(17 Clever Comebacks) When Someone Tells You To Grow Up

  • February 28, 2024

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You might feel insulted when someone says ‘When you will grow up?’, which also makes you doubt your maturity.

The point is, you intend to make them laugh.

Instead, they get mad at you. 

Maybe this person isn’t in the mood for fun.

But, here they say this, to embarrass you and start giving you their unsolicited advice you don’t need

You’re already grown up which they don’t know, and this is how to respond to update them. 


Best Answers: When Someone Asks “When You Will Grow Up?”

Some relatives may ask ‘What will you become when you grow up?’.

While some complain that you should act mature now.

They have no idea that you’re grown-up already. 

In response when someone can’t let you be yourself, this is how to answer respectfully or savagely. 

When Someone Asks When You Will Grow Up

1. “For your information, this is how today’s new generation is.”

This relative, the annoying aunts have no idea what confuses them, make you money. 

Seeing you playing games, make them care about your future. 

To correct them, answer to inform them that there’s a world beyond their thinking. 

Maybe they now need to update their mindset. 

2. “Don’t worry, I can still marry someone and start a life.”

Last time when you met, this relative asked ‘When will you marry?‘ and now, they ask you when you will grow up. 

After all that they want from you. No idea. 

3. “And the same applies to you, too!”

You know your best friend trying to bring you down.  

It’s nothing that immature, just a dad jokes.

Tell him you don’t find them grown up, either.

4. “I agree with you, I will try my best.”

You don’t want to disrespect those who think good of you. 

If you accept that you did a childish thing, accept it.

Or, you give this good answer at least to make them convinced that you took their advice. 

5. “Of course, I will. But not if I stay around you more.”

This is a sarcastic response to share with your friend.

Maybe they think they are mature, but you tell them they need to grow up, too.

You notice that their company isn’t good for you.

So you tell them that you better keep your distance if you want to grow up.

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Savage Comebacks: When Someone Tells You To Grow Up

With silly jokes and harmless pranks, you keep your inner child alive. 

But, family members or friends don’t take jokes from you. And, get annoyed so often.

In such cases, they say ‘Grow up, kid’ and behave your age. 

Be mature, take one of these comebacks, and give back to them.

Comebacks When Someone Tells You To Grow Up

1. “I’m so happy that you’re here with me to grow up along.”

This is for your friend, who just got mad at you, asking when you will grow up. 

Still remain chilling, you can give this answer. 

2. “Grow up, but keep that child inside alive.” 

Why be so serious in life, and live every day the same way? 

It’s fine to be silly to enjoy the moment. 

Life is better when you can bring humor out of everything. 

3. “Can you teach me how to do it right?” 

You’re being respectful to elders who tell you to grow up. 

So, you politely ask for their advice. 

If they have formulas to be mature, you’re ready to apply that

4. “What’s the matter to grow up, when I have to end up like you.” 

That ‘self-declared’ smartest dude in your group hates you whenever you have fun.

Well, you can’t do anything about it. 

But give this comeback to shut him up telling, they’re also not any better. 

5. “I’m already grown up, just I didn’t tell you.”

It’s for the relatives or cousins who compare with you, they often brag.

You don’t want to have any arguments. As, you’re mature and smarter, here. 

So this is enough comebacks to ‘grow up’ to annoy them more. 

6. “Well, I will grow up, but you need to follow me to see it.”

The time has a lot changed and so have some of us also. 

If there’s someone who can’t get jokes, this is the right response. 

They’ll find humor in it, when they’re mature, too. That’s what you say. 

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Good Replies To “Grow Up” From Someone

No matter how old you are, someone calls you so, to make you feel about yourself.

When someone tries to insult you calling you to grow up, give them proof of your maturity with proper replies.

This is what to say if you do it just for fun and nothing more personal. 

Replies To Grow Up kid

1. “For your information, I already did. Just you didn’t change?” 

Because everything you do with your life, you keep to yourself.

This proves you’re smart enough to stay away from social media. Also, you have nothing to prove your achievements to anyone. 

With this perfect reply, you tell them not to worry about you, as you’re grown up. 

2. “Yes, I have got this advice frequently but no one helps me.”

It’s normal for most elders to give advice when you reach a certain age. 

But no one offers genuine help when you need it. 

Maybe you also seeking help from someone who is growing up, themselves.

3. “I have paid off my student loan and working at two jobs, what else do you need.”

You don’t want to show off or give them a detailed explanation. 

But they made you do so. 

When you reply this way, this person feels embarrassed as if they don’t know much about you, and still advises you to grow up. 

4. “Come on, nothing to fast forward. Enjoy!”

You don’t want to waste your life only being serious or worried about anything. 

When someone gets mad at your pranks, tell them to ‘take a chill pill’. 

Relax them down, inform everyone is having fun, but they.

5. “This is the way to enjoy life.” 

Instead of worrying about growing up, better if you enjoy liking along. 

You don’t want your life to stay miserable. 

Being so serious or personal about everything isn’t your thing.

6. “But, at least I have a mindset to mind my own business.”

Being grown up doesn’t mean looking smart, and advising every younger one. 

It’s more about staying updated with the time.

You might not be mature in their definition.

But at least you’re mature enough not to judge others without actually knowing them. 

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How To Respond To “Grow Up” Comments?

It’s truly insulting when someone has to remind you to get mature.

Also, if someone says ‘grow up’, meaning they expect you to behave maturely. 

If your family or parents say so because you still can’t get rid of social media or TVs, it’s a serious concern and worthwhile advice to consider. 

How To Respond To Grow Up Comments

But, when you already pay your bills and no longer take money from parents, let them know having fun in between won’t make you immature anyway. 

Whether it’s your friend, relative, or family members when they get mad at your pranks, jokes, or childish acts, now you know what to say to someone tells you to ‘grow up’ sometimes. 

If it’s their frustration or they try to insult you, give them a clever answer. 

And if, this is your friend saying it to roast you, just give great comebacks to inform you that you’ve already grown up. 


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