12 Sweet Replies To “Happy Journey” Wishes

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To someone who genuinely wishes you a ‘Happy journey’, a regular ‘Thanks’ isn’t the only response. 

There are some sincere and sweet ways to respond.

When you’re going on a trip after a long time, your family and friends wish you ‘a happy and safe journey’ and they mean it. 

If you want to respond in a good way, we have prepared the best replies you can share. 


How To Reply To “Happy Journey” Greeting?

Normally, you don’t say much but thank a person who wishes you well for the safe travel. 

But to appreciate their wishes, you better express your nice and sweet reactions to ‘Happy journey’ wishes. 

Your genuine expression also shows you’re excited about this trip. 

So, next time when you’re going on vacation or a trip, here are some good replies you can give to Someone who wishes you a ‘Happy journey’. 

How To Reply To Happy Journey Greeting

1. “Now as you say, this is going to be a happy journey, for sure.” 

This reply says that you’re so sure that your trip is going to be happy. 

Because you believe that their wishes are genuine and it’ll work. 

2. “Like always.” 

Maybe this person is worried about your comfort and safety during the trip. 

So, with this short response to ‘Have a safe journey’, you tell them that you will drive carefully like you always do.

3. “And, It depends on our tour operator.” 

If you’re going on a tour via a travel agency, there’s no guarantee that you have a journey as expected or not. 

Give this fun response to a friend who wishes you a happy journey. 

Funny Response To Happy Journey

4. “You know it better.” 

When you’re going on a trip, there’s no way it’s going to be any less. 

You assure them that you will have a happy, safe, and memorable journey. 

5. “We’re traveling at the right time, so this is going to be a great ride.” 

You know that where you’re going the weather is good. 

And, you are confident that this is the right time to visit there. 

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6. “Thanks but I wish you could also come along.” 

Someone who can’t join on your trip, you can respond this way. 

You appreciate their ‘happy journey’ wish, and you also wish they could join you on this trip. 

7. “How it can’t be, you know who is coming with us.” 

You’re going on a trip with friends or family, with some crazy or like-minded people. 

This response shows you’re so sure that you will have a lot of fun. 

8. “Thanks, I will text when I get to the destination.”

When you’re away from home, your family and parents worry about your safety. 

And it’s normal, even if you’re a grown-up or a teenager. 

To make them feel relaxed, you can assure them to give all the updates of the journey over text.

9. “I will be back soon, okay.”

Whether you’re going for a two-day trip or a week, your family will miss you for sure. 

This is also a sweet response to tell them that you will be back home after a ‘successful trip’. 

Nice Reply To Happy Journey

10. “Thanks. And to you, Happy working.”

To someone who can’t join you on a trip due to some work, share this response. 

As they wish you good for the journey, you can wish them well for the work. 

11. “Yeah, but we are going to miss you there, buddy!”

To someone who is not coming to your trip, but wishes you for your trip, you respond in such a way.

This is to express that if they also come along that would be more fun.

12. “Thanks for your wishes. Take care of yourself, too!”

Your parents wish you a ‘happy journey’ while you’re leaving home. 

And, you tell them to take care of themselves while you’re away on this trip. 

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When Someone Says “Happy And Safe Journey”

As your family, friends, or relatives know that you’re going on a vacation, they share or send their ‘Happy journey’ wishes in person or by text. 

If there are too many, you can respond normally like ‘Thanks for your wishes!’. 

When Someone Says Happy And Safe Journey

Whereas, your nearest people, think of your comfort and safety during the trip. 

And it’s good if you assure them that you will take care while on the journey. 

Better if you call or message them when you reach your destination safely.

It will make them feel at ease.

At the same time, while you’re away from them, you also want to tell them to take care of their own and not to worry much about you. 

Tell them your journey would be ‘happy’ for sure, as you have their wishes with you. 


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