not your own.” 

It hurts when someone close appreciates you for the small things that you did. 

Tell them not to say it again, you did it because you are one of them. 

8. “You’re happy, that’s what matters to me the most.” 

No matter how hard it might look, you are happy to help them out. 

9. “No, I appreciate you more and I mean it.”

Because they did more than what you just did for them just now.

So, this respectful response is to show that you appreciate them for everything they do for you. 

Also, you didn’t even forget a single thing.  

10. “You make me feel appreciated and respected every time.” 

And, it makes your day every time they express their kind appreciation to you. 

11. “I don’t think I did enough. You did a lot for me.” 

It’s just a normal thing and you want to do more for them. 

12. “Please don’t say anything more, I might cry over it.” 

This is a fun response to share when your close one appreciates you for a small thing. 

To make the situation lighter (not emotional), you can say this.

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13. “You did even great things for me, have I ever said this to you?” 

So you want them to not be so appreciative of the tiny favor you just did. 

You remind them that they did even more great things for you.

14. “I think we are even now, Are we?”

You’re just kidding with your cousin or friend who expresses gratitude for the favor you do for them. 

Funny Response To I Appreciate You

15. “Whatever I did, it worked out well. And, I’m happy that I can help.” 

It might have taken you some time and great effort. 

But as this person is happy and healthy, that’s what makes you feel relaxed.

16. “I think I didn’t do any great thing like you do for me.” 

This way you appreciate this person for what they have been doing for you for so long.

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17. “It’s the first time I did something, else you always do something for me.” 

And, by expressing their appreciation for your tiny help, they make you feel ashamed. 

18. “That’s nothing compared to what you do for me.”

Remind them that compared to what they do for you, you just did nothing. 

You want to do more for them and are always ready for it.

19. “Seriously, you have to thank me for that?” 

You can’t believe it and want to make your friend ashamed for thanking you. 

When a friend thanks you for something, this is a sarcastic but right response to share.

20. “That’s alright. You’re a good person so I don’t think much.” 

A fun response to share on ‘I appreciate you’ when you do something for someone for the first time.

You want to make the situation lighter and this is how you do it. 

21. “We are here for each other, aren’t we? So, no need to say it again.” 

Remind them that you two are each other’s support system. 

So there’s no point in expressing such a high level of appreciation. 

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What Does “I Appreciate You” Mean?

As a family member or friend when someone tells you ‘I appreciate you’ this means they are happy with what you do for them. 

They respect your presence in their life and value the contribution you offer. 

Being appreciated for your efforts shows respect for you.

That makes you feel confident in yourself and you feel valued in the relationship. 

What Does I Appreciate You Mean

To someone who genuinely shares their appreciation for your role in their life, a simple ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough response. 

Inform this person that you want to help them out and there’s no trouble for you. 

Your polite response shows that they can trust you and ask for help anytime. 

It’s the way to improve your connection and increase the trust in this relationship. 

While responding to ‘I appreciate everything you do for me’ shows that what you did is part of your role and you don’t think that you did anything so great. 

Because you are happy for them and will be there for you anytime when they need you. 


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