31 Good Comebacks To “I Don’t Believe You”

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You’re so certain about something. And, you face someone saying ‘I don’t believe you’. 

That definitely hurts your confidence and credibility. 

No matter how hard you try, they are not going to believe you ever.

So, instead of arguing with them, you can give immediate comebacks.

Also, this is a good way to avoid ignorant people who never believe in you or anyone. 


What To Say When Someone Says “I Don’t Believe You”?

In normal cases when someone tells you that they don’t believe you, they expect some validation and proof from you. 

They challenge your knowledge and something you share confidently. 

Next, obviously, you’ll do anything to change their belief and make them agree with you. 

But that’s not as easy as you might think. 

What To Say When Someone Says I Don’t Believe You

The best thing you can do is to explain to them or show some proof if they want to learn about it and are serious. 

But if it’s in someone’s nature to always doubt about anything, don’t waste your time on them. 

Possibly they will say that you are unable to explain it. 

In that case, it is better if you share and don’t enter into any further discussion with them.

Here are some comebacks you can give when someone says they don’t believe you:  

1. “That’s the point I tried to explain, you shouldn’t believe anyone, just yourself.” 

A clever comeback to tease someone who thinks they challenge you. 

But actually, you trick them into believing you eventually. 

2. “Okay, that’s your choice.”

And you have nothing to deal with. 

3. “There’s no way anyone could convince you of anything good.” 

This is a smart response to show that you’re not going to make them believe it. 

4. “And I don’t care if you believe me or not.” 

A direct response to show that neither you nor nobody cares about what they believe or not. 

5. “We all know about you and your trust issues.” 

Wish you could do something about it, but you can’t.

6. “I don’t believe in myself, too. So we are on the same page.” 

Instead of fighting over what you and they believe, this clever comeback to take common ground. 

7. “Oh, that’s for your opinion. I respect that.” 

Everyone is free to have their own opinion, perspective, and belief. 

You should respect that, even if they don’t. 

8. “Fine, but don’t expect me to convince you on this.” 

They might be thinking that they provoke you to react to something. 

But you’re smart who knows what they are up to. 

9. “So tell me what you believe in. Do you believe in yourself?”  

They are trying to challenge you. 

But this comeback is to keep them confused in their issue. 

10. “I don’t blame you, such things beyond your understanding.” 

You wish you could explain it to them. But they are not ready for it. 

So you are not going to do anything to make them believe you. 

11. “Totally accept that. I don’t have time to waste on you.” 

You accept their confusion for not believing in you. 

But you make it clear that you have no time to do anything to gain their belief. 

12. “I didn’t even know that you were here.” 

This one is a sarcastic response to show that you didn’t notice them. 

Because you don’t care about their presence. 

13. “That makes you the only person here.” 

This clever response shows they are in the wrong place and part of the wrong group.

And they should leave now. 

14. “I’m not going to explain it to you, it’s too hard to make you believe something.” 

This isn’t a give-up but a smart move to save your time and energy. 

15. “As expected, I was ready to hear the same from you.”

You knew already that they would say it and here they are. 

16. “That’s your problem, and not mine.” 

Someone doubts your achievement or lesson. 

This is a savage comeback to show not believing in you is their problem or choice. 

You have nothing to do with that. 

17. “And I can see why you believe nothing from me.” 

They are jealous, ignorant, and hard person who has issues with everyone. 

18. “Do your parents believe you that you would ever do something right?”

A funny comeback to keep them busy thinking about something important instead. 

Funny Comeback to I Don’t Believe You

19. “That’s a bummer. I can’t help sorry!” 

Not believing you on something important is their loss, not yours. 

What a bummer!

20. “You have to believe me, as we have no options here.” 

When a friend says he isn’t believing what you try to tell them, this is a good response.

You allow them to adjust to the situation. 

21. “I can’t blame you for that, it’s your nature.” 

It’s their nature to always challenge others who are so confident about something. 

22. “There are many things that you won’t believe either.” 

And it’s fine with you when they don’t believe what you have to say.

23. “So what do you want me to do, give some proof? I’m not doing it.” 

You know that they have no intention to learn something. 

They just have to create confusion and pass the free time. 

24. “I did my job, now it’s up to you to believe or not to believe.”  

You’re leaving it to them, to believe you or not. 

But you did your part, that is enough for you. 

25. “Well, I shared what I know and believe in. If you don’t believe it, I’m not sure what to do for you.” 

It seems this person try to start an argument, but you end it right away. 

26. “You share points that you don’t believe in and I will give my reaction to it all. (Only if I have time!)” 

Act like you are going to explain everything to them step-by-step. 

But this is a funny comeback to show that you don’t mind if they believe you or not.

27. “Thank you for being honest with me.” 

Because not everyone can openly express their disbelief towards you. 

So you appreciate them. 

28. “Right now you’re not but you will believe it.” 

Just let the right time come and they will believe everything you are saying. 

29. “I didn’t say it to you. I know there’s nothing possible for you.” 

Depending on the person to person, the motivation, belief, and confidence change. 

But you tell them that you weren’t talking to them.

30. “Believe it or not, but I had a message to share.” 

And that you shared and you’re leaving now.

31. “Actually, I need someone who doesn’t believe in it. Because I also don’t believe it, too.”

A secretive response to show that you also don’t believe in what you just said. 

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How To Respond When Someone Doesn’t Believe You?

Well, you indeed feel doubted when someone says they don’t believe you. 

But instead of getting furious at someone questioning your knowledge or belief, you should handle the situation calmly. 

Fine if they don’t believe you, it shows their level of understanding. 

You have no control over their belief, knowledge, and mindsets. 

So don’t try to do anything to make them believe you. 

Accept it as they are sharing their views on it. 

How To Respond When Someone Doesn’t Believe You

This leaves no chance for someone who expects to raise an argument with you. 

If you think you should educate them, and they also are ready to listen, you could share some proof to make them believe. 

But some people are not going to relate to you at all. 

Instead, they intentionally do so to hurt your confidence and challenge your beliefs. 

Be wise and share the above shared good comebacks after you hear “I don’t believe you” from someone. 

This leaves them no chance to discuss anything further. 

Here you don’t waste your time, you accept them and leave it up to them. 

While you keep your confidence high, for what you believe and relate with. 


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