19 Best Comebacks To “You’re Adopted” Jokes

  • February 10, 2024

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Sometimes, your parents or siblings may say that “You’re adopted” as a joke or to shut you down in an argument.

But, it’s harsh when parents say this.

Even your friends tell you so to mess with you.

Even if it’s a joke… it’s not easy to handle this anyway.

It seems that they use adoption comments to get a reaction out of you.

So, no need to take them seriously either. 

But, giving them funny comebacks makes it all worthwhile. 


How To Respond To ‘You’re Adopted’ Jokes?

Most of the time someone says so with no hard feelings, but jokingly.

And so, you should take this lightly.

In such cases, these are some funny, sarcastic, and best comebacks to make the moment even better. 

1. “Oh, Is it? Good to know that.” 

It shows you don’t have any problem with that at all. 

2 “That makes me really thankful.” 

Even it seems sarcastic when you say this in such a manner.

While it also could be respectful when you show parents that you still care for them, too. 

comebacks to funny adoption jokes on you

3. “Wow, Do you think I’m unaware of this?”

It will surprise them that you already know it, but they don’t know how you came to know that.

Well, you may also need some more respectful comebacks to give your parents during an argument.

4. “Of course. Because you can’t make an awesome kid like ‘me’.”

Totally a sarcastic comeback to ‘You’re adopted’ comments to shut your parents down when they think they can get you with this. 

5. “So, I have permission to leave you when I want.” 

Make them aware of the privilege you’ve as an adoptive child. 

6. “This can’t even get any worse than this.”

Such a sarcastic reply to give to your parents or sibling, who tries adoption jokes on you. 

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7. “That’s it. What else do you have?”

During the arguments, if your sibling tries adoption jokes to win over you, ask them do they have anything to hurt you. 

8. “Need to check if it’s me or you.” 

When your sibling says ‘You’re adopted’, maybe they are losing against you in an argument and have nothing else to say.

You still be the winner with this winning comeback such inside jokes. 

best comebacks to you're adopted

9. “Can’t deny why you have to adopt someone like me.” 

Probably because you’re smarter than anyone else in the family, I guess! 

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10. “Yeah! This is what you can afford.” 

This is a clever comeback to inform family members to adjust with you, as you do. 

11. “And you’re still not better parents.”

Because even if they’ve adopted you… They never say this to their kids. 

12. “In this case, I totally agree with you.”

This is an effective response to annoying siblings. when you’ve no time for any discussion.

You very well know what they’re saying, but you’re not taking them seriously, you just want them to stay shut.

13. “Let me talk to your parents.” 

Because only they can handle them more than you ever. 

14. “Thanks for making me part of this family. But sorry, no thanks.” 

You’re happy and sad, that’s what this reply means. 

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15. “How did you get to know that?”

Show how this is shocking to know that they also know that you’re adopted. 

16. “And for your adoptive service, I’ll give you 2 stars.” 

You’re not happy with their services as adoptive services so this is the time to tell them. 

When parents or sibling says you're adopted

17. “Yeah, but my adoptive parents are still proud to have me.” 

This is to clearly shut that friend down who tries to put you down with mean comments about your family.

Well, this person has no idea how it feels when parents say ‘I am proud of you’.

So this response might be an eye-opening comeback to them. 

18. “Still, they love me more than you, particularly.” 

When your friend tries to get you with adoption jokes, you can reply that your adoptive parents love you more than his own parents. 

19. “Yeah, but I’m so sorry that you weren’t chosen! ” 

You’re good at everything. And even at grammar.

Overall, there’s no winning against you.

If someone says adoption joke at their final chance, this is your perfect response. 

This expresses your sympathy for them because no one has picked them.  

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What To Say If Someone Says “You Are Adopted” As A Joke?

What to say if someone says you are adopted

Well, when someone from your family or in your friend circle says you were adopted, first check in which sense they say so. 

You should check what they mean before responding. 

If you somehow find out that your parents, siblings, or friends are just playing with you with such jokes, respond with something like fun responses. 

Well, you should be ready with some savage roasts for elder brother who often tease you with such jokes.

Please note these shared replies and comebacks to ‘you’re adopted’ are just for fun.

We don’t want you to be homeless and sound rude to your parents. 

Who of course, are angry at you right now… but still love you. 


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