51 Best Comebacks For “Your Mom” Jokes From Friends

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Well, (sometimes cheesy but) ‘Your mom’ jokes are fun…. until they’re on someone else. 

It’s essential to have some good comebacks for your mom jokes… Before it comes on you.


When one of your friends brings your mum into a conversation or (insults) pokes fun at her just to make others laugh, you better know how to respond to it.

You might laugh it out as a joke.

But, that’s not possible every time.

Sometimes it’s good to shut that damn friend up, reminding him not to cross the line ever again.

For that reason, here are the best comebacks to use when someone says ‘Your mom’ or insults her.


Good Comebacks For ‘Your Mom’ Jokes

In friendship, the timeless fun and playful insults are all fine.

But, when your friend crosses their limits in the name of ‘Mom jokes’, you want to shut them down completely. 

So, these are some better responses for those who make fun of your mom.

best comebacks to your mom

1. “I heard the exact thing about your mom, too. Same pinch!”

2. “Bro, stop bringing anyone’s mom into everything.”

3. “Look… no one is laughing at your jokes. It’s only you.”

4. “This isn’t funny. I told you the last time.” 

5. “I don’t want to offend you, but your one is the worst!”

6. “You took so much care of my mom. Now, I have to take care of your mama.” 

7. “At least I know who my real mom is.”

8. “I’ve to say there’s something wrong with you and your mum.”

9. “Your mom and my mom are sisters. So don’t laugh too much.” 

10. “At least my momma is waiting for me to come back home. 

11. “What would you do if I said the same to your momma?”

12. “She is a hardworking woman and a proud mother, unlike yours.” 

13. “Let me meet your momma and talk about this.” 

14. “So, this is how your mom raised you, huh!”

15. “Stop using the same jokes over and over again.”

16. “No one is impressed. Look, How they look at you?”

17. “There’s a secret between me and your momma. You better ask her that.”

18. “Now I know why your family isn’t talking to you anymore.”

19. “How would you feel if you get the same joke on you, about your mum?”

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Funniest Comebacks For ‘Your Mom’ Jokes

That friend is trying to make everyone laugh by cracking jokes on your momma. But he’s failed. 

So now, it’s your turn.

And here are some witty comebacks on mom jokes, to make others laugh. 

This is to show this friend his level.

A counter-response like this works as a signal for them to never mess with you or your momma, again. 

Funny comebacks for your mom

1. “Grow up, Sis. Look, nobody is laughing at your mean joke.” 

2. “I feel so sorry for your momma that she has to raise you.” 

3. “I’m sure your mum was trying hard to get you out anyhow.” 

4. “I’m not going to do the same to your momma. Because I’ve raised well.” 

5. “Don’t expect any reaction from me. You’re nothing to me.” 

6. “I thought you were just a horrible person. But you’re miserable, too.” 

7. “You and your mum’s jokes are simply getting boring.” 

8. “And, this is why you were adopted and not me.”

9. “Is it done? I thought this was a joke. Does anyone find this hilarious?”

10. “Did you know what your momma is doing these days?”

11. “Well, I don’t know about it, is the same, as you don’t know that I slept with your mom.”

12. “I’m really happy that I wasn’t raised by parents like you.”

13. “It must be very hard for your mom to bring you out of her.”

14.”I think this joke is worth telling your mom. Let me call her. She must be so proud.”

15. “Who does that? No one. But, I think your mom is better at this one.” 

16. “Why do you always have to put others’ mother in everything?” 


Savage Replies To ‘Yo Mama’ Insults

It’s all fun until the joke isn’t that insulting to our beloved mother.

For the first time when a friend tries to make fun of your mom, shut him down forever.

Have these savage comebacks to give someone on sharing ‘your mama’ comments.

Savage Replies To Yo Mama Insults

1. “Lol, that’s too funny. Because someone told me this joke about your mom.” 

2. “You’re not going to believe this, but your mom said this to me.”

3. “Before saying anything to anyone’s mama, check first what your mama does.”

4. “Did you hear any rumors about your mom lately? Somebody tell him.”

5. “You know your momma calls me when you’re not home.”

6. “Please don’t make fun of others’ moms. When yours is a…”

7. “I know my mom more than you. Not only that, but I also know your mom more than you are.”

8. “No matter what you say, at least our family hasn’t abandoned my mother or his son.”

9. “That’s a good one. Now, let’s see how your mom reacts to this.”

10. “Talking about anyone’s momma isn’t good, my friend. Don’t do it to anyone.”

11. “I won’t make such jokes on anyone, especially to your hot mama.”

12. “Even if I wish, I can never say it about your mama. Because I’m not like you.”

13. “So, that’s what your mom does all the time? Thanks for letting us know.”

14. “Yeah, your mom often talked about it when we slept together.” 

15. “Such comments on others’ mom show from which background you belomg.”

16. “Do you think it’s funny? Believe that this joke is on your mom, how do you feel now?”

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How To Respond To ‘Your Mom’ Jokes?

Especially having some fun conversation with your group friends, ‘your mom’ jokes are quite enjoyable and laughable. 

But, it has to be purely insulting to anyone.

This is just a joke and should be light. 

You can stop overreacting and take it as a joke. 

But, having the best comebacks for your mom’s insults is also a must, whenever your friend tries to target you and mentions her sarcastically. 

In response to ‘your mum’ jokes and especially to the friend who often brings your mom into the conversation to make everyone laugh, we’ve shared with you some witty comebacks.

All the shared comebacks are just for fun purposes.

Whenever you feel necessary or if the jokes become offensive, you can use the same.

How to respond to your mom jokes on you

Do you have any personal comebacks to ‘your mom’ jokes?

Let us know how you respond to it.

Whether you strongly defend your mom’s honor… Or, Do you take it as a joke? 

Sometimes, showing no reaction is the best, I guess.

Because your mom’s level is not that low enough that anyone could disrespect her, right?

Especially for the one who hardly knows her. 

There is no way anyone could belittle her.

After all, she has a great son/daughter like ‘you’.


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