(8 Replies) When Someone Says “Thank God!”

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Normally, we don’t respond when someone says ‘thank god’.

Some eventually say so by habit or their strong faith. 

While in some cases, people do praise god for life accomplishments. 

Well, ‘thanking God’ is a way to express our faith in him. 

So if you catch someone thanking god and they mean it, respond to keep their belief alive. 

Take this experience to keep praying and doing the right things in life. 


What To Reply When Someone Says ‘Thank God’?

Here are the funny and good replies when someone appreciates god for something.

What to reply when someone says thank God

1. “I have to say you’ve god’s blessings on you.”

You found your brother thanking god after passing the exam. 

It’s really surprising how he passed without any study.

So, this is a perfect response to give your brother.

2. “Sometimes, you also have to give credit to yourself, too!”

In your family, there must be someone who always praises god for every good thing. 

That’s fine.

But, this person lacks some hope in themselves, too. 

You accept that God is there. 

You also wish this person feel confident about themselves, too. 

After all, it’s them who get something done.

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3. “Don’t only thank god, you should thank me also!”

This is a funny reply to ‘thank god’, when your friend says so. 

It’s you who has done all the work for your friend and he praising God instead.

Let him know you also did something, mean the most thing. 

4. “Okay, so next time tell God to fix this for you.” 

You heard enough. 

After helping someone, the person could appreciate it.

Whatever you do, such as fix something or provide something, you give your best

But this person, not even giving you credit. 

So better responds in such a way.

5. “As far as I know, this is fixed by a human technician.” 

There’s no point to ignore god’s presence. 

Sometimes, we forget about the people around us and never respect them enough. 

Say this, to correct when a friend says ‘Thank god, finally it’s fixed’,

While they don’t want to pay extra to technician who actually fixed a car or computer urgently. 

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6. “Sometimes it’s also good to thank your parents, too!”

It’s just a normal phrase.

Most of us say ‘thank god’ for little things in life. 

When one of your friends or siblings developed that habit, you can also advise them to thank their parents, too. 

There are many things that we should express our gratitude for to our parents. 

7. “Can’t deny. Everything is part of god’s plan.”

Everything has a reason and there’s a god’s will. 

As a firm believer in God, you never forget to praise him and follow his direction. 

You start your work, by praying to God.

With his blessing, you make decisions and do the right things if you can. 

This response expresses your strong belief in God.

How To Reply To Thank God

8. “You should be. It’s nothing but a miracle.”

Even you’re surprised at what just happened. 

You completely lost hope in something that things ever get any better. 

But before you say, when someone says ‘thank god’ already.

Here you agree with that person, and also praise god for something. 

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Whether you believe in God or not (I do, though), sometimes surprising things happen. 

And we should praise god for giving us hope and making the next path clear!

No wonder, we do have to work for something we need.

But a blessing from God is what shows us the direction to keep going at every stage in life.

If you have to say something to ‘Thank god!’ then respond in such ways that make someone’s belief in god even stronger together.


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